What Quality Determines Whether You Succeed?

people success after greatest failure NH

“What quality determines if you will succeed in your career? In life? WIthout it few ever make their dreams come true. You need this to be happy, healthy and wealthy. You can be, do and have anything you want in life if you embrace this quality.

Persistence. You must be able to carry on when others would quit. You must be unstoppable and not give up. If you will persist you will one day have what you want. Persistence means don’t give up and that you are wiling to do those things others won’t. If you will go beyond what others are willing to do you can write your own ticket.

Take one small, positive step in the direction of your goal daily and you will get there.  Do not allow yourself to be distracted. Do not miss a single day in the pursuit of your goal and you will succeed. If you skip a day it is likely you will skip other days. That is how people drift away from their goal. They cheat, skip, give in and give up.

If you want to succeed every day take one small step. Each day make at least one small action. If you commit to reading inspirational material each day and for some reason run out of time read a page. Read one sentence but read. Don’t just skip it and think you will do more or do double tomorrow. Keep your commitment to today!

Don’t blow it off. Reduce the amount you normally would read but read. Read just a sentence THAT is better than nothing. DO it. If you exercise, and you can’t then take a walk. Stand while you watch television. Don’t skip a day! Figure out how to take some small positive action to keep you on track. Develop positive habits!

Successful people never let things interfere with what is absolutely important to them. When people cheat on their goals and skip a day thinking they will make it up they don’t. It gets easier to blow it off the next time. Excuses then rule. Blaming begins. You want to believe in yourself not excuse yourself for not doing and later blame.

Don’t succumb to the temptation. Find a way to do something, anything, that constitutes staying on track and moving forward. You will benefit greatly if you do this. You will maintain positive momentum and attitude. You will not let yourself down. You can take pride in sticking with it. You will not have broken your commitment to yourself. That is a big deal! You honor and respect yourself!

When people break their promise to themselves it whittles away at their commitment. Each time adds more negative weight and makes it harder to stick at it. It becomes a slippery slope. Never allow it in the first place. Stay on track and you will feel better. Obstacles arise. There are times when you won’t feel like it. Life happens but stay with it. Keep your commitment. Persevere!

It is important to keep your commitment in even the smallest way. When you follow through no matter what you keep your spirit up. When you keep going in spite of challenges you realize you can and you feel better for doing so.  You can believe in yourself and your word! Don’t let yourself down and you’ll  win the game. You really can be, do or have anything you want if you will stay with making it happen.  Make your dreams come true. Win the game!” Rex Sikes

Have a beautiful day!

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