What The Athlete Knows And Does That You Don’t Is Critical!

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“I consult for movies,TV, online digital content, actors etc. and showbiz. Of course, I act, produce and direct too. I also consult for others from all walks of life as a mentor and coach. Every now and then I get a email or a post from a showbiz website, or from a client that I respond to, and think, I can share this with my blog readers.

Today, I thought I’d share one of my brief responses. It can be applied to anything, any career, and anyone. It is a simple message expressing encouragement. I enjoyed the persons’s response too. It was very cool and great to receive back. I have not included their quest or comments.

‘Thanks and hello. Yes,  I know the feeling. It seems it can be tough. I am going to point you to a brief blog of mine being published on 11/30/15  You Have Been  Conditioned To Fail But You Don’t Have To.

Persistence is the attribute or characteristic that separates the haves from the have nots. Those who win from those who give up along the way. Mindset and attitude we largely inherit and then make it our own as we grow up. It is a blend of influences from others and our experiences.

We get, from others, the initial input, then we make that our own. Experience then either confirms or it doesn’t what we hold in our mind. Typically, because how the brain works, we find what we already believe. The Reticular Activating System (RAS) functions to find what we expect to find. Our brains support what we believe BY DEFAULT!

So in order to stop losing and start winning one has to condition oneself to win the same way an athlete conditions oneself to compete and win. They have to get up each day whether or not they feel like it and train. Whether OR NOT they feel like it!

Nothing can stand in the way if they want a shot at olympic gold. That is just the way it is. Sweat, hard work, diet, sleep and exercise. A regime they do for years to be ready. They have to overcome OLD habits and create news ones they adhere to regardless of what comes up.

Most of us try and give up shortly there after. We find excuses rather than reasons to continue. If we want to win at whatever we do we must condition our mind and prepare ourselves. We need to develop new, positive,supportive habits to keep us going. We create new neural pathways.

Nothing happens over night especially in show business. It can be brutal and is fraught with rejection.

Those who get to the top, when you listen to them, most almost always say, they knew they would succeed they just had to get through all the dark times first. They knew it first and expected to succeed! That kept them going and their brain (RAS) found reasons to continue during their darkest times. One needs to develop the habit of self confidence!

Success is built on failure. In failure we learn what not to do, as well as, what we could otherwise do. There are always lessons and if we are wise we learn from them and continue the pursuit. There is opportunity and advantage in every setback if we look for it.

If you are meant to do it you will do it if you keep the passion flamed and your belief in yourself strong. Never quit.

IF on the other hand this is really not your calling then perhaps look into something that makes you feel fully alive.

No one has to be in show business except those who HAVE to be. If you have to be then nothing will stop you; Not economics, politics, the weather, others, circumstances or events. It can be daunting at times but there are ways through that.

If you are meant to succeed, inside your own heart, then you will find the way, the reasons, the fire and fuel to keep going no matter how difficult. You will dictate the circumstances rather than letting them dictate you. You will exercise your personal power to positively push through.

Attitude, positive thinking and optimism don’t guarantee success but negativity certainly doesn’t. Positive thinking and optimism make it easier and more likely though. Learn how to take control of your thoughts and feelings and live as the emperor you were born to be.

Read my blog.  Get other inspirational material and fill your mind daily with I CAN DO IT thinking. Then do it step by step and you will eventually get there. Meanwhile, all the best wishes. This is my 2 cents.’

And there you have it. My response to someone who reached out. Whenever we face opposition and setbacks, disappointment and difficulty it becomes easy to throw in the towel unless we find the reasons within for continuing to move forward. The person, who reached out, found it within.

This is another reason why optimism and positivity work. Our mindset is critical! Gratitude and celebration of all things will keep us going too. Remember always to be thankful and celebrate!” Rex Sikes

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