What Can You Do To Improve Today?


“What can you do today that will move you closer to being, doing and having what you want for your career and life? What small steps can you take today? What will you do? When it comes down to it it is up to you.

What can you do today to enjoy life a little bit more? What tiny change can you make that will allow you to focus on feeling delighted and celebrate your life right where you are at?

What can you do today that will put a smile on the lips of someone you know? What can you do to help this person feel better? Perhaps, you could help them finish or accomplish a project. Maybe, together, you could  begin something important.

What can you do today that will put a smile on the lips of someone you do not know?  A complete stranger. How can you be of benefit to this person? What might you do that would help them out?

What can you do to make the world a little nicer, a little better and a happier place? What might you do today? It doesn’t have to be something big and great. Some times it is the little things that really make a difference. What will you do today?

Have a beautiful day!

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Horizon photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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