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A Great Way To Go From Zero To Multimillionaire!

Hey There,

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Who Else Wants To Have More Fun & Overall Enjoyment!

horizon cloudy and lighting

“Would you like to have more fun and overall enjoyment? Would you like to accelerate your own personal evolution? Would you like to find ways to make changing more fun and easier than ever? If you answered yes then are you willing to do it? It is simple enough and easy enough. All you have to do is be sure to do it.

Fun and delight come from what you put your energy into; what you focus and concentrate on and what you spend time doing. You can increase the amount of enjoyment exponentially by doing these following easy things.

If you haven’t yet read my previous post about asking Directed Questions™ or any of my posts on this topic you may wish to do that now or when you finish this post.

Whether you make declarative affirmation statements or use Directed Questions™ two things are critical. Sincerity is one. You must honestly ask. Be curious. Be sincere when you make the statements.

Even if you don’t fully believe them, yet be sincere and feel good. When you take on the attitude of a child you get out of your own way. Be open, curious, available, eager and enjoy!

Questions are an immense help when you aren’t able to fully believe an affirmation. Rather than declaring something that feels off to you ask questions on how soon you might begin to fully accept it. Ask questions that eventually lead you into believing.

Trying to repeat an affirmation that makes you feel less than glorious is not the right thing to do. Feel great when you affirm!

Feel good! Feel incredible! It isn’t the words that are the most effective. The words help paint the pictures in your mind. You want to use words that enable you to easily visualize. You want to be able to imagine your goals and dreams completed, feeling wonderful. The words are an important part but not the most important part.

The feelings are most important! Emotions drive the subconscious mind. Whether happy or sad, glad or angry your feelings inform your subconscious what to pay attention to and respond to. This is why so many people get what they don’t want. They think about what they don’t want while emotionally agitated and the subconscious goes ‘okay your wish is my command!’.

Feel good when you affirm and ask questions to direct your mind. This is powerful information. Use it!

Feel your best. Feel enthused, eager, delighted, joyful, confident, relaxed or peaceful. The stronger the emotion when asking or affirming the better. The quicker they work. Emotions are the key! Your goal should be to feel the very best you can most of your day. All of your day. Make it a habit!

It’s easy and fun when you are feeling your finest! Everything works together and it is like greasing the wheel. Enjoy and delight in it!

While that isn’t always possible there are things you can do if you get off track and need to get back on track. See other posts in this blog about steering back to center when needed. Keep in mind that feeling best for as often and as long as you can IS life changing.

Find reasons to be grateful right this moment. Find reasons to give thanks and celebrate everything in your life now and you will feel better much more of the time. Make it a habit! Bring your awareness to what is good right now! Live in this moment! Feel alive. Ask yourself, what is good and new? Look for it and you WILL find it!

Learn to manage your thoughts and emotions and you will begin to live like a champion. Your inner mental images, your self-talk and your feelings will all be aligned and congruent.When congruent you are on your way to making your dreams come true.

That is when it is ‘full speed ahead!’ More and more your moments will become wonderful! You will find more to enjoy and more that is meaningful!

Doing these things will produce wonderful feelings. The wonderful feelings you have will make you want to do it more. It begins a marvelous cycle. Doing means feeling good means doing means feeling good. Keep it up and you positively enhance your daily life!

You make it a habit it when you correctly repeat it again and again over a period of time. Develop great, powerful, positive habits.

Everything works together when you are feeling your finest. Do what you can to feel wonderful. State your affirmations and ask your Directed Questions™ in the most powerful, positive emotional states you can experience.  Think the best, only speak the best to self and others and feel your best and magic will happen!” Rex Sikes

It is another incredible day to enjoy!

PS YOU may know someone who could really benefit from hearing this message. Feel free to share this with them via social media or email. Buttons below make it easy for you to do so.

PSS  A great practice is read the posts daily and then go back and re-read from time to time. You will discover things you missed the first few readings. Try it, you will be surprised.

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*Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Do This To Stop Suffering & Start Living! Change Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

horizons green grass and grey green clouds

“Do you ever feel overwhelmed with too much information? Too many adds! Too much noise! Do you sometimes feel things are going by way too fast? It’s like we have become a fast food consumer of everything. Cheap ingredients and not very healthy. Does it seem like everything gets treated as, ‘Next’, move along?

Have you ever felt, because it is so fast, we don’t get the thoroughness or depth we need anymore?  So much is  just all surface and shallow? We need to explore some concepts deeper than they typically get treated, don’t you think?

This is the day and age of distraction by bombardment. There are so many competing distractions, advertisements, messages assaulting us. We go to read an article and a assaulted with endless pop-up messages. The news has talking heads and scrolls along the bottom distracting us from what is being said, or read or vice versa. Stock market reports may be littering the side.

Distractions Are Rampant

Everything is going on all at once. Doesn’t it  seem  as if someone has hurled pasta against the wall? Everything is there, some of it sticks some of it doesn’t. It is difficult for important messages to get through. Some social media limits who can be reached by you, but meanwhile, allows you to be reached by advertisers.

Few of the important messages get the signal attention or strength needed for us to recognize them and then act on. News cycles are fast. Rarely more than 24 hours. Every hour they need viewers for advertising dollars so constant updates are provided. More bangs and more whistles added  to keep you watching.

