Many People Don’t Do This. Don’t Miss Out And Suffer As A Result.

horizon red water and rocks

“Sometimes we spin our wheels trying to accomplish things now! There is a season for everything. A season for planting  and harvesting. Time to work and time to rest. Time to play and have fun.

Some people forget that life has many different facets and offerings. They get so caught up in pursuing their careers. Often, actors and filmmakers forget that there is anything else. Most artists seem to.

Financiers, caregivers, educators, parents and others do too. Some people work 40, 60, 80 hours a week. Relax a little. Learn to let go. Hard work is fine but not to the exclusion of living a full life.

Do not sacrifice now, this moment, for later. Do not lose out on everything there is for you here and now. Become present! Live today well and you will tomorrow too. Don’t put living off!

Too many parents at the end of their life wish they had spent more time with their children. Business people often regret not enjoying more music or acting or the arts. Don’t end up with regrets. LIVE!

Connect with the important people in your life today. Let them spend time and connect with you too. Talk, listen, be together, do things. Savor the love and relationships in your life.

Live with joy. Don’t put off for another day. Live now. Enjoy life don’t just effort. It isn’t healthy. Have a life! Have a sense of humor. Work some and relax some. Every day has a night. You should too.

Be silly some! Play and goof off too. Have hobbies and passions and interests besides what you work so hard at. Some people work hard at being themselves. They struggle to get that right. STOP!

You are fine just how you are. Imperfections and all. Accept yourself. Love yourself. You can keep working on yourself just also take some time to appreciate who you already are.

Appreciate where you have come from. Appreciate that you were smart enough of wise enough to begin the journey. Celebrate along the way. Don’t push and struggle and fight all the time.

There IS a time for that and a time to simply be. Be at peace. Be at one. Be love and kindness and compassion and gentleness to all. Include yourself in that as well. Be silly, be goofy, have fun and play.

Did I say that already? Of course I did because I want to remind you that it is okay. Not only is it okay but it is desirable. Lighten your moments. Uplift yourself. You can travel further with a lighter load.

Smell the roses. Stop and have some tea. Sit by a riverside. Roll down a hill as a child would. Draw, paint, sculpt or color. Sing, dance, skip. Laugh and giggle. Find humor. Laughter is wonderful medicine.

Smile! Delight in simple things. Be fascinated. Become more curious. Ask questions and listen. Spend a day silent somewhere. Just live more fully. Feel the breeze, smell the air, see what there is to see.

Do not let life pass you by while you struggle. Get into life. If you must work hard then work hard. BUT take time to live and relax and let go and have great fun too! Enjoy everything. Celebrate!” Rex Sikes

Take it slowly today!


Horizon photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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