How To Be Happier, Healthier & More Successful – A Few Simple Ways!

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“Do you want to be happier? Happier people tend to enjoy life more and live longer. They are overall more satisfied. They do better in their careers. Typically, they have greater success and accomplish more things because they are happy. Would you like to as well?

You can! You can be happier and healthier in mind, body and spirit! You can enjoy life more. You can have greater and more fulfilling relationships with family, lovers and friends. All of your world can be much more delightful when you DO what the happiest people do.

How Happy People Live – What Happy People Do

Happy people do not necessarily have the best of everything. They just make the best of everything. They have the ability to look for the silver lining in all circumstances.

They look for the good in all people and circumstances and find it. They focus on the good they find and do not let themselves be distracted by gossip or less than glorious conversation.

They seek to inspire and motivate. They prefer to feel good. They do not get caught up in whining, complaining or blaming. They know life is too short and they are smart enough not to waste their energy.

Happy people know that what you focus on is what you get. They clearly realize that you become what you think about. They keep their thoughts and words and actions positive.

They  think, speak and act only to bless, heal, and prosper. They let others be who they are. They are open and accepting without judgement or discrimination. Happiness knows no boundaries.

Happy People Choose The Best Thoughts, Words And Actions

They understand it is not about what you have or how much you have because everything they touch they turn to gold. They celebrate and appreciate right where they are. The feel blessed!

They live with gratitude for whatever they have and whomever they are with. Whether they have a lot or only a little they are happy. Successful or not they are happy because they know happiness is a choice.

Happy people know that while others may have reasons not to be happy they do not. Truly happy people know that just because circumstances change that is not reason to choose to be unhappy.

The happy people know it comes from within. They understand it is their attitude and what is in their heart that matters the most. They know they can do anything when they think and feel positive.

They understand happiness is not an act or a destination but a process or a journey. They realize that to be happy they must actively choose to be happy. It is up to them. They are responsible. It is what they do actively on the inside that makes the difference.

Happy People Live In The Present

They know to have more in life you must be glad for where you are right now. They know that future moments are based on the way you live and think and act in this moment. They live in the present.

Happy people don’t make excuses when things don’t work out. They do find reasons to be happy. They take responsibility for it and make corrections. They focus on the solutions instead of problems.

They do not live in the past or worry about the future. The live in the present BUT with purpose. They know what they want. They know what their life means. They understand their mission. They have clarified what they want and that they want to be and do.

Happy people tend to live longer because they act younger. They delight in little things.  They stay young because they are willing to express their happiness and their joys. The laugh and celebrate freely!

They remain curious, fascinated and amazed. They know the value of a kind word. They know the power of a smile and of laughter. Because they laugh and smile they look, act, feel and remain younger.

Happy People Know It Comes From Within – Not Without

You too can choose to be happy. You can fill yourself up with good thoughts and feelings. You can read inspired works, listen to motivational audios and surround yourself with positive people.

If you do what happy people already are doing you too can be happy. Happy people don’t waste their time with unhappy thoughts or negative energy. They know that what you think about you bring about.

They live from their positive mindset, their attitude and their heart. The live from the choices they make. They are no different than you or I but they think and behave differently.

That is the critical difference. Adopt the positive thoughts of happy people and make them your own. You too will be more happy. Rain falls on the happy and sad as do bad times.

Happy People Choose To Be Happy

Happy people respond differently than the rest BECAUSE they do not waste their time with negative thoughts or negative energy. They do not major in minor things. They understand what is important and what is better to let go of.

It is one of those unwritten laws that success comes to those who already feel successful. It begins inside your mind and heart. You feel it and believe it then you make it happen.

While a few people do luck into it if you ask the most successful people they will tell you they knew it and felt successful before success arrived. Attitude first!

The same is true with happiness. It doesn’t come to you. You make it happen and fill your life with it. It is active and a choice you make each moment.

You are in charge of your own happiness by getting in charge of your own thinking. Waiting to be happy only keeps it in the distance. You must be happy now. If you can choose to be happy why would you ever choose not to be?

Happy people know this. They understand it is a choice. From this choice their lives have purpose and meaning. They don’t wait to be happy they CHOOSE it for themselves right now. You can too! Choose to be happy!” Rex Sikes

How will you celebrate this new day?

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