You Have Been Conditioned To Fail But You Don’t Have To!

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“Have you been conditioned for failure? Sadly, the answer is yes. You were not born to fail but you learned it from well meaning people who were around you as you grew up. Since, you learned to fail there is something that can be done about it.

Consider this. A toddler, when learning to walk, falls many times. It does not stop trying. Nothing prevents it. It keeps going until it masters walking. The young child did this with rolling over, crawling, sitting up and feeding herself. It did this many times with many learnings.

Only later through communication with others does a child learn what success or failure is. It becomes an event. The child learns right, wrong, good, bad. It learns judgement and evaluations from others. The child learns about winning and losing.

At this time in the young person’s development f something doesn’t work out it is wrong. It is a failure and bad. Judgements are imposed on efforts made from the outside.

Soon the child learns to make these assessments and label attempts that aren’t fruitful. Before long the child tries once, twice, three times and quits. Worse before long the child may label him or herself based on these trials.

Brains that fire together wire together. The more you judge the easier it becomes to make judgements.The more you quit the easier it becomes because you develop the neural pathways the habits for quitting. The more you succeed the more you develop the neural pathways and habits for winning.

Your brain doesn’t care which you choose. Your brain will do whatever you give it to do. If you prefer being a winner, train your brain, and you will be a winner. Otherwise, what is your option?

You were born a winner. Don’t stop being one because you have learned to quit. Learn again to win. Learn to persist until you do succeed. Stop thinking of yourself as anything other than a winner.

Your mindset, you attitude, how you feel about yourself will determine how much you ‘go for it’. Persistence separates the winners from the losers. If the goal is to cross the finish line the only one who is a failure is the one who quits and never crosses.

The infant encounters temporary defeat but keeps on doing until she succeeds. You can too. All failure IS only temporary unless you quit. Then it is permanent. Then you have given up.

Never give up on your positive goals and dreams. Adjust your plans, attempt another way or route but keep on going until you get there. You can do it. Be the champion you were born to be. Be the victor you are and triumph over circumstances.” Rex Sikes

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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