Be Careful What You Ask For: How To Get The Results You Want!

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“Are you able to accept what is or do you struggle to be at ease? Are you able to easily live in the present? Many people struggle. Why do you suppose that is? Why do you struggle if you do? Think about a mild issue or problem you have. A MILD issue or problem.

Ask yourself, ‘What’s wrong? …  Why do I have this problem? … How does this problem make me feel? … How does having this problem limit me? … What does having this problem stop me from doing? … Whose fault is it that I have this problem?’

Ok, stop here! Did you actually ask the questions.  If not, go back and take a moment. Ask, notice how you feel. Analyze for a moment. Go beyond the quick answer and entertain it for a moment. Once you have actually thought about it, and reflected on it notice how you feel? HOW do you feel?

Use Your Mind For A Change

Okay stop. Take a deep breath. Take another one or two and shake that off. Get up walk around and come back and keep reading. Now ask these questions using the same mild issue or mild problem.

‘What do I want?  What would I like? If I could have that now how would I feel? How might that be different? If it is easier than I think it is to get it what can I do differently?’ NOW  Imagine that you already have all you want right NOW.

Ask, ‘How does this make me feel? In how many different ways might I easily enjoy feeling wonderful?’

Okay notice how you feel? Okay stop. Take a deep breath. Take another one or two. If you want shake that off. If it feels good keep it if you like. Get up walk around and come back and keep reading. Now ask these questions.

Which set of questions makes you feel better than the other? For most people it is the second set of questions. CAN you determine the difference between both sets of questions? Why do you suppose the second set helps most people feel better than the first?

Questions Direct Your Mind

Questions direct your mind. Where and what you direct your energy and attention to determines what you get back. Questions divide up your experience of the world. What you ask about is what you are paying attention to and determine what you feel.

It would be useful to monitor the kind of questions you routinely ask yourself. If they are less than glorious questions you may well find yourself feeling and thinking less than gloriously. You will want to change what you are doing if you want to have changes in your life.

You can use questions to gain insights and change behaviors. You can use questions to feel better and think better. Questions are a powerful tool. When you ask yourself better questions, ones that direct you in positive ways, your life will actually improve. Notice what you ask yourself in real time and change those.

Make it a point to think up some positive questions that direct your mind to positive aspects of your experience. Ask about the resources you already have and would like to utilize more of and to other resources you may wish to include. Focus your mind on what you want and enjoy!

Direct Your Mind Somewhere Useful

Direct your mind to what you can be, think, feel and do that is positive, easy, smooth, delightful and sooner rather than later. Entertain these questions for a while. Reflect on each. Stick with it. Discover the answers. Realize the quality of question you ask determines the quality of your life.

If you ask, ‘why is it difficult?’ What are you focused on? Difficulty! If you ask, ‘why is it easy?’ you are focused on ease. Keep this in mind as you ask questions. If you ask, ‘how long will it take?’ you may get the same answer as ‘how soon?’ but the feelings produced will be different. This is important. YOUR feelings are important!

Some people ask, ‘why me?’ or ‘how come nothing ever works out for me?’ Think on this for a moment. How does that direct your mind? How useful is it to ask that? It would be much more useful to ask, ‘how quickly can I discover that things always work out well for me?’ You want the result of your questioning to be good feelings!

You may not think ‘things always work out well for me’  is true yet. You may quickly answer, ‘well things have been tough.’ Consider this: they may be tough precisely because of what you are asking. You may not yet experience the power of ‘how quickly can I discover that things always work out well for me?” because you haven’t been asking that. Start asking it and discover the power.

You Always Already Are Directing Your Mind

Once you do and you start directing your mind to look for how things work out well you will start finding the many different ways. You see you are always directing your mind. Always! You either focus on the positive or the negative. The good or the bad. The increase or the decrease. What you have or what you don’t.

You either focus on abundance or lack. Power or weakness. I ask you, which do you want to focus on? What do you want? What would you like more of? Whatever you focus on is what you get? If you are asking yourself questions that direct you into feeling crappy you will feel more crappy. Be smart enough to stop that.

You are constantly creating your reality by how and where you put your attention. You want a better reality, you want better results you have to ask better questions. You have to affirm a different reality. Direct your mind where you want it to go!

Are You Directing Your Mind Where You Want It To Go

You already are sending it somewhere. Make sure where you send you mind is where you want it to go. Make certain it is what you are seeking to attain. Imagine yourself already having accomplished you goal, see it in your mind’s eye. Be it! Hold it in your mind and you will do it and have it.

Ask better, smarter, wiser questions of yourself. ‘In how many different ways can I discover that everything ultimately works out wonderfully for me?’ ‘How come I am so lucky?’ ‘How soon will I begin to notice even more fully how wonderful I am?’ Or how smart, or fortunate, or blessed, of beautiful, or confident. Anything.

Be sure that what you ask about is what you want to be! Make certain that anything that precedes of follows the ‘… I AM…’ is positive. ‘…how resourceful I am… how confident I am’ or ‘How in how many delightful ways can I discover I am truly blessed… or absolutely fortunate… or resourceful… or beautiful… or relaxed.’

Take Charge Of The Questions You Ask Yourself

Get it? This is the purpose of asking Directed Questions™. I called them this many decades ago when I discovered the power that questions had in creating our experience. You can find some of my other blog articles on Directed Questions right here in these pages.

Remember, we become what we think about. What get what we focus on.

Focus on the finest. Focus on the best. Focus on what you want. Focus on the positive. Focus on the wonderful. Focus on increase. The more you do the more you become it, do it and have it. Birds of a feather flock together. Be smart and be wise about it. Find out how much you have to celebrate and be grateful for.” Rex Sikes

Have a great today!


Horizon photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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