Get Back Up When You Fall Down! Never Stay Down!

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“Have you ever attempted to change something and faltered? What did you do? Did you keep going until it worked or did you give up? A lot of people give up. They try something and if it doesn’t work they quit.

They try to stop smoking, or diet, or exercise and then they smoke after days, or weeks or months of not smoking and they throw in the towel and go back to smoking. They eat something they shouldn’t and they fall off their diet.

They miss an exercise session and then another and another and soon they aren’t exercising at all.  Some have tried positive thinking or working with the Law Of Attraction (LOA) and then state, ‘I tried, but it didn’t work.’ So they quit.

It Is A Process! It Is Not Binary!

Have you ever done this? I sure have. These people, as I used to, think it has to be all or nothing. Either you are on task or you aren’t. If it is tough and requires too much effort, well, that too may be enough reason to quit. Many don’t want to work that hard for success.

People who give up after a falter need to reframe the meaning of failure or falling off the wagon. Obstacles, mishaps, falling down are all part of moving forward. If you succeeded at all for a little while, thinking right, eating right, exercising, not smoking, biting nails or whatever, then you have had success.

Success will breed more success you just have to let it. If you have had some success you can have more success you just need to stick with it. Take it moment by moment, day by day or step by step. If you fall down it means you get back up, dust yourself off and get doing it again.

The old adage is’get back on the horse.’ I used to have this very problem. I would succeed at something, then ooops, and I thought, ‘well that didn’t work’ and I’d quit. I’d give up. I tried and IT didn’t work. Later, I realized it was fine I didn’t work. In order for IT to work I had to make it work.

Get Back On The Horse

I determined in my own mind that if I screwed up I would still continue. I had come to the awareness that one screw up didn’t mean the whole program didn’t work. It did work! It worked and sometimes I might still make a mistake or a mis-step. I might fall down.

If I quit, fell down, fell off, or whatever, I simply resume. It took becoming aware that we are (I was and I am)  in a process. We aren’t done yet. Nothing is completed. As long as we are moving forward we can move forward past difficulties, issues and those times we screw up or feel like abandoning the program. We can continue!

These awarenesses came first. It’s okay to fall down. Success wan’t ended because of a failure. Success was ongoing as long as I kept going. Once I came to these realizations I decided I was not a quitter. The ONLY time you fail is when you give up, give in or quit.

Failure Only Occurs When You Stop Trying

Failure happens when you stop trying. As long as you are trying you aren’t failing! The only time I failed was when I gave up trying.

As long as I was, and am, someone who continues to attempt it then I am succeeding in some way. If I am succeeding in some way then I remain motivated to continue. Now I refuse to throw out the baby with the bathwater. So keep going. Keep doing! Keep making it happen inch by inch!

Keep in mind, ‘Winners never quit and quitters never win’.  You have to keep going in spite of falling down so that you can make it a new habit. A new habit will form and eventually take over and the hard work will end. You just have to hang in there, and keep doing what you are doing, long enough. Repetition over time is what causes habit to form.

The More We Do The More We Are Able To Do

Some people have the habit of quitting as soon as it gets tough. Some people throw in the towel after one or two attempts that don’t work out. Some quite after slipping up one or more times. If you are one of those, stop it. Stick with it. Keep going. It is a process and you will get there as long as you keep going. You absolutely won’t if you throw in the towel.

Anything worth doing is difficult at first. The more we do the more we can do because we become accustomed to doing. We can’t lift a lot of weight the first time we work out but by working out consistently we can lift more weight. Stay with it. Keep on keeping on. You will win, you will prevail. Keep the faith and make the change!” Rex Sikes

Make your day delightful!

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