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You Can’t Get There If You Don’t Know Your Destination!

“You can’t get there if you haven’t set and don’t know your destination. The reason most people don’t accomplish their goals and dreams is because they want to be comfortable. They don’t want to stretch outside their comfort zone. They THINK it is too hard.

Continued from previous blog: People think it takes too much. Their limiting thoughts and beliefs, their excuses, whines and blames keep people the same. If this is you you need to change it up. Nothing will change until you change. The good news is YOU CAN CHANGE!

Yes, it takes some effort. You can’t do nothing and expect it to be different, but, even a small shift, a 1% change over time, can make an incredible difference. All you have to do is open that tiny window of possibility for change and you can. You decide to be different.

Every Day Is An Opportunity To Change Your Life For The Better

Read books. Read inspirational material that is motivational. Feed your mind a positive, healthy, mental diet each day. Walk outside and move your body. Spend some time in nature. Pick some positive affirmations and recite them frequently, with strong positive feeling.

Practice gratitude. Feel blessed. Smile more. Laugh. Even these small changes will make a big difference. Don’t bite off more than you can chew, but realize the more you do, the more you become able to do. Success breeds success and confidence. You can do it. YOU CAN! Learn to celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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What To Do When You Just Don’t Feel Like It…

horizons if-you-see-through-my-eyes-phil-koch

“Do you get inspired only to lose it? Do you you feel positive and then not? Does it sometimes seem like a struggle to keep centered or on the right track? If yes, first know this is completely normal. Everyone goes through it. After all, we are human.

We have ups and downs in our journey. We may not want them but maybe we ought to. When we open up, accept, make the way for, invite and receive we move ahead faster than by resisting. Struggles help us grow. Down times do as well. Contrast is good.

If it weren’t for discontent we might never change. We don’t want to be complacent and comfortable and miss out. At the same time we don’t want to strive and miss what we can appreciate. Balance is the answer. Celebrate struggles, be grateful for all. Then life IS grand.

You Are The Key To Change

I wanted to share a comment from a reader. I answered in the comment at the blog post and I answer this blog for today. I felt it may apply to others so I wanted to address it to as many as possible, not only to those who see the particular blog comment.

The author wrote: ‘As long as I read your post I feel positive and confidant . But after that I go back to the same mental frame . Even that little time frame will expand someday and I look forward to it happening . I thank you .’

Thanks for sharing. You have the correct attitude. That is wonderful. Even though you may not feel positive and confident all the time you look forward to that day when you will enjoy it more so because you know what you are doing now will expand. AND IT WILL!

Take Action Now

That puts you ahead of the game. Expecting to win IS playing the game well.  That IS a positive and confident mind set. You ARE looking forward to that day become more of a regular occurrence. Congratulate and validate yourself and your awareness! Wonderful!

I add the rest only as a reminder to all of us. Reading is only the beginning. You want to DO that which helps change your thinking. The easiest way to accomplish this and enjoy lasting success is to fill your mind with positive reading material daily. Put on a smile!

Read the blog, re-read the blogs. Make it a study not light reading or entertainment.  Read positive and inspiring books, listen to positive and inspiring audios, watch uplifting DVD’s. Listen and watch again and again. Repeated exposure to the same material is amazing!

The Secret To Change – Not Fighting The Old But Building The New

There are 24 hours in a day and most people don’t direct their mind for much of any of it. Researchers say 95-99% of what we do daily is habitual, routine, chronic, thinking, feeling and behaving. It is previous past programming much of which is less than glorious.

In order to begin to change it we need to tip the scale in favor of the positive. We do this through daily dedication and practice. Each positive step we take in the direction of what we want gets us closer to our destination. The journey, how we get there is important.

Have fun. Delight. Enjoy the journey. Find positive infographics, posters, mottos, sayings, affirmations that you can begin to repeat sincerely over and over again. This is very powerful. Look at my blogs on Directed Questions and apply that information.

What You Resist Persists

Set aside time for a gratitude and success journal. List what you are grateful for and you daily successes. Validate what you appreciate about yourself and other. Acknowledge your wins. Visualize yourself, feeling positive, loving, confident, happy, strong.

