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A Great Way To Go From Zero To Multimillionaire!

Hey There,

Got a moment? How are you doing? New Blog post is coming shortly but I wanted to share this with you. I believe it is very important.

I wanted to share with you this incredible opportunity. I think it is important enough to send as an extra special announcement. I have been a big fan of T. Harv Eker because his programs and materials work.

I have spent lots of money learning from Harv. I am so glad I did. I am also proud to say you can find my work within much of what he teaches too.

I am sending this to you because I believe in it. I believe if you apply what you learn from Harv you can absolutely transform your life and begin to live it on your own terms.

Full disclosure. I get nothing from Harv when you take his free programs or download materials. If you make a purchase I may get a small thank you from his company.

The reason I tell you this is to be completely transparent and so you know I COMPLETELY believe in these programs or I wouldn’t refer them to you.

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SO I’ll ask it again? Do you know the difference between someone who is “earning a living” vs. someone who has “created wealth“?

The person who has created wealth is not any smarter, wiser, or born with special talents. Nope, not at all!

They weren’t chosen at birth and they definitely don’t need to be born with money. If  they were all born rich you wouldn’t hear all the amazing “rags to riches” stories.

Again, Nope! Not smarter or born rich. It’s because they know specific principles and strategies that put them in the POSITION to actually create wealth!  What most other people actually do is prevent it.

Which is why T. Harv Eker, #1 New York Times bestselling author, created a brand NEW web class to reveal the 6 specific principles that make the difference between getting rich and staying middle class or broke.

And you can register for FREE by clicking here  and reserve your seat. I did this program and I know you will absolutely benefit from doing it too. In fact, I have spent a lot of money with Harv.

Here are just a few things Harv will uncover during his May 2nd class:

  • The myth of “multiple streams of income” and why it could destroy you vs. help you
  • How to identify and eliminate 3 “success killing” mistakes almost everyone makes
  • His single biggest regret (this cost him 11 years of extra struggle) and how you can avoid it
  • Why the “right” vehicle is not the most important key to creating massive success
  • The reason 80% of businesses fail within the first 3 years and how you can skyrocket your business right from day 1
  • A single strategy that will multiply your wealth by TENFOLD
  • A five letter characteristic you MUST develop in order to be successful
  • How to turn your business into a money-making machine so you never have to work hard again
  • RV+ RK + RY= Success…learn this rarely taught formula and you are virtually guaranteed to succeed

Plus much, much, much more.

This is a brand new class with T. Harv Eker that may actually change your life.

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To Your Success,


Millionaire Reveals: Do This To Create Greater Wealth!

horizons parkside-phil-koch

“The difference between the wealthy and the not wealthy IS people who are good with money manage it. They take charge of money and make it works for them. They don’t work for their money they manage the money that works for them. Get it? You can too!

If you want to become wealthier you must get your money working for you. You need to learn about money and wise investment choices. You need to stop trading your hours for dollars. There is only so much you can exchange when you trade time for money.

I’ve shared the principles of Pay Yourself First and Save And Invest. If you can only do a dollar a day or a week that is better than nothing. The point is to learn to pay yourself first and ultimately invest it. If you can do more do as much as you can. 10% of your paycheck. 20%.

Money Will Stay Away Unless You Know How To Care For It

Millionaire, Harv Eker introduced us to the notion of keeping separate envelopes, mason jars or bank accounts.  Whether the idea originated with him or elsewhere, I don’t recall. Divide up your paycheck and deposit a portion in each account.  It works like this.

Take 10% put it into your Financial Freedom, envelop, jar or account. You never touch this. You save it until you can invest in a form of passive income generating business or investments. Leave it alone. Be faithful to contribute the % each paycheck. Do not touch it!

Every 30 or 60 days remove the money from the envelops or mason jars and deposit into the highest yielding interest accounts. CDs still are higher than savings accounts in this day and age when banks give you nothing for using your money. Investigate this for yourself.

There Is A Reason The Rich Get Richer And The Poor Get Poorer

Take another 10% put in into A Long Term Account. Use this account to save for something big. A new home, car, television, a vacation, your kids education. Save something from each paycheck.

These two are your two long term accounts. Do not take from them except as specified. Use the following accounts similarly and do not rob from them either. Discipline yourself to pay yourself, manage your money, save it and invest it. The benefits will be great if you do!

Another 10% goes int Education. This is for your personal and professional development. It is so you can do seminars, workshops buy online programs, books, DVDs and audios. It is money you spend on your education and self betterment. Use it on an ongoing basis.

If You Want Something You Never Had …

10% goes into Fun Account. This money you spend at the end of every month. You blow it or treat yourself in a special way. Go out for a dinner, a special spa time, a men or women’s night out. Gift yourself. Have fun. Saving should have rewards. Reward yourself!

5% is a Charity Account. This is for giving back, contributing to others. Tithing. Helping your favorite cause. This is how you can help make a difference in your neighborhood, city, state or the world. It is important to give and to receive so learn to do both better.

That is 45% of your pay check you sock away in special accounts. If you save at home keep it somewhere safe and be sure to put it into actual accounts accounts soon. At least every 30 or 60 days. . Don’t stop pile cash at home where it can be stolen or burned up.

… You Have To Do Something You’ve Never Done

Look into getting the highest return accounts or CDs you can and put it there as I previously mentioned. Always seek professional advice when it comes to where to put your money, whether into banks, retirement accounts or investments. Lean on the learned!

The remaining 55% you use to your bills. This is your Necessities account. If you presently can’t do the percentages as suggested above do a variation of them. 5% each and 2.5% in charity. Find a way to save and manage something even if you divide up a dollar.

Whatever you do, the important part is consistency and commitment. Keep doing it. Discipline yourself. Learn to manage your money. That is why it is better to do it with a dollar every paycheck than to not do it. Begin today. Get some envelops.

