If You Aren’t Doing This: It’s No Wonder You Aren’t Getting What You Want!

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“Do you want more from life? Do you want more happiness, a better career, greater health? Would you like greater love and satisfaction in your relationships, a nicer home, more wealth? Are there things you want more of?

Is there anything you’d like to do, play piano, learn to knit, play soccer, vacation over seas? Would you like to be different in any way? Would you like to smile more, feel more confident, express joy easily, get better sleep at night, laugh outrageously, feel contented or deliriously happy?

Anything You Can Imagine Can Be Yours

Anything you can think of wanting and desiring could be yours. Did you know that? There is a secret to getting it more easily than you might imagine. I promise you if you faithfully engage this secret you will be pleasantly surprised. Would you like to know what it is?

Look at everything in your life and validate what you already have. No matter how small or large. If you have a want a new car for example, appreciate what you have now. Whether it is your two feet, a bike, a motorcycle, a car or even a crappy vehicle.  Love it and appreciate it.

When you can look at whatever it is you presently have with loving eyes, when you can value it and appreciate it then you open yourself up to the upgrade. When you are truly grateful and feel it genuinely then like does attract like. Birds of a feather flock together.

Feel Truly Grateful

When you are desperate or in need, when you disavow or dislike your present circumstances you attract more of what you do not want and do not like. You keep your situation the same or make it worse. You get what you focus on.

Your subconscious mind gets the messages you send it. What you see in your mind and speak with your mouth accompanied by strong feeling repeatedly makes an impression on the subconscious. Your subconscious only says ‘yes’ to whatever messages it receives. If it receives the message ‘this is crap’ it says, ‘yes it is and here is more’.

If it receives a message ‘this is wonderful’ it says, ‘yes it is and here is more’. It doesn’t care, discriminate or judge. It is merely a servant that gets you whatever you strongly focus on. So if life sucks and circumstances are not to your liking YOU are the only one who can change that.

AND you can change that! Change your focus and your feelings. Start loving and appreciating yourself. When you love someone you speak thoughtfully, kindly and nicely to them. Monitor your thoughts and self talk and treat yourself lovingly and well.

Love Yourself!

You want your lover to feel the best so you do things to make them feel this way. Do the same for yourself. Love yourself! Treat yourself with respect, care, kindness, and gentleness. Take care of yourself, nurture yourself. Give to yourself.

Smile, laugh enjoy life more. Feel your best and when you do everything begins to change. Feel good more often. Appreciate everything about you. Look for silver linings. Frame everything positively.

Speak only to bless, heal and prosper. Be grateful and express your gratitude. Imagine how wonderful everything already is and how wonderful it will be too. Feel this fully. What you think about you bring about!

Look for options instead of obstacles. Stop whining and complaining. No pity party for you.  Don’t think times are tough. Appreciate! See the present as abundant. Whatever you have at least you have that! Validate it and appreciate it and you can get more of it.

Feeling Wonderful Opens The Floodgates

When you appreciate and are grateful you send a signal to your subconscious that you like it and want it. You like it and want it and want more of it. You subconscious says, ‘yes’ and gives you more.

It will figure out the how. Your job is to be concerned with the what. What you want and what you are grateful for is what you need to know. Don’t concern yourself with how or when. Simply remain grateful and keep the faith. Enjoy the process. Take it lightly!

How is not for you to know. No one really knows how until they do it anyway. The Wright brothers didn’t know how to fly until they had. Edison didn’t know how to make a lightbulb work until it did. Ford didn’t know how to create a working V-8 engine until they made one.

Drop your problems and hardships. Make problems matter less. Get caught up in feeling good and grateful and forget about how anything happens. If you are needy you prevent yourself from getting more of what you want because you are creating more need.

Focus On What You Are Grateful For

Let go of the how and simply expect good things. Appreciate what you have and feel blessed. Give it over to your subconscious, to God or the Universe to figure out how while you continue to enjoy and celebrate life.

Expect good things and be patient. Get to enjoy what you have so much right now that you no longer compare or seek what is missing. When your life is so enjoyable it is overflowing you will add in good things. You will get more good things. You will be amazed!

You will attract the right people and circumstances and make what you want to happen. You will be in the right mind set for you to open doors and go through them. Life will become a delightful adventure for you to explore.

Feeling successful precedes success. Feeling happy brings more happiness. Feeling wealthy precedes cash flow. Loving oneself genuinely opens the door for incredible relationships. Feeling the warmth of family makes for a wonderful home. Thought precedes action. Celebrate and be grateful and the world becomes your oyster!” Rex Sikes

Rejoice and be glad in this day!

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