Do You Want More Of The Same Or Something Better?

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“Why does it seem you struggle but don’t get ahead? How come things don’t work out? Do you ant more of the same or would you like it to be different? There is a precise reason you aren’t getting what you want. Would you like to know what it is?

If you aren’t getting what you want you must change something! It is true. If you want your life to change you must change something in your life. What do you change? What must you do? What has to be different for you to move forward and have the life you want?

You must not let your present circumstances dictate your thinking!

If you look at what is going on around you and don’t like it and fret about, are anxious about it and don’t like it you are guaranteed to get more of the same. Emerson said, ‘the only thing that can grow is the thing that you give energy to.’

Don’t spend time focused on unproductive things. Stop focusing on problems. You need to let go of what is going on and focus on what you want. You must not let your thinking be consumed by what you want to avoid and do not like. This is what you must change.

You need to focus on what you absolutely DO want!

How do you know what you want? Well, you know that you don’t want, the present circumstances. Use these to help you imagine what you do want. Think of it this way. ‘I don’t want to stand.’ ‘Okay, what is it you do want?’  ‘I want to sit.’  ‘Then focus and put your attention and energy on sitting. Forget about standing.’  Get it?

Use what you don’t want to clarify what you do want. Then remove your attention from what you don’t want. Stop thinking about the present circumstances; what you don’t like and prefer to avoid. Instead, focus on what you want.

Your present is a result of your previous thinking. It rarely reflect what you do want. Stop thinking about what is and place your focus on what you want instead. The same is true of your negative feelings. Use them as a signal to stop to change your thinking.

What do I mean? Your engine overheat light on your dash is a signal alerting you to what is wrong. You glance at it occasionally when driving but you keep your eye mostly on the road ahead where you want to go. You do not spend your time looking at the light or thinking about it.

If it goes on you notice it. It alerts you! It is a signal. You know you something is wrong and a repair or adjustment it needed.  Once alerted you don’t have to continue to focus on the light any longer.

You go get the car repaired. You use present circumstances and your less than glorious feelings to turn your attention  away from the unwanted so you can place it where it is supposed to be.

What you think about you  bring about. What you focus on expands.

Imagine yourself in a dark room.  How do you get rid of the darkness? Do you focus on it? DO you spend your time concerned with the dark and how it will be dark in the future? NO you turn on the light. Once you turn on the light the darkness is gone.

Turn on your light! Realize you control your focus. If it doesn’t feel like it IT only means you need to train it. Just like training a puppy you need to train your attention. You need to condition yourself for happiness and success. That is all but you do need to do it.

How? You do it by repeatedly removing you attention from the unwanted and putting it on what you do want. You repeat this until it becomes a habit. It takes at least a month of spaced repetition to make a habit.  Maybe more or less days depending on how frequently you do it.

If you water and nurture the plant it will grow.

Your ability to control your thoughts. Your ability to concentrate, and place your attention deliberately is a skill you can develop. You learn it and train it as any other skill.  You succeed by devoting yourself to making new positive, reliable habits.

You can do it! It is simple. It requires your dedication for awhile because you are undergoing a conditioning process. You are building thought muscles. Nurture what you want and you will get what you want back in return. Remember this! Keep your focus on what you want and you will get more of that. BECAUSE you get whatever you focus on.” Rex Sikes

Have a marvelous day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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