Your Salary Doesn’t Make You Rich –  Its Your Spending Habits

Develop the habit of managing and growing your money. If you have lot’s of credit card debt seek responsible professional services that can help you get out of debt as fast and easily as you can. This is important. It is difficult to grow if you are paying off.

Robert Kiyosaki, Rich Dad Poor Dad author, had a great concept that stuck with me from the moment I heard it. Obviously, there are assets and debits. Assets are whatever has value and debits are whatever you owe. Your home could be an asset but it might not be.

For example, if you have a duplex and one half rented. If the rent covers your mortgage payment and you have a little left over, then your house is making you money not draining your accounts. Some things can be an asset or a debit depending on how it is used.

Do Not Save What Is Left After Spending …

A car could be if an asset if your company is leasing it to you  and makes use of tax advantages or deductions. If you have a monthly payment that is debt. That is money you kiss goodbye every month along with your gas and electric bill. It is money out the door.

Robert’s concept was Feeders and Eaters. Similar to the Law Of Attraction principles of Increase or Decrease. There are either Feeders which increase or Eaters which decrease your money and wealth. A car or house payment is usually an eater. Unless…

Monthly, you pay out money. Remember, if your business leases it and there are some tax advantages it could be a Feeder. The same is true with your home. It could be draining you of money or you could be making money with it. Look into this for yourself.

… Spend What Is Left After Saving

Remember to seek reputable financial advice to understand and utilize these notions and tax strategies. Become aware of your money flow.  Money moves, it does not stay put. If you are spending more than you are saving or earning your money will not last long.

Ask yourself this:  Is  Money Coming In and am I growing my wealth?Am I getting fed by Feeders or am I decreasing my money by spending? Is my wealth being consumed by Eaters? Which is it? It is always one or the other.

This is why many lottery winners, sports figures and celebrities go broke fairly fast. The never learned to manage their money and get it working for them. Instead they buy large. The have the same programs rich as when poor. So most return to being poor.

When You Buy Without A Plan – Emotions Dictate Your Spending

The live from their prior programming. Anything that doesn’t contribute to your overall wealth and long term happiness is an Eater. This concept really helped me curb my spending and begin thinking about where I want to put or invest my money.

It helped me decided whether or not I really needed something or whether I just wanted it because I wanted it.  It has helped me be responsible with my money. I look for Feeder opportunities.  These notions are worth their weight and impact in gold.

Practice Responsible Money Management. Take hold of the money you have and learn to control it. Discipline yourself. If you are like most of us you were not taught much about money. Instead what we learned was what we heard and witnessed.

Start Where You Are –  Use What You Have – Do What You Can

It is time to get free of prior conditioning and learn the mindset of creating and keeping wealth. As you learn be glad you have the opportunity. Study wealth. Learn about money. It is a useful tool to help you live the life of your dreams, help others and the world. Be grateful and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Have a beautiful day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Are You Ready To Transform Your HoHum Life Into A More Positive, Successful, Rewarding One?

wattles universe wants you to have ur desires

“You would never think to put anything but the right fuel in the gas tank of your car, would you? Oddly, some people treat their cars and boats and planes better than they do themselves.

What You Feed Yourself Is Important

What you put into your system either nourishes you, builds you up, adds to your health or it does not. If you eat the right healthy food choices you can expect to be healthier than if you eat junk food and empty calories.

When you eat right you feel better, think better, behave better because you have provided your body the proper fuel it needs to go about its tasks. This principle not only applies to your physical health but your mental, emotional, spiritual and social health as well.

What You Focus On Is What You Get

Whatever you fill your mind with will be reflected in your attitude and in the life you live. If your current circumstances aren’t everything you want them to be then it is a sure bet you aren’t maintaining a healthy diet in one or more of these important areas.

If you want an incredible fulfilled life then you must provide your mind, heart and spirit with the proper nutritious fuel. You can’t become rich focusing on lack. You won’t be a success if you are concerned with defeat. You will not be happy if you are worried all the time.

Here is what you must do if you want your life to be more positive, more successful and much more rewarding.

Spend Time Each Day Consuming Positive Reading Material

It isn’t how much your read it is how much time you spend reading that is important. The longer you spend the more you benefit. Some people will complain they have no time. Then read at least a page or two from some excellent inspiring material daily.

Listen To Inspirational And Motivational Speakers

Listen to thought leaders who can help move you in positive ways. Fill your mind and your time with positive messages that lift you up and encourage you. Whenever you drive is an excellent time for listening.

Surround Yourself With Positive Friends

Keep company with positive people and influences who lift you up and move you forward. Eliminate those messages and media influences that are negative. Reduce the amount of time you spend with friends who whine, complain, gossip and bring you down.

Evaluate These

Who do you listen to? What do you read? How much time do you spend each day devoted to your mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, wealth and social well-being? Are you nurturing yourself?

Are you developing and enhancing positive relationships with family, friends, co-workers and love interests? Are you building your bank account and making your dreams come true?

How Are You Spending The Bulk Of Your Time?

Is it invested in you or in distractions and limitations? Are you watching television for hours on end, gaming, spending time on social media?

Are you filling yourself with positive inspiring news or news on how everything is falling apart and sucks? Are you predominantly positive or predominantly negative? What occupies your focus and attention most of the time? To what do you give your energy?

If you are what you eat you also are what you think and what you do. You are known by the company you keep. Your actions speak louder than words. If garbage goes into the system garbagewill come out of the system. This is known as the Principle Of GIGO.

You know how they train animals to behave, don’t you?  Repetition and conditioning is the key. They use positive reinforcement as a system of rewards.