It is designed  to keep you hooked. Even if they are wrong, they don’t care, they will change it and move on. Tomorrow their will be another media managed crisis for the water cooler conversation and more gossip. Fast and over! Another new problem or celebrity in trouble or another disease to worry about. On and on it goes.

You Need To Focus

So you might wonder why I write similar things from day to day? There is a purpose. I write on a few themes. I re-visit these again and again. I attempt to provide some new angle or another way of considering the same information. It is on purpose!

People need to hear the same message multiple times before they actually hear it? Advertisers know how many times they need to repeatedly expose you to their product for brand awareness to take hold. Repetition is necessary for you to know a brand exists and consider it when purchasing.

People opt for the familiar. Even if they have never tried it if it feels familiar they are more likely to purchase. Advertisers work hard to create familiarity with you. They repeat the adds over and over.They know how many times you need to view an informercial before you are likely to pick up the phone and dial in.

Repetition Builds Ability And Habit

They know you need to get the same message again and again and again before you will act on it. Especially, in this day and age where so many messages are vying for your attention. For you to take action, as opposed to an impulse buy, you need to be conditioned to take action through repetition.

I want the really important, life changing messages, to get through to you.  I want to increase the signal strength needed for readers to recognize them and then act on. I know that repeated exposure is necessary for the person to get first an inkling, then a recognition and then ultimately a desire to act on the message. Then action!

You become what you think about. You have read this from me again and again. It is not my saying, I only use it. You become what you think about most during your day! It’s true! I want you to utilize what advertisers already know so you will put these life changing principles and practices to work for you.

You need to read or hear the same message or a similar message every day, multiple times a day so that eventually it takes root and grows. If every day you read the same message or a similar message your mind receives it again and again. You learn new things each time you re-read.

Develop Positive Habits

You have the possibility to actually understand and act on the message. By repeated exposure you learn and grow, Habits are formed by repetition. It is a simple process actually.

You learn best when you re-read, when you re-visit, when you re-expose your mind to the concepts.  You develop skills when you repeat the skills you want to learn. Through constant repeating a thought or behavior you make habitual. Repetition is the mother of skill.

Repetition is the mechanism by which skills and muscles are built. When you exercise, you may use reps (short for repetitions) and sets (groups of particular repetitions).  You do 4 sets of 10 reps adding weight to each set. Or 5 sets of 4 reps. You repeat the exercises over again adding challenge or more weight. Overtime muscle is built.

Expose Your Mind Again And Again To Positive Messages

Habits are formed by repetition through time. If you repeat the same thing over and over ultimately it becomes habit. If you consistently think positive thoughts you will develop the positive habit.

You can develop the thinking habits and the action habits of those who are wildly successful if you will only think and do what they do for a long enough period of time.  Then their positive, powerful, successful habits will be your life changing powerful, positive, successful habits.

It all begins in your mind. It begins with what you think about most. If you think you can or you think you can’t you are right about it. It is up to you. So…

I re-visit the themes to constantly provide your mind the important messages over and over so they take hold. You can assist yourself by reading and re-reading again and again the positive material in positive inspiring books, this blog, and articles.

Read, Listen, Act

You can put up inspirational posters and pictures and sayings that keep you focused on what you want in life. Listen again and again to motivational audios and watch DVD’s that help you feel your best and do your best.

Fill your mind up with positive messages every day multiple times a day. When it becomes habit and a lifestyle it becomes easier to make the changes you want to make. Your attitude determines you altitude. Your mindset is the precursor to any change you want to make and keep permanently.

You will stop suffering and start living powerfully when you consistently expose and fill your mind with powerful positive messages. You become what you think about. You become what you think about. You become what you think about most during the day.

Let that sink in. If you aren’t right now thinking positive powerful thoughts you are indeed already whatever you are thinking about. Your results and your life reflect that.  If you aren’t happy with where you are currently at begin today to do what is necessary to get what you want.

You Become What You Think About

If you will just start thinking positively your life will change. The easiest way to begin is to commit to reading some positive and inspiring material a little bit each day. The more you can do the better but if you can’t do at least a page.

Commit to reading each day for 30, 60 or 90 days. Habits take time to develop just as building muscles or losing weight does. Be patient  and persistent. As you read you will discover many things and what you can do. You will become more inspired and motivated. It is all good. Just do it!

Read then go back later and re-read. Then go back later and re-read again. Each time you will get new things from the material. The same is true about audio, video. You should re-listen, re-watch these materials. Space it out the repeats, a few days, a week or a few weeks and then return. It will really help you.

Each Small Positive Step Leads To Positive Change

How soon change occurs will be up to you. Read, listen, fill your mind. If you want to change you will have to change what you are doing and do different things. You will have to do the positive steps consistently to get where you want to get to.

How you think about it determines how you will go about it and for how long. Most people try to change the behavior without having addressed the mindset first, so they do not get very far. I have in my past, perhaps you have tried that way as well. It just does not work well. Hope doesn’t get you the power to make and keep the change.

If you want to change anything about yourself your mind and your self image must be the first thing that changes. Then everything else will follow. I encourage you each day in different and similar ways to affect the change that matters most. Change your mind and your life will change! Make it a habit!” Rex Sikes

Make today count!