Whatever you would like more of acknowledge and emphasize. Concentrate on it. What you focus on expands. Accentuate the positive! You bring about what you think about! Energy flows where your attention goes. Maintain your mindset bit by bit. Smile more!

Help others in positive ways. Give to others without expecting anything in return. Appreciate yourself, circumstances and others. Celebrate everything! Persist and soon a new day will dawn. Old habits seem tough to break but you can learn new ones. Smile!

There Is No Better Time Than Now

Smile more, laugh more, Celebrate everything! Move, walk, notice nature and the beauty that surrounds you. Look at how and where the world is good and plentiful. We live in an abundant universe. Notice that. Be gentle, kind and encouraging to self and others.

The way you form new habits  is the same way you learned the old ones. Correct spaced repetition. You perform the same drills again and again in sports to become a better athlete. The same is true about become a positive thinking champion. Keep doing it!

Drop by drop fills the tub. Step by step the journey is made. The more you do the more you can do. Anything worthwhile is worth having difficulty with at first. Whatever we want to do with ease we must first do with diligence. We become what we think about all day.

You Can’t Make A Positive Change With A Negative Attitude

Do daily practice. Read some as much as you can each day. If nothing else read at least a page, a paragraph but DO something. Listen when able. Keep the journals. Repeat the affirmations out loud enthusiastically and silently day in and day out. Smile more! 🙂

Have fun, have faith and you will soon see change. It takes a bare minimum of 21 days to make or break a habit. It can take longer. Make this a daily practice. Commit and keep going don’t quit. Persist. Stay in touch! Oh, did I mention, Smile more?  AND celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

What about today thrills you?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Is A Wonderful Manifestation Miracle In Store For You?

horizons moments-of-discovery-phil-koch

“Is something good going to happen for you? Do you feel it? Do you feel lucky? What is around the corner for you that you can’t see yet? Will it be fame or fortune? Will it be large or small? Will you be pleased or not so pleased? What do you expect to happen soon?

Well, what do you expect? Think on that a moment. What do you expect? What do you expect? It is known our expectations shape what we find. They literally put a frame around it. For example, if you expect to find smiles you are more apt to during the day.

If you expect to find frowns you are more apt to as well. If you expect to find money or be lucky you are more likely to than if you decide you won’t. What you think,see and say to yourself is what you get. Your declarations, your expectations matter.

What You See Is What You Get

What you believe will happen is more likely to happen. That is the job of the Reticular Activating System (RAS) to find the match in the outer world with what you believe and expect within. Your thoughts really do determine much of reality. Maybe all of it. Yes, all of it!

How many times have you had your worst fears confirmed? Sometimes, it wasn’t as bad as you expected but it still came about. Sometimes, what you hoped for wasn’t as good as you hoped but it still came about. Our thoughts shape our reality. They really do.

Set your mindset for the best. Develop an unshakeable positive mental attitude. Keep your mind on what you want and the good you want to have most of the time each day. Keep your mind off what you don’t want, off bad news and distractions. Limit negativity.

What You Say Is What You Get

Too often we think we are positive thinkers because we spend a couple minutes each day affirming some things. Most of the day is distracted, filled with petty annoyances, bad news from FB, TV, or media of some form. We listen to gossip or complain.

We aren’t nearly as positive as we think we are. When you are predominantly positive, when you think the finest thoughts and feel your best, when you are optimistic and enthused, you literally do radiate or vibrate at a higher frequency. People can tell. It’s true!

When you are delighted from within you are more apt to create, attract and manifest wonderful, delightful, serendipitous moments more often. You are attuned for it! It can be.  You make it happen. You shine bright, vibrate at high frequency and resonate with good!

Affirm It And Confirm It

It doesn’t matter whether you believe it comes from within you or the universe responds to your requests. You just need to be feeling wonderful and open to the possibility that you will get what you want. Open up to the possibility that magic is in store for you.

It most likely won’t happen unless you take action and begin the creative process. You initiate with your thinking and the rest reacts to you. You put it out and it comes back. Expect a miracle and you are more likely to find one. Live in enjoyment and delight all your days. Plant the seed reap the harvest. It works this way!