Research has determined the best way to extinguish an unwanted behavior in animals and humans is to ignore it. Do not draw attention to it. Let it go. Instead, reward the behaviors you want to flourish. Repeat the behaviors you want to make habitual and automatic. Practice makes permanent.

Successful People Are Conditioned For Success

They learn from birth on because they have the right parents, or they get training and mentoring, or they stumble into it eventually through trial and error. Howeverthey come by it they live and think differently than those who are not successful.

Successful people follow patterns for success. The repeat the patterns again and again making corrections and adjustments as necessary. In going through this process they condition themselves for success. Wash, rinse, repeat. Practice makes permanent.

Don’t Get Caught Up In The Negative

Successful people don’t get caught in the negative but encourage patterns that work. Any great athletic, business or life coach knows this too. Place the emphasis on what you want not on what you don’t want because  you get back what you focus on.  They know that what you think about you become. Affirm what you want!

People who are not successful and who have difficulty in life repeat patterns of defeat. The wash, rinse and repeat that which does not work and that brings them down. The have habits that do not serve to make them happy, healthy or wealthy. Their habits make them miserable and keep them poor.

Successful People Utilize Positive Intentional Thinking

You can too. Focus on what you want, what you intend to create, what you intend to be, do or have and let the other stuff go. Remember, whatever you put your attention on grows in importance. What you think about you bring about!

Keep your attention off the negative, off the worry, off the fear, the doubts and anxiety. Keep it off comparisons to others, the blaming, whining, criticizing and making excuses. Keep talk and self-talk positive!

Focus On What You Want

Focus on the positive, the healthy, the nourishing good food and fuel for your mind, heart, spirit, and body. Then you will become what you want to be, do what you want to do and have what you want to have. What you think about you bring about.

What consumes the mind and fills the heart is what you get back in return. Fill yourself with celebration. Be grateful for whatever you have and whomever is in your life. Be filled with gratitude for everything and you will live a joyous life! Smile frequently!

The more time you fill  with positive, productive, successful practices and people the more you will transform your life.

Intentionally choose your positive thoughts and fully express gratitude and celebration. The more you enjoy these positive feelings the quicker and easier you will find delight and joy and transform your experience from ho-hum to absolutely incredible. Don’t wait, begin today!” Rex Sikes

Be thrilled today!

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Are You Headed In The Wrong Direction? How You Can Tell!

life worth risking for a dream

“How can you tell if you are moving in the right direction? Why is being focused on what you want such an issue? How come you can’t focus on what you don’t want or nothing at all? What about luck? Isn’t it possible to make it without all this positive mind thinking stuff?

Some people think this way. They have reasons for not thinking positive. They want to do it their way. If they are getting the results they want to get and are happy with their lives more power to them. I have no argument with that.

The Issue Is What You Focus On

The problem for most of us is this. If you think, ‘I hate it here’ that thought doesn’t tell you where else would be better. It only keeps you locked into what is uncomfortable. It focuses you on what you do not like now.

It doesn’t help you to see what might be better now or in the future. It gets you no closer to your goals nor does it provide any direction for you to get them. If you are focused on what you don’t want you are not headed in the right direction.

When you catch yourself doing this, ask yourself, ‘where else would I rather be?’ Then focus on the answer you get. Discover your destination. Choose it! Then you can ask ‘why do I want to be there? ‘or ‘why do I want this?’ and that will help get you the reasons and the motivations. (more on the power of why in a future blog post).

If you ask, ‘how can I get there’ you may get the answer or you may not know it yet. That is okay. Ultimately, you will develop a plan. Knowing where you want to be and why are actually a very good start. It gives you direction and reasons for moving ahead.

Brains Target Results – Learn To Use This

Brains move in a direction. Your mind moves in a direction. It targets and goes after what you want if you train it to go after what you want. Otherwise, it will go after whatever has the highest emotional signal value. Whatever you think about most during your day.

If what you don’t want looms up in front of you and you intensely react with fear or loathing your brain will get it for you. It doesn’t know not to. It understands powerful images and feelings. It targets them and works to get more of them.

If on the other hand what you want is powerful and you feel intensely good feelings it will go after that. It doesn’t know not to because it targets based on what you hold in your mind and what you intensely feel.

The cool part is being positive and feeling positive feels better for you. SO you get what you want while enjoying the feelings. This is reason enough to think positive, don’t you think?

However, if you go back and forth you get mixed results. If you want it but doubt it your brain starts and stops. You focus on what you want and then don’t want, then want, your brain tries to give you each and you end up stuck with poor results. You have to choose!

If You Do Nothing Nothing Will Change

You can hope you get there. You can wish. You can wait for something to change. You can rely on luck to help out. You could do nothing at all and remain where you are ‘hating it’, OR you can decide what you want is to not be stuck and do whatever it takes to travel to where you want. You must decide!

You know what you didn’t want. You knew what you hated. This provided the impetus for you to change. The bad thoughts and feelings alerted you that you were in a place you did not want to be.

If you use these feelings correctly they help you to clarify what you DO want so you can move away from what you hate and begin getting what you want. It helps you moved from stuck to action.

Clarify And Visualize What You Want

Now stay focused on what it is you want. Imagine what you want clearly in your mind’s eye, in your mental movie theater. See it as if you already have what you want. Imagine how good this feels. Stay with the feelings. Emphasize them. Allow them to grow. Really feel them!

See it as vividly as you can. Imagine looking out through your own eyes and seeing this world from your point of view. You are living your dreams. You have what you want. What are you seeing? What are you hearing? What are you feeling? What are you experiencing?

How To Target And Visualize

As an example, if you imagined yourself in a new home. What does it feel like to live there? What’s it like to walk from room to room? What do you see? How are the rooms decorated and furnished? This is your home see it in detail. Inside and outside? What kind of car is in the driveway? What’s the landscaping like? Who lives there with you?

