How To Get More Than You Ask Or Plan For

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“One of the best things you can do for yourself is define what you want. Be specific. Know precisely what that is. You might even have a deadline for when it is to be accomplished.

Expect to make it happen. Expect it to come to pass just as your birthday or holidays do each year. Know that this is your future and you will be, do and have everything you want. Count on it!

Focus on it daily. Make it crystal clear in your mind. Imagine it as if it already happened. Act ‘as if’ your dreams are true right now. Affirm and be positive. Visualize it! Be happy, celebrate and optimistic.

Let it go! Yes, let go! Focus on positive and release expectations of how it will work out and when. Know that it will certainly come to pass. How or when is not for you to know exactly.

Think ‘This Or Something Better Is Coming My Way’

‘This or something better’ opens you up for exactly that. You don’t know everything right now. Be open to great, more rewarding, possibilities at the right time. It may not happen when you want.

It will happen when it is right for you! Believe it! Have faith. Expect it. Live with passion and purpose knowing all good things come to you. Have fun and enjoy! Celebrate and delight!

Optimism and positivity are powerful. Allowing and receiving are powerful too! Be open to unexpected gifts and ways and means for you to have the future you want. Expect it to happen.

Believe It Will Happen –  Let Go Of When And How

Know what you absolutely want. Imagine you already have it. See it clearly and in detail. Feel the incredible feelings and know deep inside this is yours. Let go of how it happens and when. Trust instead! Have faith in your heart. Celebrate and trust! Have fun!

Celebrate it happening. Don’t manage it! Allow it! Don’t push it. Don’t work too hard for it. Plant the seed and nurture it. Allow it to grow. Reap the bounty when the time is right! Allow for surprise and delight! Allow yourself to be gifted. Allow for unexpected blessing!” Rex Sikes

This day is your day!

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Horizon photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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