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*Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Do This To Improve Energy Levels, Get Healthier & Enjoy Your Life To The Fullest!

phil koch purple flower horizon

“Have you ever felt the need to get away? Maybe, you just want to take a break and let go. Can you do that for yourself? Do you know what to do when you feel stressed or overwhelmed?

It is as important to rest as it is to nourish ourselves and be active. Here are some simple ways to relax, let go and replenish your energy?  Let go and simplify for whatever amount of time you can.

Get outside of the box. Get away from artificial light, electronics and the ambient noise that exists that we don’t consciously notice but that persists and adds to our stress. Cut the cord! If only for a bit. Take it easy.

If you can’t get a weekend away, or some significant time to chill at least take a little time each day to unwind and feel better. Take some time today. Enjoy yourself before this day ends.

Sit outdoors. Lie back on the lawn, or sit under a tree. Hang out on the porch or in the backyard. If you can, go somewhere quiet and peaceful away from city activity. Have a beverage you enjoy. Let go, unwind. Sit peacefully. It is wonderful. Do nothing. Just recharge.

Breath. Enjoy the breeze on your skin. Watch, listen or simply close your eyes and be. Pay attention to your senses. Notice, witness. Watch clouds move in the sky. Listen to the leaves in the breeze. Do nothing.

Go for a barefoot walk. Feel how good it feels. Feel the earth, the grass, the sun, the fresh air. Look far off into the distance for awhile. Look to the horizon as you walk. Enjoy the sun and warmth on your skin. Listen to the sounds of nature. Get away for a bit. Sit by the ocean, a lake, river or stream.

Do less today. Stress less. Stay calm.  Enjoy feeling peace. Listen more, talk less. Don’t get baited into arguments or gossip, let them go. If you speak – when you speak – speak only to bless, heal and prosper yourself and others.

Smile more. Laugh more. Celebrate more. Skip, hum, sing, sway, dance. Move your body in relaxation and comfort. Let go.

Make today about gentle replenishing. Imagine feeling positive where ever you go and whatever you do. Be gentle, kind, compassionate with yourself and others. Ease your way through the world. Look, listen, feel, smell and taste today. Delight!

Relax. Take a bath, a steam, a sauna. Get a massage. Meditate. Flow.

Shut off the electronics. Get away from them. Turn off the cell, the computer, the TV for awhile. Eat some wonderful, well prepared. healthy food. No microwaves, nothing fast. Dine leisurely. Savor it. Sleep in a totally dark room. No light, no alarm light, nothing. Complete darkness.

Read some inspirational material. Allow your thoughts and feelings and actions today to be the finest. Rest. Spend time in gratitude and count your blessings prior to drifting off. Get some good sleep and awaken refreshed. Live, love, laugh, delight.” Rex Sikes

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*Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

HEADS UP!!!  Soon Daily Inspiration And Gratitude will have a new home.  A new URL, a new look and feel. All this content and new content will be delivered there. Some of you get this blog emailed to you,

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Have a beautiful day!

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Do You Ever Get Hooked Bad? How To Get Unhooked!

Take-a-deep-breath copy

“What do you do when you get caught up? Something happens and it bursts your positive bubble. Your momentum is thrown off, the apple cart upset. How do you react? How should you? How could you? Is there a better way to behave when when s–t hits the fan?

First,  to ‘get caught up’ is an apt description. We get caught, hooked just like a fish. We think things are great and the next thing you know we swallowed a big hook. That sucks! What do we do?

We do whatever it is we do. Nature takes its course. We may get angry even while knowing it would be best not to. We may do things against our better judgement and against our own best interests. It happens. Sometimes we react without thinking and sometimes we react while thinking we ought to be doing something else.

We are hot and bothered but not in the good way. We are hurting, angry, scared, lashing out. We are desperate and convinced the world is ending or at least turing bad on this very point. We are absolutely hooked and we are reacting automatically. Again, we are caught up in it.

Whatever it is triggered a response from us. An unwanted, painful uncomfortable response. Maybe we yelled at ourselves. Perhaps, we shouted at a loved one or co-worker. We created pain for others too. Why not? Maybe they hurt us first? Right? Wrong!

Nothing justifies a poor, bad or negative reaction. There is no excuse for yelling at ourself or others. However, if that is what happen that is what happened. I will come back to this in a moment. The first thing is to acknowledge, whenever you become aware, is that you reacted as you did. Accept responsibility and realize you did as you did.

The truth is you went haywire. You lost control. You fought or fought back. Whatever it is accept it. There are consequences to our actions. For every cause there is an equal and opposite effect. You may have started other wheels spinning or like dominos you just knocked over the very first one.

Ok, that is what was, and what might be. First, accept responsibility without blaming yourself for your reaction. YOU reacted. YOU lost control. Sad to say so but that is what happened. Accept it without shaming yourself. That won’t help you end that issue.

Accept you behaved poorly, acknowledge it, and turn your attention to how you could have behaved or responded better or more appropriately. What could you have done differently, even though you didn’t?

Figure out what the most positive response is that could benefit everyone in a positive and productive way. How might you have behaved that could have kept things in check (possibly) instead of them rampaging out of control?

In order to behave better in the future you have to know what behavior you want instead. YOU just got slammed right in the face big time with the behavior you don’t want. Consider it a godsend. Pretend someone somewhere, the universe is sending you an incredible message and opportunity.