Celebrate and appreciate what you already have and you are bound to get more and get better. Celebrate the love and friendship in your life. Celebrate your health and vitality. Celebrate your career success. Celebrate your wealthy finances and abundance in all areas. Live like happy royalty within! Imagine It! Declare it! Affirm it!

See it, say it! Assert and affirm it. Then confirm it! Focus on it. Attend to it. Energy flows where your attention goes. Become it! You don’t get what you want you get what you are! If you are happy you get more in return! If you are rich you get more back! Live with gusto! Live, love, laugh, learn, prosper and celebrate. Enjoy all good things!” Rex Sikes

Plan your day the way you want it to be!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Don’t Let Them Suck You Dry! Stop Energy Vampires!

horizons wintertails-phil-koch

“Have you ever noticed sometimes you feel blah and aren’t sure why? Perhaps, you feel down or negative, even ornery and can’t put your finger on it. We catch illness from others has it ever occurred to you we may catch attitudes too. Because, we do!

The people around us might be bumming us out. Your mental states are just as contagious as your physical states. Are you aware of that? Did you know? Just as you can catch a cold or flue or strep from others you can catch or infect others with a negative attitude.

Therefore, it is important to inoculate yourself with positivity. Seek to be positive and give away positive thoughts and feelings. Always strive to be in the company of positive people. You may need to temporarily quarantine people if they are too negative. Avoid them.

This applies to what you read, listen to and watch. If your social media is a downer, a bummer, as much as we know the news is, limit your time on it. Switch to something more beneficial. Read and listen to inspirational speakers. Fill your mind and heart with good.

The More We Do The More We Can Do

Hang around with positive and uplifting people. Be positive and uplifting too. First, get your own house in order. Don’t be an energy vampire either. We don’t like it when we feel down so don’t be one. Help yourself and others to feel good. You’ll be more productive.

You think, feel, and act your best when you are your best. Thought precedes feeling and action. When you’re feeling down change your thoughts. Also,change what you are doing physically. Get up and go for a walk if you need to. Shake it up! Change your physiology.

Or lie down if the need applies. The body and mind are part of the same cybernetic system which means they influence each other. Smiling more can help you think better and if you think better you automatically smile more. It works this way. Treat yourself well!

Take it lightly, never let it become a big issue. Be aware of yours and other people’s energy.  Make wise, peaceful, quiet, positive choices. Never rock the boat. Never accuse others of being a ‘downer or a bummer’. Be kind. Simply, opt to be around more positive people.

Never Let Anyone Rain On Your Parade – Rise Above That

In order to perform well in your career, on the job, at home, with friends, family or strangers you need to be your best in thought and feeling. Cut off the energy vampires. Seek wise and positive people to fraternize with. Contribute as much or even more of the same!

The more often you are positive the stronger you become. Positivity grows. Imagine protective shields of positivity around you reflecting away from you all negative thoughts and feelings. You are encased in teflon armor and nothing negative sticks. You’re protected! Free!

Some imagine themselves incased in a protective bubble of light. It does not allow negativity in. Others imagine a shower that cleanses inside the head and body, as well as the outside. Rinsing all negativity away from you and down the drain. Refreshing you!

When negativity leaves fill yourself with positivity. That imaginary shower can fill the inside and outside of you with golden white positive, healthy, healing, completing energy. Bask in it, Savor and enjoy it.

Build Positive Success Habits

Remember this, you never have to fight the darkness. You only have to turn on the light. Light a candle and darkness flees. Think positive. Two thoughts cannot occupy the same mind or space. Continue to think positive and negativity cannot take hold.

Celebrate! It is freeing it is to let go of the less than glorious. Drop it! Simply concentrate, focus on and feel the glorious! Discover what is good and new and enjoy. Then delight in it. Then delight some more!” Rex Sikes

Live long and prosper!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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How To Eliminate Stress, Get Your Goals, And Live Well In New Year

horizons i-know-you-will-always-be-there-phil-koch

“Holidays and post holiday can be a time of joy and a time of stress. Preparations and wanting everything perfect can add pressures where you hope none would exist. The New Year brings pressure as people try to keep resolutions they have made.