Imagine what you say to yourself when you have what you want, what do you hear? Enjoy all these incredible feelings? Perhaps, there are smells associated with this home, enjoy them. Make it as real as possible as if you can reach out and touch it.

Use Affirmations Keep It Positive

Affirm this! Keep your self-talk positive? See this in your mind again and again. What we are consumed with we create. What we think about we bring about. What we hold in our head first we can some day hold in our hand. Ask Directed Questions™.

Visualize it day and night. There are two ways to imagine it. You can see yourself over there in the house and watch yourself walk through it. You can see how you behave in your home. This is great. Let it inspire you! Also, you can imagine it from your point of view as I previously described. BOTH are fantastic and powerful.

You can keep a vision board and get pictures of your home. You can tour homes with real estate agents and take your a picture of the home you want. AND take pictures with YOU IN the type of home you want. DO whatever you can to make the images real to you.

It Is Okay If You Don’t Have  A Plan Yet

You may not yet know how you are going to make this happen and that is okay. Keep focused on what you want. Keep savoring the wonderful feelings. The more intensely you feel these as you imagine having it the more your subconscious works on it. You will develop a plan. You may want to set a realistic deadline date, or not.

In the meantime, enjoy it. Be grateful for everything. Feel passionate about the home. Know it is coming. Expect it. Think ‘I am creating this or something better!’ Allow for something even better than what you have created to be yours. Be willing to be surprised!

Be Committed And You Will Get Results

You don’t really get anywhere because YOU aren’t COMMITTED to any one direction. To get what you want you must be focused on what you want to the exclusion of all else. Keep your eye on the prize no matter what it takes or how long. Dedicate yourself!

Don’t compare, now to then. Don’t let not having it presently keep you from not having it in the future. Don’t be wishy washy, don’t go back and forth. Focus on what you want. Intend it! Create it! Make it happen! Have backbone more than wishbone. Persist in your pursuit.

Do not focus on what you don’t want. Learn the art of self control. Stay with your goal. Know what you want and imagine getting it and having it. Learn to manage your thoughts and feelings and make them work for you. Either YOU are in charge of your thoughts or your thoughts are in charge of you. Decide which it is going to be!

The key is to turn completely away from the negative and toward the positive. DO not let present circumstances dissuade you from your goal. Do not let obstacles distract you. Keep focused on creating what you want. What you think about you bring about!

You always get results! You always get results,  intended or otherwise. You want to get intended results, don’t you? Then you must know what you want. You must know where you want to go. This is the necessary first step in the journey. Then you must commit to making it happen.

If you don’t know what you want or where you want to get how do you expect to ever have it or get there? Clarify your goals and dreams today!” Rex Sikes

This is YOUR day!

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Are You Dreaming Too Small? Dream Big To Succeed Big!


“If you could be, do or have anything you want what might that be? If you can, and you most certainly can, imagine anything you wanted to, why wouldn’t you imagine the very best for yourself? Do you realize most people think too small? Do you?

Do you fear that somehow you will be disappointed if you dream large? Perhaps, you will be but aren’t you already if you not dreaming the big dreams you want? If you are settling for less?

This is one way people let fear prevent them from being and doing and having anything and everything they want. They don’t want to be disappointed.

Do you realize none, absolutely none, of the largest most worthy contributions to human kind would exist if those responsible felt this way? If pioneers in thought, spirit, compassion, science, medicine,  sports, electronics, human frontiers and exploration didn’t dream big where would we be?

You Have To Dream Big If You Want To Succeed Big

You’ve heard the saying, ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’ haven’t you? You have to be willing to risk! Now, I am not telling you to risk your family, your safety or your money, nope, not at all. I am not advising you to do anything at all, other than to expand the size of your dreams.

Expand and explore your options for feeling more joy, more love, more bliss and happiness. You can exand your feelings for feeling more successful and healthy and in harmony with others. You can imagine what you want to include more of. You can see yourself as you always wanted to be. You can dream much bigger and better!

Here is one of the things you can do that makes a powerful difference. Successful people do this and so can you. Notice I said success people do this!!! Did you include yourself or did you feel I meant other people?

See, right there, you should consider yourself successful! You should be imagining your world with you as successful as you want to be. Don’t be afraid. Be confident to dream big. Aim big!  It will get you further than you would go even if you don’t reach the goal.

If You Don’t Risk Imagining More How Do You Ever Expect To Have More?

Successful people have a purpose. They have a definite chief aim for living and moving forward. They decide and are specific about what they want to accomplish overall. They determine how they want their life to be. They set goals and accomplish them one after the other and keep pursuing their dreams without giving up. You can do this too! Can’t you?

They believe they can be, do and have anything they want. Failing at this is not an option. They don’t consider it. They believe in themselves and their talents. You too can do this! If you don’t already believe it you can begin to right now.

The most successful take 100% responsibility for everything that happens in their life. The don’t blame or whine or make excuses for themselves. At the very same time they do something very important which some of the rest of fail to do. It is true, some of us don’t do the things I just wrote about. Do you? If not, why not start now?

Successful people imagine the world supports them and brings opportunity to them. They see it as a rich, abundant, friendly place for co-operation and advantage. While it is true some are competetive and cut-throat many or most realize they do not have to be. They don’t focus on lack they focus on plenty so they create and attract more of it.

Successful People Imagine The World As Their Friend

They imagine it all working out for them. The see allies not enemies. They see success not failure. The envision having more not less and all things working together for good.  They expect the world to support them and bring them opportunity.  So can you! This is their mindset.

What we have learned from science is that attitude determines what you see in the world. Your attitude determines the opportunity you create and discover and how far you will actually go.