Your hot, negative, unwanted thoughts, feeling and behaviors are all exactly what you don’t want. Hopefully, the messenger gets through because the messenger tells you, ‘okay that happened, own up to it, make restitution, and NOW focus on what you DO want instead.’

You reacted instead of responded. You reacted to whatever the circumstances dictated and you fell victim to it. Hey, we all do it so blame is not the name of this game. Get over yourself. Determine your positive course, the positive thoughts, feelings, behaviors and results you want in your future instead.

The first key in getting unhooked is to notice that YOU got hooked. Then, once you notice it, you do what you need to to get unhooked. In the human’s case we need to focus on what we want and where we want to end up instead. We want more productive responses next time.

There are many ways to do this I will discuss in future blogs. We can use our imagination, our internal movie theater, self-talk, affirmations, Directed Questions™ and more for just this sort of thing.

My point is this: We evolve ourselves. In evolution somethings take time. Some things take repeated examples or exposures. Some lessons it seems we have to learn again and again until we eventually get it. AND THAT IS OKAY! That is just the way it is.

We may want it to be different. We may wish it were like all the promises the media makes for instant relief and magic gadgets but life is more like a flowering garden. Beautiful things just take some time to appear. We grow, adapt, and evolve.

So again no blame, no shame. The best thing you can do is acknowledge your reaction and pat yourself on the back and hope you will notice the next ones too. Praise yourself not for your reaction but for you becoming aware that you reacted and were focused on what you did not want. This provides you a choice point and the opportunity to change.

This increases the likelihood  that you will become aware and notice quicker in future episodes because you aren’t punishing yourself. No one likes that. Well, at least fewer people do. Awareness is the doorway that opens for you to find new opportunity. Validate your awareness and it willingly works to benefit you.

Determine to respond better in the future. Again, I’ll share more later but if you read my blog regularly there are lots of tips and secrets and practices and principles you can apply right now to begin doing that.

Own your reaction. Take responsibility. Make an apology genuinely and promise to never do that again. Do whatever must be done to correct any wrong doing or harm. Help provide healing. Sometimes that means walking away too and leaving the other person alone if they request that. Be respectful!

That last point is an important one for behavior in the world. Walk away.

‘When we ‘react’ it causes pain because it is a ‘knee jerk’. It means we have no choice. We actually do have choice but it happens so fast or things start snowballing out of control that it seems as if we don’t and we can’t help it.

We always have choice and the choice point is right smack in the beginning. Something happens outside of us or within us to set it off. Things start happening. There is actually a sequence. It may seem one moment we are fine and the next we flew of the handle but there is an actual sequence of events that happen in real time.

Neurons fire. Neural pathways are activated. Signals are sent Hormones and chemicals are released. Our body is preparing for FIGHT OR FLIGHT!

In jungle days with real world predators we needed this to run very fast or fight very strong to survive. We need it much more rarely in our modern world and we don’t need it when most arguments ensue.

BUT IT IS THERE anyway. To serve us. Because we think we are being threatened when in fact we are, but not in that life-threatening way. We need to learn to better respond and adapt to our circumstances than be walking around as jungle cave people in the 21st century. Don’t you think?

Because there is a sequence it takes time. YES, it happens very fast. REALLY  really fast. BUT you can still catch it. THAT is precisely why we want to encourage our awarenesses. We want to become aware as it is happening that there is something WE CAN DO instead.

We can actually divert the behavior into new more productive behaviors and new neural pathways.

We just have to catch the moment first. AT the very instant of the trigger, we are caught unawares, and then the body takes over and begins to release chemicals. As these chemicals and the neurons begin traveling their routes we feel the changes.

Maybe we get ‘hot under the collar’ or ‘red in the face’ maybe we ‘see red’ or feel tension increase. Anything, any way you describe it, is possible.

The point is to become aware as this happens. As the chemicals release its called Emotional Flooding. We get flooded with feelings and sensations. IF we notice them, again the reason awareness is important, we can change them right then. We have this choice brief choice point to give us time or room to respond differently.

Imagine for a moment you are at the top of a hill with a huge boulder. You are in front of it. It begins to roll down hill. ALL you have to do is put your arm out and you can stop it from rolling. You really can. The reason you can stop it is that it just began. You caught it right in the beginning.

It didn’t have time to build momentum. Had you been four or five feet away, or ten or more you would not be able to stop it at all. You would have to jump aside. It has too much momentum by then. It is the same with our emotions flooding us. If we catch them right at the beginning we can be different. IT can be different.

This flooding seems fast and is because the neural pathways have been traveled countless times before. They are well worn and utilized. In order to change we have to provide new pathways. It will take awhile for them to get well worn in too. Still, we do have choice.

Awareness is the first step. The second is to decide to choose what else to do instead. One of the best things to make habit is to take a very deep breath. Breath. Breath again. Breathing helps to change what is happening in the body. So does pacing or walking as long as you don’t use the walking to build momentum.

Take a deep breath. Change your body posture. Move, walk, don’t remain in the same place. Keep breathing slowly. EMT’s are known to have a person walk off the adrenaline when in an accident or a near miss.

