You Can Have Everything You Want PT 2

never give up

Make it a point to go after your goal. Make it a point to keep the goal and positive thoughts in your mind as much as possible during your day. ‘What you think about most during the day you become.’

A great practice to engage in everyday is to look for things  (your own successful and happy talents and abilities, family, people, events, situations, possessions you have in your life, )  to feel good about and be thankful for each day. In other words, count your blessings each day and find reasons to feel more grateful. Look around and delight in the beauty and majesty of nature, the abundance of beauty and enjoy it more each day.

Practice  putting your attention on how you are presently blessed, how things are positively working for you now. It is good for helping you to think and feel and act your very best.

Do these things while you continue to think about getting what you want. You want to maintain good feelings throughout the day as much as possible. You want to feel your best.

Keep in mind this is a training or conditioning process so these practices are important.  You are conditioning yourself to control your thoughts.  Your are learning to focus and to select the finest ones that serve you and make you stronger and help you feel better. You choose your thoughts to become aware that you DO have the power to choose and to determine what you think at anytime.

It is a process of making strong positive thinking a habit. You do this by finding the best, by finding what feels the best and holding on to it. Concentrating on it. Repeating it frequently during your day and making corrections as you need to in order to maintain it.

When you focus on what it is you want in your life many times during the day you are improving your powers of visualization and concentration.  As you repeatedly continue to think the best thoughts,  choose things to feel thankful for, and looking for the best feelings inside your body that you can enjoy you are  developing these abilities and making them into habits. It takes repetition and time but you are doing doing it.

So feel good, enjoy it! Believe it, enjoy it. Have fun with this, enjoy it! Relax and enjoy it!

Keep the focus on what you want to have even if the world around you were crumbling. It is not the present that should be your concern it is where you are headed and what you want to accomplish that you stay focused on. It is what you want to create and where you want to be. Keep your mind on these.

While you may need to attend to things in the present but the key is to not let the present tarnish the future accomplishment.

In spite of what is going on know in your heart you will make your dream come true. This is faith and persistence. This is not letting what is going on get you down, or giving in to doubt or falingl into negativity. This is being a champion for yourself no matter what you encounter. Sometimes tenacity is its own reward.

If you don’t have money now, that is not the point. Oh, I am sure some will say ‘yes, it is’, but you don’t get riches by focusing on lack. You don’t become positive by focusing on negativity. So focus on the money you want to have not the bills you have now. It is a matter of where you put your focus that is important.

Some people may tell you you won’t ever do it, that you can’t succeed, or that you are foolish to try. Perhaps, you  have your own doubts.

You will never get what you want if you doubt that you will.

You don’t get positive thinking by thinking negatively, so monitor your thoughts and if you catch yourself, doubting, thinking negative or feeling bad STOP IT!

The very moment you become aware of the doubt or negativity DECIDE THEN,  in that moment, to steer your thoughts and feelings to better healthier, more positive ones.

You may only have to do that once or you may have to do it multiple times each instant before you shift your thinking but keep adjusting, keep at it. Persistence will pay off. Just don’t quit.  I repeat be a champion for you and your goal.

Keep on trying.

Edison didn’t give up until he invented the light bulb. The Wright Brothers didn’t let ‘failed’ attempts stop them from succeeding. Hilary made it to the top of Everest because he kept at it. There are countless examples of people just like you and me who decided what they wanted and continued to work toward it in spite of seemingly unsurmountable odds and opposition. If they can do it , we can! If anyone human finds a way to do it, you can!

You must not stop. You adjust what you do that isn’t working but you continue the pursuit. There may be times you feel like quitting, there may be times you feel confused. Frankly, those times will be there, they occur for all of us.

Just keep the faith and know that when you have faith and keep going you will get the gold. You will make it happen. You won’t if you quit but you can if you continue. Just keep at it. I repeat become your own champion for you and your goal!!!

One thing that helps and is important; whenever you notice you are off course, you find yourself thinking and feeling negative STOP the moment you become aware, take a deep breath, and begin to  thank yourself for recognizing it. Appreciate yourself  for becoming aware, for noticing what was going on and then changing it. Feel grateful for your insight and value yourself in these moments. Delight in your awareness.

It could happen in an argument with someone, or on your own. Whenever you become aware that you are thinking or acting different than you want to be acting STOP, take a deep breath and begin to celebrate (quietly inside if necessary) your insight and awareness. When you celebrate your discoveries you GET TO have more of them, you grease the wheel for positive learning to occur.

Plus, instead of berating yourself as you may have in the past, you are treating yourself with positive thoughts, love and behaviors. It is important to love and care and nurture yourself while you are conditioning yourself. In fact, it is important and desirable to do all the time anyway.

When the insight occurs It may be a signal to adjust something for you to find greater harmony, or to just pay attention and notice that what you are doing or thinking isn’t getting you the results you want. So appreciate that  somehow you sent yourself a signal to ‘wake up’ and do something about it. That is awesome!

Think of it this way. If you were traveling and you were headed off course, or perhaps you were off course by many, many miles, wouldn’t you be grateful is someone stopped you and said, ‘hey, here is how you get back on course’. I know, I know the tendency is to be aggravated because you went of course, well knock that silliness of.

Celebrate the messenger for getting you righted and be happy you can continue in the manner you desire. Celebrate, because that messenger is YOU! Treat you with kindness and love. Occasionally, another person is that messenger – treat them well too.

The point is simply. Whenever you go off course, GENTLY, steer yourself back on course. Don’t get mad or upset (and while you may at first, this can change to through dedicated practice) just navigate back to the positive good healthy thoughts and feelings. Relax about it.

This is evolution and it takes time and patience. The world has become a magic bullet, pill popping, fast food, gotta have it now society but this is evolution. Illumination can occur in an instant yet most things still take time. Take the time, all the time you need, and be kind to yourself.  YOU can do this!

Savor this time and this opportunity to do something nice for yourself. You are undergoing this rigorous conditioning as a gift to yourself and for others. You are making the effort to be in charge of you, how you are, think, feel and act. That is a wonderful decision.

It is a wonderful opportunity to discover the many incredible things about you so celebrate it. You are able to do this, delight in it, enjoy the process, relax, have fun and keep on going. It gets easier and better as you continue. Sure, challenges may present themselves but as you move forward you become better equipped to handle them successfully.

It is truly amazing and you will be amazed.

Decide in favor of yourself. Decide that you will do this. Decide now and stick with it. Begin the journey and you will be delighted what you discover along the way. So many good things are in store for you! What waits ahead for you to find are marvelous beyond belief. Your future waits for you to realize it can all be yours. It has been calling to you all along, don’t you think it is time to answer the call?

Begin to day to make your life the life you want it to be.” Rex Sikes

I’ll share more tomorrow on this. Meanwhile, have a wonderful day!




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