Have You Accepted The Powerful 7 Day No Complaining Challenge? Yes Or No, Read This!

horizons blue and pink ice

“If you decided to take the 7 Day No Complaining Challenge, congratulations! You have just decided to put a moratorium on complaining for at  least one week. This is a tremendous opportunity for you to grow and learn some important things about yourself.

You may wish to keep a journal. I highly recommend it. Journal what you noticed as you went through each day, each moment. There will be times when you become aware of complaining and stop it. Notice and journal it. Congratulate yourself too. Celebrate!

For example, I started to post something to FaceBook and realized it was a complaint. I stopped, deleted my comment before I posted it, and congratulated myself for becoming aware. My comment was just opinion. It wouldn’t have made anything better.

If there is a fire don’t throw gasoline on it. The point of the ban is to notice how often we complain, about what, perhaps why and to get over the need to do it. What are the triggers?  If it doesn’t uplift or contribute positively to you, why engage in it? Habit.

Most of us do it unconsciously from habit. We don’t control it. We don’t control our thoughts nor our behaviors. It is time to reclaim choice, make positive decisions and develop positive habits. Habits either build you up or tear you down. Increase or decrease.

In putting a ban on complaining, whining, blaming and excusing you have the incredible opportunity to move into new wonderful ways of being and doing. Once you start making positive changes you will discover more in return. Enjoy this process. Be rigorous AND enjoy!

There will be those times when you went right on complaining, most likely. Journal it. Don’t beat yourself up. Congratulate yourself that you eventually realized it. Do you understand? This is an opportunity to evolve not criticize yourself. Uplift don’t destroy!

If you started and you caught yourself complaining. Start over. That’s what I would do. The idea is to go for 7 Days without complaining, blaming and making excuses. Obviously, you don’t have to, it is entirely up to you, but it is a worthwhile choice.

Share what you notice in the comments if you feel inclined. It would be wonderful to support each other. Most importantly, once you made your commitment, keep your promise to yourself. Don’t throw in the towel, keep going. There is much waiting for you!

Enjoy the ‘ahas’! Have fun. Notice what happens to your experience, to you, to your life. This can be a small set of wonderful moments, or really huge. Whatever it is for you celebrate it. Stick with it and celebrate everything. It is a tremendous opportunity!” Rex Sikes

Another day, more blessings!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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