When the flooding happens people get jittery as the chemical floods into the system. You can’t get rid of it, you can’t just dump it. but you can use it in a managed activity. Walking. You could skip or dance but on the street they also are concerned with safety. So move calmly and breath to better utilize what the body is giving you.

Take a breath. Create that pause in the flood. Use your own body to stop the momentum and you prevent the emotional boulder from shooting down the hill. You can stop the flooding. It can be done. You divert it into a more productive and less destructive path.

Choice is important. When you make a decision you can change your thoughts and feelings to respond in a more beneficial manner for yourself and others. You can choose to walk away from the fight.

It may not seem like it now but you really can. You can choose to do nothing at all. It does not, necessarily, require that anything be done just because you got hot.

When you create the pause, the gap, that room, you can begin to see that this is true. You don’t have to continue on you can respond differently!

The only way to decide differently is to create that space by making the pause happen. You create the pause, which slows the flood, you positively manage the resulting emotions converting them into other relaxed responses. You get your head clear.

You are creating new neural pathways. You are changing the old route to a new one. The result is the same as when you moved to a new residence. You have a different address. You end up in a different place.

You pause, (breath and move and continue to) you relax, let go, and continue as needed. You direct your mind to more useful places, thoughts and behaviors (Directed Questions™ were created for this).

YOU chose a new more productive, positive, useful response. It could be anything. As long as it isn’t the old one and it is positive and constructive you are doing yourself a great service.

You have just stopped the emotional flooding, got unhooked and created a new neural pathway to travel to a new address. Fantastic! Celebrate and be grateful!

Appreciate that you have taken control instead of being a victim of your own chemistry and emotions. You determined you were going to re-route them. Pat yourself on the back!

Just as when you actually move from one address to a new address you may, from time to time, discover yourself taking the old way to the old home. This can happen with behaviors too. In time, by taking the new route to the new place enough times you make it a well worn pathway.

You have lost nothing. You can still always find your way to the former residence, if you were to choose to. You haven’t lost anything, you aren’t deprived of anything. What changed is you have a new, more useful productive, constructive pathway to a beautiful new residence.

Travel there happily. You find you don’t even think about the old route but you could if you wanted to. How cool is all of this? Pretty wonderful, if you ask me. You always have choices available.

In the next blog I will share with you  a ways to wire this in. The one after that I’ll discuss developing a new mindset to give yourself new choices. Meanwhile celebrate and enjoy!” Rex Sikes

Find delight in your day and night!

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How To Stop Brain From F’ing You Up

you can become anyone you want to be

“Who do you imagine yourself to be? What do you say about who you are? What do you think and say and imagine about what you have done, can do, and will accomplish? What you think about you bring about! What are you thinking and saying about yourself to yourself and others throughout each day of your life? Whatever it is you can bet you are fulfilling it.

If you want to make permanent, positive changes, easily, then you need to work with the system. What you have been affirming all your life may be the reason you have been stuck. Those limiting ‘I’ statements we say to ourselves and others keep us the same. What you hold in your head you will hold in your hand!

Thanks for joining me for Part 2. Continued From Previous Post: If Your Computer Is Sabotaging You; Fix It!

See Yourself As You Wish To Be ‘As If’ You Already Are

Maltz suggested we spend time each day visualizing ourselves as we wish to be. He had specific recommendations that included imaging our goals as already complete. See ourselves as we would be if we right now had those changes. We should visualize ourselves as having already made the changes we want to make. We should see the end result.

Imagine your life and actions in as much detail as possible, as it would be, if you were precisely the way you hope you will be. Imagine it ‘as if’ the change has already been made and you are living as you hope to. Inside your head, live, think and act as if that future you is right now.

I have shared with you previous blogs why this works. The brain can’t tell the difference between an imagined image and a real one on the outside. I have shared with you the research. It would be well worth it to go back through my blogs and re-read as many as you can. Study these principles and practices daily and you will make your dreams come true!

Spend time imagining what you want each day, morning and night. Imagine it as already accomplished and enjoy the feelings that accompany this. These wonderful, powerful feelings combined with the new imagery informs the unconscious, our subconscious servo mechanism (servant mind,) that THIS is what we want.

Maltz, leaders of the New Thought Movement, ancient philosophers and practitioners also prescribed this. While this may be new to you or some people today, it has been around working forever. The sad truth is that few apply it. I hope you won’t be one to pass up having everything you want in life for the reasons we are discussing here.

Earl NIghtengale referred to it as ‘the strangest secret’ because as he pointed out, it is not secret at all. These working principles are well known but few ever apply them. That secret is: you become what you think about most during your day and night. The secret is hidden in plain view.

Strong, Intense Emotions Run The Show

Visualization, combined with intense positive emotion, repeated again and again brings about the change. You must be consistent and persistent and not waiver or give up. We bring about what we think about. The more passionate, the greater the desire, the more intense the feelings the stronger the message signal.

I have shared how our less than glorious emotions run the show because of their intensity. When we are angry, raging, fearful or sad, when we worry and doubt these bring us more of the same because what we focus on we get back.

Powerful emotions drive the subconscious. Powerful emotions combined with what we focus on, whether we focus intentionally on what we want, or unintentionally on what we don’t want, cause us to get back more of the same. The signal value is high. This is the language the subconscious understand and replicates. The language IS powerful emotions combined with images in our head.