To avoid stress and burn out let it all go. Decide to enjoy it for whatever it is. It doesn’t have to be perfect. What is perfect is you have the opportunity to gather with friends and family. Make relationships your priority, not events.

Make Your Relationships Your Priority – Enjoy The Love  

As for resolutions, make one main resolution you intend to keep. Focus on that one. If you make a list of everything you want to change it may be too much at one time. Begin with one you really want and you will commit to. That will reduce stress and more likely ensure your success.

One goal at a time. You can set multiple goals but take care of them one by one. Don’t try to do them all at once. It is easier and much more manageable this way. You are more likely to stay committed the easier you make it. You can combine a few into one. For example, you want to get healthier. Wrap a few changes into one change.

Decide on a reasonable gym or exercise schedule you can keep. Proceed slowly. Take a few days a just walk the track. Water walk in the pool for a week. Sauna or steam. Ease into it. Don’t rush in and pound the weights. Build up to it. It is better to spend 20 minute working out and build to an hour than staring big first and quitting.

The New Year Brings Opportunity To Begin New And Fresh

You can decide you want to eat healthier, too. Choose what you will eat over what you won’t eat. You can eliminate but take it easy. Commit to eating an extra serving of fruit and vegetables, or drinking an extra bottle or two of water. Go to bed a half hour earlier if you want more rest. Tiny changes add up!

Do this for a month or more. Success breeds success. If you take it bit by bit and ease into it gently you gather up wins. The more you win and feel good the more likely you will continue. As you win at this and make it a habit you can begin on something else. Work that new goal the same way.

Learn to let go of stress. Take time for yourself. Even five minutes at a time, to close your eyes, let go, imagine pleasant moments, and breath deeply can work wonders. Take some deep breaths. Learn how to breath properly. Take up some mild form of meditation. Little snatched relaxing moments through the day can de-stress MUCH!

Drop By Drop The Tub Fills

Take small amounts of time. That IS easier than committing to hours. Drop by drop the tub fills. Inch by inch, step by step you get there. Perhaps, not as quick but you are more likely to get there slow and steady than if you rush, do too much and burn out. Slow and steady wins the race. Remember, the tortoise won!

Read more. Reduce TV and computer time. Spend less social media and news time. Go for walks. Drink more water. Rest more frequently. Take baths. Get some massages. When weather permits walk barefoot as much as possible. Enjoy the earth, contact it. Lie on the ground. Picnic. Get some fresh air. Get the right amount of sun.

Limit exposure to toxins in food, drink, and air. Stop putting bad chemicals on your body in soaps, shampoos, perfumes, and make-up. Get organic or chemical free. Try scent free detergents, etc. Go a bit more natural and organic. Limit cell phone use, texting, emails etc.

Go More Natural Its Okay To Be Human

You may not give up everything at once. In fact, don’t! I don’t want you to try it all at once. Simply, bit by bit claim your life, your time, your space and your health back. Let go of that which is not important. Again, meditation can be great for learning to let go. Spend time with friends, family, children, and pets. Have fun.

Make being alive and enjoying your relationships and each day a priority. Smile more, laugh more, sing and dance more. Look for the positive and think positive. Fill your mind with positive inspirational messages by reading and listening. Practice gratefulness each day by counting your blessings and feeling thankful!

Go to educational seminars and events. Enjoy church or temple or similar supportive social gatherings. Hang out with happy, optimistic people. Make new friends. Help others in need, those you know and strangers. Give more and become a good receiver, too. Little by little you can reduce stress and increase enjoyment.

Practice Singular Focus And Gratitude

Stay focused on one change at a time you will accomplish more. You will accomplish much more over time than you could ever imagine. Stop multi-tasking and use singular focus. Simplify, simplify, simplify. Have fun making changes and letting go. The effects are cumulative and you will be surprised and delighted. Enjoy and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Make your moments marvelous!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Sometimes It Is Better To Inch Your Way Along

horizons by-the-light-of-a-new-day-phil-koch

“Everyone needs to rest. It can’t be all work and no play. You want to make sure you have fun too while you pursue your goals. You want to enjoy what you are doing or you won’t do it for very long. You need rest too. You need to replenish. Chill and relax. Nurture yourself! Take good care of yourself.

