Here’s How You Can Make Tremendous Positive Change Bit By Bit.

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“Would you like to get more bang for your buck? Wouldn’t you like it if benefits came more quickly and easily? The results you want, you can absolutely have! You can increase the likelihood you will be, do and have whatever you want IF you will do this.

You are more apt to make your dreams come true if you will make this part of your practice. If you will practice this way. Just keep in mind, make it your motto that ‘Little things add up’. If you do a few little things routinely, overtime the effect is cumulative and powerful.

Within these blog pages I have shared things you can do that result in tremendous positive change and transformation. All you need to do is put them into practice. Do them, repeat them, regularly and you will surprise and delight yourself.  It is quite easy, actually.

If You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You Are Right

Some people want that one big thing they think will change everything, all at once so they won’t have to work at it. Rarely, if ever does it happen that way. More often, one changes because one is conditioned to change.

One big day of exercise does nothing, frankly. Exercise over time, repeated regularly has an effect. Even if it is nothing more than walking if you do it every day it is amazingly beneficial. Some people think that is not doing enough. They want it tough and hard. They do not want any fluff.

However, if it is too hard, to complicated, or too confusing people are more likely to give up. They will abandon the practice. If it is a no brainer, easy but effective, they are more apt to continue and get the benefits.

The More You Do The More You Can Do

Shortly, after the New Year resolutions are abandoned. People won’t keep doing if it interrupts the flow of their day. We are routined and entrenched in our habitual lifestyles. Heaping onto and already busy schedule rarely results in success.

SO if you do nothing, nothing will change. You must change something to get the results you want. BUT if you try to do too much, it is more likely, you won’t continue with it. Then you will exclaim, you tried it and it didn’t work. The truth is you didn’t try it long enough to make it stick.

A pound of feathers is the same as a pound of stones. Keep in mind, make this your motto, ‘Drop by drop the tub gets filled’. Little by little you get closer and closer. Step by step the journey is made. Constant, regular, correct repetition will get you the results you want quicker than anything else.

Everything Worth Doing Seems Difficult At First

A plant grows from seed to sapling in its own time. You cannot rush it. A watched pot never boils, at least, it seems to take forever. That is because it gradually heats up. It is goes unnoticed for awhile but many things are happening within the pot. Atoms and molecules are banging around. Eventually, it will produce a noisy, rolling boil.

If you let go and become captivated with other things, before you know it, much will have transpired.  Become fascinated with how incredibly beautiful the world is. Notice how much good there is and how marvelous most of the people are. IF you did ONLY this life would get better all on its own.

Let go of the rest. Enjoy and delight, become inspired and little else will matter. Celebrate and be thankful. Do this, a little bit, every few moments, throughout each day. It will end up profoundly affecting you in positive ways. Try it. You will be surprised.

If You Want To Do It You Will Find A Way

Read at least a page or two a day of inspirational material a day. Smile more. Laugh more frequently. Walk around and enjoy what you experience.

Repeat some short, meaningful positive affirmations frequently throughout the day. Use great, wonderful feelings as you repeat them. Speak only to bless, heal and prosper. Look for the good in yourself, others and the world. Stop criticizing and blaming and start praising.

Little thing, you can easily do more of, do often. Draw your attention to how good you are feeling and appreciate it. Whenever you notice you are not feeling so good, or you are feeling less than glorious, notice what you are thinking and think some better thoughts. Change whatever you are focused on. Change your own thinking. Take control.

Whatever you are fascinated with you will get because it gets you.  What captivates you and grabs your attention and energy is what you spend your time on.

What you spend your time thinking about is ultimately what you get back. It is your return on investment (ROI). Go back, reread through this blog. Discover some of the other simple things that are powerful to put into practice.

If You Don’t Want To Do It You Will Find An Excuse

Remember these and make them your mottos, What you see IS what you get. What you say IS what you get. What you feel IS what you get. What you think about IS what you bring about! Little by little change what you do; put into practice simple things, small behaviors you can repeat throughout the day and your benefits will be amazing.

The small seed becomes the mighty oak. A few apple seeds can result in hundreds and thousands and hundreds of thousands of apples. Your small efforts will pay off in big ways. You will, through, repetition, make these positive behaviors habits.

Once habits they are reliable and automatic and serve you in ways you presently can’t imagine. True transformation really is the development of new more productive, positive and powerful habits that help us move forward to get what we want. Change can be quite easy when you know how. Now you know. Do it today!”

Fill your moments with magic and your whole day will be magical!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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