Science teaches us that we respond to what our brains expect to happen based on our previous experiences. What we believe is what we will see and make happen and it does NOT work the other way around. Most think if they see it they will believe it. It begins the other way. Believe it and you will see it.

To get money you first have to think money, feel money, and have an abundant mindset. To gain success you first have to believe you are a success. What you are determines what you do and what you have! You get more happiness when you are already happy because you are able to easily find what you already have.

Your Mindset Determines What You Get And What You Don’t

A lot of successful, rich folks have a lot of successful rich experiences you might say. Some are even born into it. That would seem to give them the advantage and in some cases it may. BUT not in all cases. It is also true that lots of successful people have seen more failure and hardship than you and I could ever imagine. They have dreamed big and lost more than others. BUT they then dream big all over again.

WHY? Because they understand the value of mindset and dedication. If you haven’t had a lot of successes in your life you can create them. You can imagine them and train your brain to expect success. You can take charge and make you life what you want it to be. There are no excuses! If you want it you can help yourself get it…

Atttitude Is Everything

…but you have to believe that what you want is possible. Within these blog pages I have been sharing how you can do this. Great writers though history have shared how you can make your dreams come true. It all begins with a decision to make your life what you want it to be and some very precise steps to follow. If you are willing you can transform your life in the most incredible of ways! Are you willing? Will you dream big today?” Rex Sikes

In how many ways will you delight today?

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What Are You Broadcasting To Others?

you atract what you focus on

“Some think that our brains are transmitting and receiving stations and that we send out and receive like thoughts or energy. Whatever we put out there we get back in some similar form. Recent, research suggests that it is actually the heart that is an incredible broadcaster and receiver much more powerful than the brain. Brain and heart combined; that makes us a positive force to reckon with.

Some People Are Skeptical And That Is Okay

If I had to err in anything I’d err on the side that we vibrate and we create and attract, broadcast and receive. If for no other reason that it allows us to take responsibility for what we think, feel, say and do. We don’t have to believe we vibrate or that what we put out comes back but it may be useful to do so.

It is not ‘la la pie in the sky’ wishing and hoping for gold coins to shower on us through magic or mystical incantations. It is just a way to organize our thinking and our actions in order to live the healthiest, happiest and wealthiest we are able. It is self-management and creation. It is being responsible and taking action.

Whether or not you want to accept the notion of being a vibrating broadcasting and receiving station it still makes sense to ‘act as if’ you are one. That way you monitor yourself to only think, feel, say and do the very best. You emphasize the positive. You stay aware to notice when you are on or off track and you adjust to get back on.

 Adjust Your Thoughts And Feelings

You adjust your thoughts and feelings as necessary whenever you notice yourself thinking or feeling less than gloriously. The goal is to feel the best you can most often. This gives us a means to do that. It provides us an analogy we can understand.

Either we vibrate high or low or we broadcast and recieve positive or negative which affects how we move in the world and what we attain. If it isn’t an accurate reflection of what actually occurs it is a darn useful analogy. So I say embrace the concept so you can better monitor yourself to stay on course.

You get what you focus on. You become what you think about. You are known by your actions. You are either mostly positve or not. You either mostly feel good or you don’t. When you feel happy you feel lighter than when you feel sad. There is more energy in anger than in lethargy. Perhaps, we really do. Doesn’t matter, but maybe we do!

Others Can Tell Too

Others can tell your ‘vibes’ just by being near you, feeling you essence, or by looking at you or listening to you. There are those who when they enter the room it becomes more alive and dynamic.

By contrast there are those who when they enter seem to suck all the life from the room. One is life giving the other an energy vampire. It’s in our vernacular and how we describe things.

What are you broadcasting? What are you vibrating? What are you creating? What are you attracting? Are you getting what you want? Are you attracting positive, healthy, people and opportunities?

What are you resonating with? Are you focused on the highest or the lowest? Are you focused on the most positive? WHAT are you putting out there? What HAVE YOU been getting back?

There is evidence that we are only energy or energy beings. There is evidence that we can resonate in harmony or be out of sorts. I won’t go into any of that here, as I said, it may not matter whether you believe it or not. The question is will you behave it? Will you take the time and effort to be as positive as you can.

Then it doesn’t matter whether it is true or not you still are doing the best you can with what you have. You are focused. You are self-reliant. You take the initiative and aim your thoughts and feelings in the most productive, powerful, positive ways.

Pursue Your Goals And Dreams Positively

You go after you goals and dreams with the idea of attracting like minded positive people and positive circumstances that you can cooperate with for success. You make the journey what you want it to be instead of drifting. You move with purpose and passion.

I think it is worth believing even if it were a fairy tale. There are notions which are useful even if wrong. Like karma. What if it is wrong and nothing comes back around. It still is important to treat others nicely anyway. If the idea of karma helps you to do that it is a fabulous notion.

My point is use what works. Do what works and transform your thinking and being and life for the better. Don’t waste time arguing over minor issues instead spend time maximizing your enjoyment and love of life. Feel alive, vibrant, happy and successful!

It matters little if we vibrate when filled with joy or not. Still, others can tell the difference somehow. And that is all that matters. Live, love, laugh, celebrate and enjoy! Make your life marvelous!” Rex Sikes

Delight in this day!

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How To Have More Positive Enjoyable Energy

looking at the same world difference is what u see

“DO you vibrate low or high or at all? Some people, some spiritual practices and quantum physicists, believe we are energy and vibrate at certain frequencies. Based on experience and every bit of research I have I have looked into in the past 40 years I can accept this premise. After all,  we are made up of vibrating atoms.

When we add heat to a liquid (we add energy) the energy, the molecules and atoms, of the liquid move faster. When frozen they move less (although they still are vibrating). It seems it is the nature of the universe to be one vibrating energy in many forms or frequencies and actually nothing else.

Everything is energy.