The subconscious only knows to give you more of the same. Whatever you are feeding it the subconscious gives back. Positive or negative. Wanted or unwanted.The key to getting what you want is intention. You intend to get positive results BY focusing on what you want and enhancing your positive thoughts and feelings! The more you feel good as you think about yourself now and in the future the more that is the present and future you get back.

Imagine how you want to be, feel, do and what you want to have as if it has already come true. This is important because if you imagine it in the future, out there, it will stay in the future. Someday never comes. Our subconscious works to make it happen as we imagine it. FEEL IT FULLY! Embrace the positive feelings.

Since we can’t imagine every detail, I like to include a disclaimer that I think and repeat. ‘this or something better’ because I am completely into being happily surprised. By repeating it over and over in your inner movie theater combined with strong positive ‘feel good’ feelings you deliver the message to the subconscious which ultimately receives the signal, the message and acts on it.

Change Your Self Image And You Can Change Your Habits

In this manner you develop the habits and behaviors in alignment with your new self image. The results of intentional visualization combined with strong intense positive feelings repeated over and over is the message, you want, gets through through to the subconscious and we then begin to think, feel and behave consistent with our new self imagine.

As you begin to change the inner image you speak to yourself more positively. Your self-talk becomes nicer and more inspiring. You begin to think in terms of yourself as an ‘I can learn to do anything’ type of person.

You become a ‘can do’ person. You learn you can change anything inside you AND when you change the inner you – you realize you can change anything outside yourself as well. Use your self-talk wisely. Speak only to bless, heal and prosper. Stop blaming and criticizing and making excuses for yourself.

You’ll see new advantages and opportunities you may have missed before. You become alert to them because now you see in new ways. The inside changes first. You make new connections and form new neural pathways. You are evolving your brain and yourself.

Your self image determines what you become. The outer matches the inner.  If your inner world is impoverished your outer world will be too. If your inner world sucks the results you get will suck as well. It takes a wake up call to change.

Sometimes, you just get sick and tired of being sick and tired. Sometimes, it is a large upheaval in a person’s life that causes the individual to snap into ‘I have to change’ mode. Sometimes, it is just a review of what your life has been or is like.

As Above So Below; As Within So Without

If your outer circumstances suck change your inner world! Change what you have been doing and you will begin to notice things in your life changing. Begin from within. Change your inner vision and you will change your world as you see yourself.

As you become a new person within the outer world conforms to your self image of yourself. You fix the outer world by first fixing the inner world.

Self Image and habits go together. Change your Self Image and your behaviors change to be consistent with the new you. As you repeat the new behaviors they become new positive habits. As you develop the new positive habits you become more confident and competent and this reinforces the new positive Self Image. You really do evolve yourself!

If you don’t see yourself happy, wealthy or successful you won’t ever develop those behaviors as long as you don’t see it. However, as you being to see yourself as happy, wealthy and successful and you feel it within and you believe it; and you move through the world with these thoughts and feelings you begin to behave in happier, healthier, wealthier and more successful ways.

You bring about the outer change by having changed the inner. Maltz, Hill, Wattles, and so many others before them, and since them encourage you to make yourself and your life what you want it to be. No one can do it for you. You may have adopted the image of yourself and the beliefs you grew up with from others but you don’t have to keep any you don’t want. Those have brought you to today!

Today, the decision is yours. Only you can improve your own Self Image. Only you can make your mind, your thoughts and your imagination work for you. End the limitations, learn to be free. Enjoy a new day and a new life when you decided to take charge. Update the computer and get it working for you automatically instead of against you!” Rex Sikes

Thrill yourself with all good things!

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If Your Personal Computer Is Sabotaging You; Fix It!


“Have you tried to make a change and found it difficult?  Perhaps, it worked for awhile but then you reverted back to the old issue? Even though you may have promised yourself ‘this time will be different’ it wasn’t very long until it was back the same? If you answered yes to these questions you may need to look at self image.

People think or verbalize statement such as ‘that is just not me’ or ‘I would never wear that’ or ‘i can’t stop eating’ or ‘I just have a lot of nervous energy’ or ‘I could never do that’ and more. Many more! These ARE affirmations of our self image. NO they aren’t  Positive Affirmations.

Careful, You Are Already Using Affirmations

No, they are not the kind we talk about when we say you need to repeat affirmations for success but they work exactly the same way. We already DO think and repeat these over and over again just as we are encouraged to do with the Positive kind! We live these daily.

These self image affirmations we utter work to keep us consistent. They work to keep us consistently the person we say we are. Who we are is a result of the self image we maintain. They affirm what we are like and what we can and can’t do. These thoughts and utterances of ours affirm our boundaries. They work REALLY well!

They maintain our limits. We have an internal image of who we are and what we are capable of and what we deserve in life that we live from and fulfill. We produce or don’t produce results consistent with who we are and what this image of ourself is.

We won’t do anything  inconsistent with our self image. When we do try to change behaviors we find it difficult because we are attempting to do something ‘unlike’ us. We tend to think of ourselves as a smart or dumb person, fat or thin, happy or unhappy, successful or not, rich or poor, easy going or not… The list goes on.

Become Aware Of All Your ‘I’ Statements

We can get a clue as to what our self image actually is by paying attention to our thoughts, these notions about ourself, and the utterances or exclamations we make during the day. When times are good and when times are rough ‘we show up’. If we pay attention we can begin to get a sense of who we are on the inside.

