Are You Stuck? If What You Are Doing Isn’t Working Do This Instead!

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“Do you ever feel caught up or stuck in a routine? Not much changes from day to day. Certainly, at times there is good news or bad news but after while everything returns pretty much right back to how it was. Do you sometimes wish there was more to your job, career or life?

There is a saying we have usd to encourage people for decades. ‘If what you are doing isn’t working do something else. Do anything else!’ The reason this is important is because we tend to be habitual patterned, chronic thinkers and doers.

Do Anything Else

It has been estimated that 95% of our what we do is on automatic. We are routine in nearly everything. From how we get up to how we go to sleep and everything in between we approach it the same this time as we did last time.

How and what we eat to how we get to school, work or home is the same. We have an order to bathing and dressing. We do the same activities, watch the same shows, listen to the same radio channels. We worry about the same issues. Little changes in actuality.

Whether the percentage is accurate or not it points to the need to spice things up. I’ve always said, ‘Add Novelty to what you do’.  If what you are doing isn’t bringing you joy, happiness or success you want, or the results you get then do anything else. Add novelty.

Does this mean switch jobs? It might. That may or may not be practical and realistic. I prefer to think it means change some aspect of what we are doing for the positive. Change your thoughts about it.

Add In New Enjoyable Behaviors

Change your feelings. Change some aspect that allows you to start enjoying it. Add something in or learn to do something differently that works and that you enjoy. I am not suggesting you throw the baby out with the bath water. I am not suggesting overhaul.

Anything you do, obviously it is important that it is safe, healthy and of positive benefit for you and all others. It should be legal and not cause anyone, yourself included, harm. Be smart and be wise about these things. IT should go without saying…

Another principle is ‘If you always do what you always did you will always get what you always got’. So if most of what we do are the same things from day to day is it any wonder things remain mostly the same? If you love it then no worries. Keep it, delight in it.

Accentuate it if you like. BUT If you don’t enjoy it then this is a clue you need to do something different to get it working better for you. Do something else. DO anything else. There is another saying to keep in mind.

Results Originate Within You As Thoughts

The definition of insanity is ‘doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results’. These saying should remind us that we need variation. We need to learn to think and behave in new ways. We need to add to ourselves so we keep learning and growing or developing.

Many times I have written or quoted the reference number that at least 60% or better of our thoughts today are ones we thought yesterday and the days before that.  That alone indicates we certainly have room for some much needed changes, additions and improvements.

Music is created by sound vibration and silence spaced out. It you played the same note consistently it would not be appealing. In fact, after awhile, you would tune it out. It would become noise or white noise and your brain would eventually ignore it.

In noisy factories, often,  it is too loud for workers to speak or hear at first. After working in this environment for awhile people learn to talk and listen, nearly at conversational level, because the brain reduces or eliminates much of the background din. It no longer notices it because it is the same.

Change Your Thinking And Change Your Life

If we are so patterned and predicable as research suggests we need to begin to do somethings to maximize our potential and enjoy life more. It is sad when people don’t enjoy life as much as they could because they fail to realize and recognize everything there is to enjoy.

Another concept is, ‘Use it or lose it.’ The brain works much the way your biceps do. Exercise grows them. If you do nothing muscles and the brain tends to atrophy. If most of everything is the same most of the time it may be no wonder life is not as exciting and pleasurable as it could be. We need to exercise our BRAINS and Bodies.

There is a theory that the brain even produces calamity and dis-ease in order to have something new to do. It craves novelty and learning. Perhaps, this theory is correct. Perhaps not. As food for thought perhaps we should think and consider what we might do differently.

If what we are doing isn’t getting us what we want to be, do or have in life; If we aren’t experiencing the fullness of life as much as we want; If we are suffering from to much ‘trauma-drama’, things going wrong instead of things going right THEN perhaps we need to consider a change to what we are thinking and doing.

Begin Today Add Novelty

You can begin today. In these many blog pages are tips, suggestions, ideas, principles, practices, approaches and secrets that you can use to make yourself and your life more dynamic and vibrant, positive, powerful and wonderful. Smile more, laugh more that is a good start.

If you are not already using these to create the life you want then it most likely will remain the same until you do. You can practically bet on it staying the same. If you want changes in your life YOU will have to change things up. If you change nothing nothing changes.

Create the life you want and dream about. Stop dreaming about having it and actually have it! Make it happen. Take control of your thoughts and take control of your life. Have fun, have health, wealth and the kind of relationships you desire.

It won’t change without YOU changing it. You need to take charge and take control. You need to make it how you want it to be. Enjoy life, learn new things, do new things, think new thoughts.  Celebrate everything! Use the muscle between your ears to be, do and have anything you want. Make use of it today!” Rex Sikes

It is a new day. How will you enjoy it?

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