Do You Know Your Power?

your future begins w your next thought

“The beginning of all creation, of all creative endeavors, is to see it in your mind. Everything first begins with thought. What you think about constantly is what you get. What thoughts occupy your mind?

The one thing you absolutely can take control of IS your thinking. You must be rigorous, dedicated, persistent in learning how to control your thoughts because for so long you just let them run on of their own accord. If you don’t take control of your thoughts they will control you – they already do.

Start today by deciding to create what you want in your life and then keep at it. Never give up and you will learn how to steer your mind to the positive thought that allow you to flourish. You will create plans that you will make happen. You first must initiate the process, stick with the process to reap what you sow.

BECAUSE you already are reaping what you have been sowing. Your present is the result of what you previously sowed. 

Consider this: Whatever you are currently thinking, most of the time during your days, is creating your future. Your present thoughts determine your future reality. Don’t you think it is about time you took charge of the process?

Now is the time to take deliberate control and create all the good you want to include in your life. Think positive!” Rex Sikes

I hope your day is astonishing!

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