We have a composite of images, sounds and feelings of who we are and who we are not. We can even look at our own internal images on our own inner movie screen and see who we think we are. Who and what do we represent ourself to be inside our head?

From the dawn of time, ancient practitioner of these arts have attempted to get us to maintain a positive self image and move beyond our boundaries into happiness, well-being and success. Some have used their approaches with incredible results!

Maxwell Maltz was a plastic surgeon who, because of his work making people pretty and repairing damaged looks, began to explore this area. He did this because people surprised him. An unhappy patient would come to him desperately wanting to look a certain way. He’d provide it but the person remained unhappy.

At first he was confounded. He wanted to know how this was possible. Though they didn’t exist, as we know them today, it was as if an internal computer was running the show. Whatever the programmed software was dictated the results one gets. Today, we know the results you get on a computer ARE determined by what the software is programmed to do.

Self Image Runs The Show

He provides numerous examples in his books. What he discovered was his patients had an internal picture, an image of who they were. Regardless of the outer change they lived from the one inside their heads. The internal image, this self image, runs the show just as a computer does. Whatever is within is what gets output consistently.

Maltz began to explore what people were doing and what they could do differently in their imagination to get what they wanted. As a doctor and businessman he wanted satisfied and happy patients.

His works have sold steadily since 1960. He became a mojor proponent of personal change and development. His break through book was called Psycho Cybernetics. It is as relevant today as it was back then. You can find it and read it. Read it over and over!

He proffered that behaviors stem from our self image. This is the mental picture we have created of ourself. Many people attempt to change behaviors but find this nearly impossible because the behaviors they want to change are automated habits.

Maltz’s patients wanted to become happy by changing their appearance. This rarely worked because they (we) have a persistent automated self image. In order for their lives to be happy (our lives to be happy) they had to work (we have to work) on the inner person before anything else.

There Is An Order To Positive Change; A Recipe

Maltz reasoned that most people encounter difficulty because they put the cart before the horse. They tried to change the behaviors first and that should not be the first order of business. Imagine a ladder with self image at the top run and behaviors further down on the rungs.

In order to change these behaviors Maltz stated you first had to change the mental image. Once you change your internal picture of self your behaviors can change. You change your personality, your self image and your behaviors change because a self image change is a higher order change. It governs the rest.

We know that thought precedes action. To change our feelings and behaviors we must first change our thoughts. Humans have not accomplished or built anything that they first didn’t create inside their heads and then build with their hands. Our own personal changes are accomplished the same way.

If we want to succeed in the outer world we must first succeed in our inner world. Who and what we think we are determines how we feel about ourselves and what we will do to achieve our dreams (assuming we have dreams). If we want to be happy in life we must first be happy within. ‘As within. So without. As above. So Below’ is an ancient principle.

Join me in my next blog! I’ll continue to share what  Maltz and other thoughts leaders insist will get you the most change in the least time in the easiest fashion. When you know how to work with your own system it is much easier. There are precise things you and I can do to be, do and have anything we want in life. Join me next time and spread the word  Life is and can be glorious for you!” Rex Sikes

Have a remarkable day! See you tomorrow.

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The Easy Way To Keep Your Life & Career From Going Bad

don't make excuses make good

” The goal, as I write  in these pages, is to feel the best you are able to at any given moment. Even, if you only feel a little bit better, that is what matters. It matters that you move yourself in the positive direction of feeling good. The results can be amazing!

It absolutely matters that YOU choose what you want to make yourself feel because it has an incredibly powerful and profound lasting effect. Your life can absolutely change from bad to better and from better to best when you apply these principles and practices.

Steer Toward The Positive

I have mentioned numerous times that it is necessary to cultivate the ability to steer back toward the positive. This is a skill that can be developed. ‘How?’ you ask. Take 100% responsibility for your thoughts and feelings. Promise yourself you will learn to be in charge.

Train your mind to see the good in everything. Train yourself to find the best feelings you are able to at all times. Keep your focus on the positive. What seems impossible to do at first and requires discipline becomes easier and easier the more you do it.

Develop These Abilities As Habits

Make your thoughts and feelings work for you instead of you working for them. It is said about the wealthy they don’t work for their money. They have learned how to make their money work for them. It’s true! They make money while they sleep from a variety of sources.

The same is true about your thoughts, attitude and mindset. Make your mind work for you instead of you being a victim of it. Learn to control your thoughts and feelings. Be the master not the servant. They do not teach you this in school unfortunately.

Usually, we are taught we have no control over anything but if we work hard we can succeed. Consider it one of the best kept secrets ‘they’ don’t want you to know about. You can control your thoughts and feelings.

Your Mind Is The One Thing You Can Have Complete Control Of

Once you master your mind you can shut it off. You can give up control once you have it, whenever you like. Once you learn that your thoughts are subject to your will you realize YOU are bigger than your thoughts. You are bigger than your thoughts.

You will be in charge of the thoughts you think instead of you thinking that the thinking is going on outside of your control. Do you get that? It is a silly thought to think that you can’t control what you think. Why would you ever think that. You wouldn’t if you were in charge of your thoughts.

