How To Overcome Your Problems And Start Living As You Would Like

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“Would you like to overcome problems and improve your life? Most of us do. People turn toward positive thinking or the Law Of Attraction (LOA) for help. It does work. Yet, maybe you tried but it didn’t seem to work for you. Let’s attempt to help you with that.

Do you know what one of largest problems or issues with the power of positive thinking or the LOA is? It is huge and makes it nearly impossible to understand it.

Are you ready for this? Because even knowing what the issue is won’t necessarily help resolve the issue. Something else may, however.

The single biggest problem is language. Our words. We have to use words to try to convey principles that are much larger than their descriptors. Communication is the difficulty.

We See Through A Glass Dimly

Not between you and me, or you and another, or me and someone else, but in our very own understanding.  Our words cloud the issue. It is how we understand it as much as it is how it is described to us. Perhaps, even more, since we have to make sense of it.

Often times we speak of the LOA or positive thinking as becoming something different in the future. We can be, do and have anything we want. We must clarify it, set a deadline date and then by positive thinking and creating we make it happen.

That is accurate in some ways and not in others. It is a description as one side of a coin is one side of a coin. There is another side. While there are two sides to a coin their are multiple angles to view from.

The Thing Described Is Not The Thing

Often times we speak of allowing. We describe it as receiving, accepting and letting it happen. Sometimes we seem to say make it happen, while at other times we say, let it happen.

Confused, yet? Because some people ARE confused by this. It is as if one is saying chase it but don’t chase it. I most likely, will not add any great clarity either.

Still, another way of thinking about it is as a revelation. Your true nature and all the goodness and abundance within are already present in you. You just need to reveal it and accept it.

To Behave In A New Reality You Must First Conceive It Is Possible

Acknowledge you are everything and you have everything already. Physical reality seems to indicate otherwise. You must believe in the invisible, what you can’t yet see.

The sculpting of the statue of David example is appropriate. When asked how he carved Michelangelo allegedly replied, ‘Every block of stone has a statue in it and it is the task of the sculpture to discover it.’ Another quote has him saying ‘ I simply removed all that wasn’t David.’

You are already that which you seek. Well, how can this all be? How can you be it already and make it happen while letting go? AND there is the answer right there in the last sentence.

Ask And You Shall Receive

Of course, because we use words, it is tricky but you are already everything you want and need. You already have everything you want and need. You are complete already!

ONLY you don’t think you are so you chase things as if they were necessary to complete you. In doing so you keep from realizing your true nature. You merely miss it. Some keep missing it.

You don’t need anything. The thought, ‘yes, I do’, IS the thought that keeps it in the distance. That is why thought leaders keep making the point, you need to pay attention to the invisible not what you see.

You Are Already That

You need to keep you mind on within and not on the outer circumstances. What you are thinking about you are always bringing about. So in order to be who you are in reality and do and have what you want you need to focus on that.

THEN what you think about IS the you AND what you want to bring about. Most people are looking at their circumstances and bringing about more of the same. They bring about precisely what they don’t want.

Whether you make it happen or let it happen ends up being the same thing. Letting it happen doesn’t mean sitting in your room wishing it means doing everything you do in service of your dreams and goals while not getting in your own way.

I AM That I AM

These are your dreams and goals. The REAL you IS desperately trying to get your own attention to inform you ‘HEY, it is all already here. You are already really cool. I have all these things for you!’

Imagine for a second someone dropped a big pile of gold into your backyard without you knowing it. You keep getting email that says, ‘hey, do you have the gold I gave you?’  You keep answering, ‘no.’

They keep saying, ‘well, I left it for you.’  It is right there! BUT because you never think to look out back you don’t realize you are sitting on a fortune. You go on missing what is right there and available.

Have You Ever Set Your Keys Down Somewhere

So you go about living your impoverished life thinking people who tell you that you have gold are nuts. You have looked on your porch and it doesn’t work. You don’t and, everyone else, can see that you don’t.

Clearly, all you need to do is look out back and you would find it. Well, in the same way, all you need to do is look within.

Imagine, using our analogy, that your windows were dirty and it was difficult to see out back. Even if you looked out the windows you might not see what was there. Or because of where it was placed you couldn’t even see it from the windows.

Then Couldn’t See Where You Put Your Keys

BUT because you had windows it never occurred to you to walk out back and take a look because you could see it wasn’t there. Your view of the gold is obscured. It is out of view and hazy so even while it is actually there there you can’t see it.

You might have to clean the windows first. You might have to have the thought enter your mind, ‘go check in the backyard. Perhaps, you aren’t able to see everything.’

That may be a necessary for you to discover your riches. If you never do either of those you may sit and die on a truckload of gold. That would be a shame; to have all that and never realize it. Imagine not knowing.

I Had Them A Minute Ago. They Were Right Here!

Imagine, years go by and one day you go out back and you discover the gold. WOW! Suddenly you are rich! You have everything! Life is changed.

How long did that take for your life to transform? While it took years for you to get your ass out back it only took a second for the transformation from poor to rich to happen. In the blink of an eye everything was different. Still, you were rich all along.

So these words are inadequate. These words somewhat point to what is sort of going on. You are already everything you need to be. You have everything but you must look to find it.

Seek And You Will Find

You may have to search and it is right where you are. Accept that you already have it and that you will find it. Allow yourself to look. Allow yourself to get out of your own way. Claim it, even though you don’t yet see it.

Have you ever lost something, in the yard, for example. You know it is there. You are just unable to find it. Even though hours, days or years go by, you lost it in the yard. It went no where else. It is still right there. Somewhere? You just can’t see it. That is YOU!

You are a powerful creator and you create positive and negative experiences. Perhaps, one more than the other but you are doing it all the same. Once you realize that you are in charge things can begin to change. Awareness is the key.

It Is As Plain As The Nose On Your Face

How long does that take? It takes as long as it takes. Whenever it does though, the realization, will change everything in an instant. From then you will live with the awareness you were previously blind to.

The inner you, DAVID, will be released. In the meantime, keep looking or doing. That is okay. That is what we all do. It is as if, we are playing a game of hide and seek with ourselves. Seek and ye shall find!” Rex Sikes

Why not enjoy today?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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