Just as there is day and night, good and bad, up and down, hot and cold there is positive and negative, high and low, energy.  It seems to be the case that whether we vibrate high and positive or low and negative we are attracting the same kind of energy to us. We get back more of the same.

Or perhaps, when we are vibrating at a high positive rate we create and attract more high positive energy and when we are at a low negative rate we repel and are not open to receive high positive energy. We are resistant to it unless we change how we are vibrating.

Whether or not you chose to believe this as reality it still makes perfect sense to adopt as an analogy or metaphor for what goes on within us. It gives us a way to calibrate or evaluate how and what and where we spend the bulk of our time. It can explain what we are doing. Once we recognize what we are doing we can change it for our benefit.

Think of it like this. You have a positive energy ball or cloud above you and you have a negative one too. Whichever one is bigger is where you spend the predominant amount of your time. The goal is to have one larger than the other. Which do you think would be better to have bigger?

Yes, I think the positive ball too. So the goal is to think our thoughts and feel our feelings in the best possible ways to make the positive ball bigger and the negative ball smaller. If we really had these in the physical world the larger the ball the more mass it has.

This is not necessarily accurate. It could be larger and lighter depending on what it is made of and how it is made.  Still, most of the time the larger something is the more gravity pulls on it so the more potential momentum it has. We want a big positive energy ball for this reason!

We want a massive, positive, energy ball with lots of momentum.

We want out thoughts and feelings mostly positive so we live our life mostly feeling wonderful and creating good things.  It makes perfect sense that how and where and what we spend most of our time doing is what we get back.

We could call you a ‘water person’ if you spend the bulk of your time in the pool, the sea or on and around the water. If you spend most of our time loving, feeling peaceful and joyful what is your experience versus if most of our time is spent complaining, blaming and quarreling? How do you prefer to live your life? What do you want?

When we keep our energy positive we attract and create good things, happy things, positive events, experiences and people. When most of our time is thinking and feeling negative ball we get negative people, experience and things. It really is a simple concept.

If all this talk about positivity and vibration is accurate and real it makes a lot of sense. Even if it isn’t actually real, but only a useful analogy for how to live, it still makes a lot sense in how we approach life and getting what we want. It gives us a practical means for determining how we are getting the results we are getting.

The more time we spend feeling good the MORE TIME we spend FEELING GOOD.  While that seems like a redundant sentence there is truth in it. Adopting these analogies for ourselves helps us to know where we need to put our attention more frequently.

The better we live the better life we have.

Complaining and whining does what? It deflates our good mood. It zaps us of our positive energy. Criticism and blame brings us down. Fear and worry and negativity do not help us to feel better. Yes, it can help us to realize and recognize what we do not want but we can not wallow there if we want to feel wonderful.

We need to turn our attention away from what we don’t want and put it on what we do want instead.

For this reason it is up to us to take 100% responsibility for controlling our thoughts and feelings. No one else can do it for us. This IS why WE put effort into managing our thoughts so we remain positive and powerful create or attract what we do want.

This IS WHY we make positive glorious pictures and supportive self-talk and affirmations because we become what we think about, focus on and do most of most often. The more time we spent thinking and feeling and doing what we want the more of it we have. The more of it we will do automatically as we make positive thinking and feeling a habit.

The more we do the more we can to do.

Hopefully, now you understand the reasons for taking control of your mind and body, your thoughts and words, your actions. They have a cumulative effect and produce the results you are getting in your life. If you don’t like the results you have gotten you need to change what you are doing and what you are focused on.

In these blog pages I have discussed precisely how to do this. Go back a read through posts. I’ll share more upcoming too. We want to keep our ball of energy large and positive. They key to the good life is how we use our minds and how we feel.

Any time you you, at any moment you can become aware, and  do a self check to discover to which ball are you contributing? Are you adding to the positive energy ball or the negative? This is important!

This can help you stay on track with what you want and help you live the life you prefer! Focus on what you want more of! Take the positive steps you need to bring that about. If you can hold it positively in you head and heart you can some day soon hold it in your hand.” Rex Sikes

Have a delightful today!

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Success And Happiness: Are You Doing What Helps Or Hurts?

your mind is a garden

“Are you predominantly focused on what you want, thereby creating what you want in your life? OR  Are you predominantly focused on what you don’t want, thereby inadvertently, creating what you do not want? Since we get what we focus on this is important to know. What do you imagine when you imagine your dreams and goals?

You have to know what you want

You have to know what you want and not just know what you don’t want IN ORDER for you to get what you DO want. Knowing what you do not want (I don’t want to be poor; I don’t want this illness; I don’t want people who lie to me etc) is important to help clarify what you do want. (I want to be wealthy; I want vibrant health; I want people who are honest and I can trust etc).

The key is to focus on what you do want so that is what you create for yourself. Once you catch yourself focused on what you don’t want (uggg I hate these bills! etc) turn your attention away from what you don’t want and put it on what you do want. Remember, we get what we focus on.

When I first began practicing visualizing as a child I had difficulty seeing myself as I wanted to be inside my head. I could quite easily picture something bad happening (falling off my bicycle, for example) but had difficulty imagining myself riding it safely. That was just what I was used to doing in my head.

Because I didn’t undertake to change this and exercise my mind regularly then, as one would with daily physical exercise, this ‘condition’ persisted until my later teens when finally I decided I needed to do something. By then, I had spent many years practicing visualizing how I did not want to be. It was already my habit from younger years.

How to practice and develop skill

I sat and practiced seeing good things happening. It seemed tough at first. Vague, hazy, unclear, unfocused. Sometimes nothing at all. BUT I could pretty well and pretty clearly see what I didn’t want. That was a well developed skill. I had to continue to practice again and again making pictures of what I wanted. At times it was frustrating, I admit. You have to keep at it. I certainly had to.