You think those kind of silly things because somewhere in your life time you co-opted the thoughts of others. You didn’t even realize that was what you were doing while it was going on but it was.

You adopted thoughts from others as your own instead of thinking for yourself. Realize you have power to seize control and seize it!  Anyone can do it. Few actually will. Be one of the few that do instead of the countless that won’t. Make your live wonderful!

If you think silly, useless or stupid, destructive thoughts, or weak, wimpy, powerless thoughts that is what you get back. You will get back in results THE Results of your crappy ineffective thinking. Is that what you want? If the answer is no then now is the time to learn to take control.

Decide What You Will Think And Feel

Control means you decide what you will think and feel. It means you allow what you want to experience and ignore or eliminate that which you don’t. It means you can start thoughts that help you and stop those that don’t. When you want to meditate or relax you can choose your thoughts or turn them off.

You can’t relinquish control if you don’t have it in the first place. You have to be in control to let go of control. Control means you train your mind and make your mind YOUR servant. Make your mind work for you automatically instead of you working for it.

You only have to  move yourself incrementally in the right direction bit by bit over time, repeatedly, in order to learn how to manage your thoughts and feelings. It is similar to learning to ride a bike or drive a car or anything else you have ever learned to do. It is a skill, and ability you can get better at and get good at the more you do it.

Correct Repetition Builds Skill And Brings Benefits

The more you do it and the better you get at it the more confidence and competence you develop. The more you do it the more you are able to do and the better you feel. It continues this way. Everything begins getting better because you started making small but purposeful changes.

The art is learning to promote what you want to grow and enjoy and to let go of that which causes pain or suffering. Plenty occurs in the world that we might get caught up in for any length of time. Awareness, is when we notice we are not doing what we want to, we are not working according to plan and we steer back onto track.

Instead of feeling bad about going off course we celebrate getting back on course. All of us can go off course. That is part of living. Getting back on course is what we learn to do. We are gentle and loving and accepting of ourselves through it all. We find reasons to enjoy life and celebrate.

If I Can Do It I Know You Can Probably Do It Even Better

I choose to think about my children. I focus on how lucky I am to have them in my life and how great I feel. I count my blessings in many other ways. Family, friends, opportunity, difficult life lessons, experiences, travels, talents, events, all make up my life and my world. I am grateful for all of it. My life is perfect each moment.

When I focus on these things, before you know it, I feel much better. It is easy to feel better when we devote a bit of time to it. Because birds of a feather flock together once we find the first thing, or first few things to celebrate more flock to our mind. We find other things to become thankful about and celebrate.

Remember all the reasons you usually feel delighted. Don’t just intellectually recount these but feel them. Really allow yourself to feel the gratitude and the celebration.

I write this today because sometimes we can benefit from a nudge in the right direction. Keep at it. Make it a habit. It gets easier and easier. Any bumps in the road are there for you to learn how to not be thrown of course by bumps in the road. Pretty soon you can navigate pretty much any way. Enjoy and celebrate the process!” Rex Sikes

Enjoy today!

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Forget Your Weaknesses: Develop Your Strengths!

opportunity is missed by most - edison

“If you learned you need to get better at what you are poor at you learned wrong. If your parents or teachers or anyone told you to develop and work on your weaknesses they were incorrect. You could spend a lot of time devoted to what you aren’t good at and be wasting a lot of your time!

Stop! Make a change that will bring you better results and greater satisfaction. Work on and develop your strengths! Take what you are good at and get great at it! This makes the most sense. This will get you the best result for your efforts.

Your Strengths Give You The Edge

Take your talents to the next level and the level after that. Your strengths are what you should be furthering. Who knows how far you could go if you focused on making your best even better? 

Developing your weaknesses sounds good but if you suck at something how long will it take until you are mediocre at it? Meanwhile, the best you got is languishing. It is silly to let your best go to waste while you focus on what you are the least good at.

Remember, what you focus on expands. What you think about most you become. What you put out there comes back to you. SO why spend all your time putting energy into what you aren’t very good at?

Put Your Energy Into Where You Are Good And Excel!

Emphasize and spend time with all that is the best of you. Think about what you are good at rather than what you aren’t good at. Focus on your strengths and develop those. Your strong points give you the edge your weaknesses won’t.

If you are bad at something and you keep trying to get better at it its more apt to break your confidence and crush your spirit. Build up your wins, feel the best, and live from where you are strong.

It makes sense if you are socially inept, if you aren’t able to communicate well; if you can not look another person in the eye and talk to them than yes, you should develop your skills to be able to do so. One of the best ways you do that is to develop your confidence.

Focusing On Your Best Develops Your Confidence

How do you develop confidence? You develop your confidence by making your best better. You feel confident when you take stock of and keep in mind what you are good at; you remember your talents and abilities. Confidence comes from winning and excelling.

It is wiser to start at the top and go higher than to begin at the bottom and work your way up to the middle. Skyrocket don’t struggle.

Be confident while staying humble. Bragging isn’t real confidence it is based in fear. When you really are good you know it you don’t have to prove it.

In your career, your occupation, your job, even your school you can bet you will be rewarded with a promotion or a raise or an honorable notice for what you are best at not what you suck at. Put your best foot forward not your worst. Develop your skills and abilities. You will be glad you did!” Rex Sikes

It is your day to make what you will of it!

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