Sometime, people effort too much. You see it every new year. People make all sorts of resolutions. They rush to the gyms. They buy equipment. Then they over do until they eventually quit. Better to do less and continue than try to do too much and quit early.

Have Fun – Get Rest- Nourish Yourself – Enjoy Everything

Still, every year lots of people will abandon their goals because making changes takes too much time or effort. These people often don’t figure out the easy way to make new changes fit into their already busy lives. Don’t fall into this trap.

Ease your way along. Instead of going for the overhaul go for the upgrade. To inch your way to you destination is better than to go fast right away and run out of gas. You eat an elephant bite by bite. Drop by drop fills the tub. Be consistent and persistent and you will get there. Allow yourself to enjoy it all as you journey along.

Small Steps Consistently Taken Will Get You There

The same principle applies whenever you discover yourself feeling down and out or thinking less than glorious thoughts. Learn to switch from the less than glorious to the glorious whenever you notice you aren’t feeling so good. This is when you become aware that something is off.

Realize and remember the less than glorious feelings ARE the signal that something is off. The way you correct it IS to switch from thinking negative to thinking more positive thoughts. The less than glorious feelings are the alert signal to get YOUR OWN attention.

Use Your Body’s Alert Signal System To Make Positive Changes

When your thinking isn’t productive your body responds with less than good feelings. Once you notice this  it is THE time to begin the change. It is up to you to do whatever positive things you need to to feel better.

Work your way up the ladder of good feelings and thinking. Inch yourself into feeling better bit by bit. You may not be able to leap from feeling down to feeling bliss. So do little things that make you feel better bit by bit. Walk, read, rest, get a massage, talk with a friend. These will help you change your thoughts and feelings!

Better To Do A Little Something Than A Lot Of Nothing

Spend time with family, kids, help someone else, enjoy a pet. Smile more. Affirm. Ask yourself positive questions. Pay attention to what is good, what feels good, what is new that you haven’t noticed before. Look for things to be grateful about. Meditate and let go.

Eventually, you will begin feel better. Steer your thinking to more positive thoughts and you will feel more positive. Continue these practices until you are once again able to hold your positive dreams in your mind and  feel wonderful.

Take Control – Captain Your Ship – Steer Yourself There

Inch your way up. Step by step until you feel wonderful. If you do this every time you feel down or negative you will create a new habit for feeling better. You will be create new neural pathways or mental routes. It is incredibly valuable for you you take charge and initiate the change when you notice something is off!

Ultimately, you learn that you are able to direct your thoughts and feelings productively. You discover that you are in charge more of the time. As you become aware of this, more and more life improves all along the way. You will have created some really useful positive habits and changes. So celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

There is plenty to enjoy today! Can you find it?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Do You Know These Lyrics To Another Popular TV Show?

horizons prelude-phil-koch

“I was delighted to hear these lyrics. I never knew these until now. It is also fun to see the star of the show singing them. One version is on FB the other version I posted here. Take these to heart and enjoy them! May they put a smile on your lips and a song in your heart.

Recently, Dick Van Dyke celebrated his 90th birthday. On May 6, 2011 a gentleman named Evan Cutler asked Dick what the words were to the theme song of the Dick Van Dyke Show. Dick sang them on video. I don’t have a link to that but I did find Dick singing it as an ad for MeTV. (There are some other versions on youtube. Here is that link for your enjoyment:

I transcribed Dick singing the diddly. Here it is.

‘So you think that you’ve got trouble

well, troubles a bubble so tell ole mister trouble to get lost.

Why not hold your head up high and stop crying, start trying

and don’t forget to keep your fingers crossed.

When you find the joy of living is loving and giving

you’ll be there when the winning dice are tossed.

A smile is just a frown that is turned upside down

so smile and that frown will defrost.

And don’t forget to keep your fingers crossed.”

Lyrics by Morey Amsterdam

Enjoy your day, and if you find yourself humming the song, remember the words and take them to heart. Celebrate and smile!” Rex Sikes

Make the day marvelous!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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