This Power Principe Can Determine If You Will Be Successful!

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“I heard something the other day that I really like and wanted to pass along. For many decades now most of us are familiar with the principle from cybernetics (applied to computers) Garbage In Garbage Out (GIGO).

Using the computer analogy GIGO means if you write a garbage program you will get garbage results. In life, if you are mostly thinking garbage thoughts you will get garbage feelings and the results you get would be garbage. Why would anyone ever expect to get otherwise?

That is common sense, right? This is why the principle ‘you become and you get what you think about most’ makes so much sense. Whatever is predominant in your mind is what you get back. As Henry Ford said, If you think you can OR you think you can’t, you are right.’

Whatever we fill ourselves with is what we end up with. If we eat unhealthy junk food most of the time and we have no energy or are overweight or ill it should come as no surprise. Bad practices create bad habits which give us bad results. You are what you eat right?

If you smoke, drink to excess or engage in other unhealthy habits that are not good for you and you end up with health issues it should come as no surprise. Good practices create good habits which give us good results. We should be focused on good habits and what we want.

At one level we already know this. Still, we may need to be reminded often. We put the proper fuel in our cars. If we put any other substance in we don’t get very far and may ruin the engine. In order to work well we need to use the proper fuel. The proper fuel!

It just makes sense, doesn’t it? Everyday we need to do the right things. We need to repeat the correct things to get the results we want. Day by day. Moment to moment! Drop by drop we need to fill the tub with excellence in order to get excellence in return. Right?

If we fill ourselves with garbage thoughts and feelings it comes as no surprise that our lives reflect that and are filled with garbage or problems.  Garbage In Garbage Out. We get what we think about. Like attracts like. Birds of a feather flock together. It is all the same no matter how you say it. Bad practices get us bad results.

The notion I heard that I think is wonderful is NINO. Nourishment In Nourishment Out. If we focus on filling ourselves with the very best, the very finest, the most positive, powerful and wonderful nourishment we will get the finest nourishment back out. I love it! NINO!

When we nourish our thoughts and feelings positively we will get positive results in return. I like this because it directly reminds us what to do and what to focus on. It reminds us what we WANT to include rather than what we want to avoid. A major principle shared within all these blog pages IS focus on what you WANT!

It also balances everything out by providing both sides. It provides us something each of us can remember. It reminds us: Do NOT put Garbage In because we will get Garbage Out. Put Nourishment In because we will get Nourishment Out. GIGO and NINO.

Fill yourself daily with the right body and mind fuel. Nurture yourself and care for yourself. It pays off in both the short term and long term. Practice and implement successful career and life habits daily and you will get those results back. You may not notice the powerful effects right away but over the long haul you certainly will.

For example: If you start lifting weights and you never have before. You do a set of biceps curls. You may notice your bicep pumped a little due to increased blood flow. You may even feel the pain or discomfort the next day or two as changes in your muscle takes place. Other than that you may not notice much.

Keep doing it for 3 months or a year and you will notice an entirely new, larger shaped and cut bicep. Somethings just take time. Don’t rush it. Keep at it. Do what it takes to succeed at your career and in your life. Create healthy habits that nourish you and bring you increased happiness.

The results you want will be there if you continue. You won’t have a nice new strong bicep if you give up anywhere along the way. Stick with it and you will get the results. They can even surprise you! So Nourish yourself daily. This is how you use the Law Of Attraction to be, do and have anything you want in life. ” Rex Sikes

Delight in today and have some fun making good things happen!

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