To help, I would look at photographs of things I wanted or of people doing things I wanted to be able to do and close my eyes and imagine as best I could myself with those items or in place of the people in the photograph. Just as in building any other skill set I needed regular correct repetition to develop my ability to visualize positively. Slowly at first, bit by bit, I got somewhat better.

All of us. You and I can create the life we want. We can learn to develop any skill or ability we want to add, or enhance any skill and talent we already have by dedicating enough time and practice to do so. Learning how to visualize powerfully and positively is a skill worth having. It is our doorway to making our dreams come true.

There may be no other skill more important that our own ability to focus our mind’s attention on what we want to be, do or have since we become what we predominantly think about. Take time to nurture your ability to visualize and be sure to be focusing on what you want to have more of.

Visualizing positively may be your most powerful resource!

We are already creating our world, if you don’t like what you are getting then you must change what you are doing. I had to. The first step in the process of getting what I wanted was to recognize that I was already great at getting and having what I did not want.

This actually was good news. Life kind of sucked but when I realized I was the one powerfully creating everything I didn’t want, I knew, all I had to do was make a switch. I would keep on creating since that is what we all do, but I would deliberately, consciously with full intention chose to focus on what I wanted instead.

That was liberating! That was the instance everything began to shift. Yes, many times daily I had to re-position my focus from what I habitually, already did, (think about what I didn’t want) TO think about what I did want. Again and again and again I had to shift.

Eventually, in time, it grew easier and easier. Soon it became more of a regular habit. Change becomes easier when you decide you have had enough and want something else.  There are other exercises I will share in future blog posts that will accelerate your abilities.

Correct repeated practice enables you to acquire any skill

You can be, do and have anything you want when you learn how. It is far easier and more readily available than you might even realize it is right now. Practice seeing what you want. Become aware of your thoughts and images. Focus on what you want and your life will become so much better. What we think about we bring about!” Rex Sikes

Live gloriously today!

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Are You Ready? When The Student Is Ready The Teacher Appears!

old ways won't open new doors

“What makes a student ready? What makes a student? A student is one who takes interest in a particular subject, studies and learns. Then applies what one learns.

When I was a teenager, more than anything, I wanted someone who would show me the ropes in show business. A mentor. One day, by chance, I met a man. He was successful in the movie business, he had many successful proteges, and he saw something in me. He was willing to guide me for free.

He didn’t want anything in return. Truly, nothing, other than the satisfaction of seeing me make something of myself in the business I wanted to succeed in. That alone, terrified me. I was always second guessing his motives but I told him I was willing to do anything, professionally, it took to make it. I said that again and again.

So he told me what to do. He gave me the first step. ‘Oh, you don’t understand’, I’d exclaim, ‘I can’t do that.’ I would proceed to tell him why. He’d nod understandingly and explain that I could do that or do this other thing. ‘Oh no,’ I’d say, ‘I am willing to do anything but not that’. I didn’t want those lessons or could not see the value of pursuing a particular area.

Time and time again he would make suggestions. Most I would negate. Some I would try usually abandoning whatever it was he had me doing. He never complained. He completely accepted me resisting him and never threw up his hands or told me he would not continue. Our relationship lasted a number of years.

I left him eventually to find someone who could help me make it in showbiz. So what is a student? When is the student ready? A student becomes ready when the student is teachable. I was not teachable. I knew what I needed and was willing to do and not do. To say,’Yes, but’ and ‘no, you don’t understand’ and then provide reasons are really nothing but excuses. AND, pay attention here – Excuses ARE excuses and nothing else!!

The questions one has to ask oneself is ‘how teachable am I?’ Many people answer, ‘I am willing to learn anything’, but when the rubber hits the road they actually aren’t. I wasn’t. How teachable are you? How willing are you to change? How willing are you to change what you think and what you are doing to think and do something new?

Instead of being open and flexible of mind to take in NEW information and practices many people merely defend the old. That is what I did. I had all the reasons and defenses ready for why I could not or would not do or try something. If I didn’t think it would work or see the value in it I wouldn’t allow it in. I discarded it before understanding it by experiencing it. Excuses prevent new opportunities from occurring.

You cannot describe the taste of an orange to someone who has never tasted an orange. Nor can you describe the color red to the person who has never seen color. It is the experience of using the information that can be life changing. If one is not willing to apply the knowledge in order to change and get different and better results then one will remain stuck getting the same results they hope to improve. Instead of taking responsibility and becoming aware of their resistance most will simply blame others or circumstances thus insuring they remain the same.

It is the experience of tasting the orange that makes the difference. Information does not transform us. Knowing what to do and not doing it won’t make us a success. Applying what we know IS the difference that makes the difference. In order to learn, understand and apply it we first must be open to taking it in. We must not defend ourselves. We must let go of excuses and stop resisting.

People argue that what they previously learned, understood and know to be true is different from the new information they are being asked to accept. Instead of accepting the information they defend the old. They are not very teachable in that moment. In order to be ready you need to be an open vessel. I claimed to be open but was anything but. It is easy to self-deceive.

There is the story of a Master pouring a potential disciple a cup of tea. The master pours and continues to pour until the tea overflows and continues to overflow. ‘Stop!’ cries the potential student. ‘The cup is full.’ The Master replies, ‘When your cup is full you cannot add anything to it. Your cup must be empty. Go and empty your cup.’

The point should be obvious. The master deems that the student’s mind is too filled with what they already know. It is filled with too many potential objections, beliefs and resistance to be ready to learn. The student is not ready and open so is sent away. When ready the teacher appears. I was not ready. Many times I have not been ready. Just as with gardening the soil needs to be prepared and receptive to the seeds.

