Not Able To Get Law Of Attraction To Work? Well, Guess What!

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“Frustrated? Not able to get your career or life goals together? That darn Law of Attraction stuff doesn’t work. Well, does it? Have you been asked this question? Law of attraction not working for you?Perhaps, after giving it a shot, that was your conclusion.

Well, guess what? That premise is all wrong. Let me explain.

The Law Of Attraction is one of many laws. Laws, such as the Law of Gravity or the Law of Lift, always work. They do not work sometimes and then not at other times. They always work! Prior to humankind flying one might have said the law of lift doesn’t work except for birds.

The law of attraction is always working. It never stops working. If you are not getting what you want it is not because the law of attraction doesn’t work. It is because you are attracting the wrong things. The attraction is pulling in what you do not want.

Gravity Is Always Working

Consider the law of attraction as the law of gravity because that is what gravity is. Attraction. Little bodies pulled toward larger bodies. You are simply pulling in the stuff you would prefer you didn’t. Hey, it is not your fault. Like the rest of us, you grew up uninformed.

It isn’t your fault. Do not blame yourself. BUT you are responsible. That sounds like a contradiction but it is not. Don’t blame anyone or anything if you haven’t got it to work in your favor, yet. You can and you will if you start doing the correct things today. It is up to you!

Stop paying attention, concentrating, giving energy to, concerning yourself with anything you don’t want to have more of. Poor health, bills, poverty, distress, bad relationships, awful job, whatever! Stop giving anything you don’t want more back of any thought at all.

You Attract What You Are 

Switch your focus to what you DO want. Concentrate and put your energy on what you do want to attract. Yes, you still have to pay your bills but learn to do so gladly. You will stay pay them when you have all the money so accept that. Pay them gladly, monitor your mind. Attitude is everything. Develop a rich attitude! Mindset rules!

Being upset about you bills, debt, lack of money or poverty won’t help you get out of it. Doing something about it will. What can you do? You first start with your mind and your attitude. You decide that instead of being poor you are rich. That you have plenty. Life is good. There is plenty to go around and you have your share of it.

Focus on this. Imagine yourself already with all the money you need. Living the good life. Bills taken care of. Leisure time and pleasure accounted for. Doing what you want and when. THIS is what you can focus on. Visualize it and affirm it. Live it now in your mind!

Your Thoughts Determine Your Destiny

Why? Because when you do, AND if it makes you feel good to imagine living your dream, then you are sending a clear message to your subconscious mind that THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT MORE OF! Tell your brain what you want NOT what you don’t want.

The law is working you have just been applying it in the wrong way. If you don’t take charge of it you brain runs on default. It gives you whatever it learned to give you while growing up. It mirrors your mindset. It produces more and more of the same.  It gives you the crappy beliefs and programming you adopted and re-produces it.

THAT is WHY the statement – ‘doing the same thing over again but expecting a different result IS the definition of insanity.’ It is why the statement exists, ‘if you always do what you always did you will always get what you always got.’ In order to get something else you must do something else! It is up to you! You ARE responsible.

What You Think You Create

In order to steer the law of attraction, because truthfully that is all you can do, you must take charge. You can’t turn it on or off you can only direct it. In order to direct it to get what you prefer your attention has to be on what you prefer exclusively. You have to let go and ignore the rest. Energy flows where your attention goes.

Many people try it and think positive for a few minutes and then fall back into their old default ways. Either they think negative or neutral which amounts to thinking the same thing. In order to create the life you want you must be mostly positive and focused on what you want, most of your time. Stop defeatist thinking. Think winner!

You must think positive and feel positive most of all your time. So learning to make the law of attraction work for you is learning to be more positive more of your waking hours. Frequently, think positive and focus on what you want during your waking hours. Quality and quantity are the rule.

What You Feel You Attract

Focus on what you don’t yet have, the invisible good in your future, as if you already have it. Ignore the present conditions and circumstances. Why? Because your present circumstances are the results of your former or prior thinking. Literally, from your past.

You have been too focused on what you didn’t want, or you didn’t focus on anything at all. Which is why you got poor results you don’t like. If you don’t run your brain your brain runs you. It learned to do all sorts or crummy, useless things. It does it reliably. Habitually!

Now you have the opportunity to change it. It is very simple but not always easy. Actually, it will be whatever you believe it to be. If you believe it difficult well, then it most likely will be. It is always only up to you. Only you make it work! Your present thinking will become your future reality.

What You Imagine You Become

No one can do it for you. Only you can transform you mindset to develop a winning, champion, creator attitude. If you want the best in life it begins with the best thoughts and feelings inside you. From within to without. Then you create and attract that best of everything.

You brain assists you. You brain evolves by how you think. Think positive and increase and your brain finds ways and examples and opportunities to have more of that. Think negative and decrease and you brain will find all those reasons and examples too.

The bottom line is the law of attraction never stops working. You can only, and only YOU can, steer it in the direction you want to move in. It is up to you what you get back. If you decide to be a positive, ‘I can do anything’ person you will be. Your decision.

The Only Limitations There Are Exist In Your Thinking 

Be patient though, it won’t work overnight. Your brain will change too! It will evolve to be more positive. Your brain changes with you! You are either negative with a negative brain or you become positive and your brain becomes positive too. Then it gets easier to be positive. Whichever you choose, gets easier.

Everything takes some time. Trees grow from seeds. Your results grow from your  thoughts in the same fashion. You condition your mind to be healthy the same way you condition your body to be healthy; over time by repeated exercise. If you exercise your mind right you can have whatever you desire. It works this way!

The law of attraction has its own timeline, not yours. Those of you who tried it for awhile and then threw in the towel; you quit! That is all. You decided you had tried it and now you were finished trying because you didn’t get results as soon as you thought you should. You gave up and blamed the process. Pretty normal.

Anything Can Be Possible

You can’t force the seed to grow faster. You can’t force the cake to bake sooner. It takes whatever time it takes. You can accelerate it some by how much effort you devote to making it work. You can accelerate it some by getting out of your own way and not setting conditions on it. It responds well to the proper nourishment.

You need to do the work and let the outcome go. If you keep at it you will eventually get there, come what may. You just have to keep traveling in the direction of your desired dream, for as long as it takes to get there. IF it is worth it to you, ultimately you will.

If you absolutely have to have it, you will do whatever positive things you can do, that are necessary, to keep you working towards achieving your goal. You won’t quit if you must, absolutely must, have it. Napoleon Hill said, ‘whatever the mind can conceive and believe you can achieve.’

Take Charge Of Your Mind And Your Life

Notice, he didn’t say you will achieve it. He said you CAN because whether or not you will is completely up to YOU. Only you will make it happen. If you marshall your resources and keep going until you do achieve it. That is the reality of it. You can if you will.  Will you?

Learn how to do it. Invest your time, energy and even your money in yourself. Learn to make it work for you because it is already working. Go where you want to go. Be the person in charge of your mind, your feelings and your life. Decide and then follow through!

If you are truly wise and smart you will realize the law of attraction is you. It is your mindset and your will. It is your determination that sees you through to the conclusion. It is not some magical force outside you that changes circumstance.

Take 100% Responsibility For What You Create

YOU are the force. It is all within you. Either YOU make it happen or you do not. You either bring it about or quit and accept whatever is. Either way, you are the law of attraction. Remember always, it is up to you! Only you!” Rex Sikes

Count today as a good one!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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