Are You Prepared For A Life Change? Join The 7 Day No Complaining Moratorium!

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“Okay are you ready for another challenge. You may have tried the 30 or 100 day Gratitude Challenge. Even better, perhaps you undertook the Year Of Gratitude!

This entails listing those things you are grateful for and feeling appreciative each day. Keeping a journal is the best way. Woot Woot!

Perhaps, you joined in on my 24 or 48 or 72 hour manifestation challenge. In this challenge I encouraged you to pick something small or moderately large that you believed you can manifest.

It must be unlikely. In other words it is not something you are bound to have happen  or run into easily. You want to believe it is possible and have it be a stretch at the same time.

Concentrate on manifesting it within a time frame. I provided some examples of mine with goldfish, finding money and I also wrote about some other people’s success manifesting this way.

It is an awesome exercise that helps you build wins, confidence and faith in your abilities. Many people who have begun this continue to go on and create better and bigger things.

Are you ready for this challenge. This is a powerful one. You may find it challenging but it is SO ABSOLUTELY WORTH GOING THROUGH IT! It is a moratorium on complaining.

That’s right NO complaining for 7 days! One week! Stop complaining, whining, blaming and excusing. No personal ones, none about family, friends, strangers. the economy, politics, the media, life or ANYTHING!

You simply commit to putting a guard before your thoughts and your tongue. No posting complaints on Facebook or social media outlets either. No texting to friends or tweeting to the universe!

You stop. You speak only to bless, heal and prosper. You speak to build and uplift, never to tear down or destroy. You commit to this challenge and you will learn so very much about yourself.

I promise you that you can learn lots if you are open to.

Okay, who is in?

Anyone, afraid of this challenge? If so what stops you? Who here is eager to get going on this? Absolutely NO complaining for 7 days from the time you start.

Feel free to comment or share your experience in the comments, or on our Facebook page of the same name once you complete the seven days. Ready, set, go! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Celebrate this day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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