We need to recognize when we are listening only to speak and present our view instead of listening to gain understanding about things we don’t know about. We need to recognize when we are closed to new ideas and unable to accept information. We need to see when we resist and stop.

The way to being a good student is to recognize when we are not ready to learn and when we are ready to learn. Awareness is the key. For most of us this is a matter of ongoing management. The door is not always open. It is open and closed and open again. Then closed, and closed, then open. We need to discover when we close the door and open it to be available to new life changing information.

If we only understand the new opportunity, the new knowledge and experience, as an addition to what we already ‘think we know’ then it is just more information. Information alone won’t change us! We have to be willing to apply it. If we don’t use it we don’t know it. I ‘knew’ what to do! I was told what to do but I didn’t apply it so I didn’t get any benefit from ‘knowing’ the right things.

It is life changing when we are open and embrace it and use it. Then information, the lessons, lead us to new ways of thinking and being. Information doesn’t change us. Knowledge doesn’t change us. Only by using the knowledge can we begin to change. It is in the application of the knowledge where we learn the lessons. It’s the experience, the attempts, the defeats, the challenges that we learn from. Experience!

Seek to be open and available without judgement or analysis. You may analyze at another time but while learning it is not the time to evaluate the merit of what you are learning. You cannot fit a square peg into a round hole. The new material won’t fit into an old, already filled, container. You don’t put new wine in old wine sacks.

You can’t defend what you already know and remain open. That is not being open. That is refusing to accept! The mind is full, it is occupied it is busy and the Master cannot add any more to it BECAUSE it IS full. Some things take a very short time to learn; minutes at most but they require an entire lifetime to master. Quick to learn and a lifetime to master is the principle. Mastery comes by successfully applying the information in multiple circumstances over a duration of time. Correct repetition breeds good habits.

Learning to be open and being willing to change can take a long time to master. It is so simple it can be difficult to grasp. Stay open, be willing. We may claim we are open many times when we are not. I certainly have! Awareness is the key to change. Many times we will fall but we need to get back up and try again. Frequently, we will close the door to change while thinking we have left it open. We need to be able to notice when we shut down and resist.

A student is humble not defiant. A student is receptive. When the student is ready the teacher appears. Who is the teacher? It could be anyone and anything. It could be a life experience. It could be a formal teacher, a book or a seminar. The teacher IS whoever presents the lessons when the learner’s mind is open to receive. You can even be your own teacher at times.

No one can provide you life changing information that will make any difference whatsoever in your life until you are open and ready to receive it. They can preach it, teach it and shout it as loud and long as forever but until you are ready to hear it and embrace it the wisdom it falls on deaf ears. You have to be open and willing. You must also be willing to take the time to master the lessons. There is no substitute.

One might as well be yelling at a bunch of insects who are marching into certain destruction. They don’t know what is ahead. They can’t see it. – AND – The insects simply don’t understand the message! They don’t get the necessity of understanding it NOW! They aren’t able yet to understand you OR that you are attempting to help them! Unless you are open and teachable no teacher can teach you. It is more accurate to state a teacher presents IT IS THE LEARNER who learns. YOU either learn or you do not!

It is totally up to each of us. It is totally up to the individual student. The responsibility is 100% the student’s to be a good student. When you are a great responsible student you can learn from any source. The source may be wonderful or hardly adequate but as an incredible learner you can learn anything from anyone!

The questions one should continually ask oneself is, ‘How teachable am I?” and ‘What can I do to remain open and easily learn?’

If you are willing to learn you must be willing to change. You can’t remain the same if you want your life to be transformed. For your life to change you must change things in your life. You must change your thoughts, feelings and behaviors to get different results. If you are not willing to learn and are unwilling to change you won’t! You must also consider, ‘What is my willingness to change?’

Mindset, attitude and beliefs, your thoughts, always precede what you do and determine the results you get. If you are not pleased with the current results you are getting you must be willing to change things for you to get the results you’d prefer to get. Doing the same thing over and over again won’t get you different better results!

It is totally, and completely up to you and no one or anything else. This is the truth each of us must face. The responsibility is 100% ours alone. So, how teachable are you? How willing to change are you? Be honest with yourself. When you are ready the teacher does appear.” Rex Sikes

Have a blessed day!

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What Kind Of Person Are You? Are You A Wisher Or A Wanter?

the man on top of the mountain didn't fall there

“Do you hope things will happen or do you make things happen? Do you wish or do you want? Are you only a dreamer or someone who achieves what they put their mind too? Are you a ‘someday’ person or do you feel the moment is now? What kind of person are you?

Attitude is what separates those who hope and dream from those who want and get. Attitude is what makes someone a Can-Do person and a person who achieves their dreams. Achievers are people who have clarified specifically what they want, set their mind to getting it and keep going no matter what may present itself as obstacles.

An achiever is willing to pay the price. An achiever takes 100% responsibility for his attitude. The achiever maintains a positive mindset and maintains it daily. She looks for solutions and the lessons in every situation. The achiever always continues to learn and is flexible while others don’t and are not.

The achiever knows it is 99% mind set and 1% effort that makes the difference and are willing to put in the effort to be successful. They know that obstacles contain within them seeds of advantage and opportunity and search for these while others wallow and give up when times get tough.

The are courageous and tackle problems even when fearful. They do not let their thoughts or problems stop them. They wrestle it down to manageable size and move forward in spite of fears. They are able to do this because they work on keeping thinking right. They believe they can do it even when they don’t yet know how they are going to.

They don’t sit back and wait for some day. They initiate and act. The don’t think someone or anything outside of them will do anything for or to them. The take charge! They don’t whine or complain. The take charge of themselves and the situations. The decide they will dictate how things will be instead of letting events or circumstances rule the day.

They may fall and fail many times but they don’t stop. They persist. They learn and look for solutions, adjust and adapt as necessary along the way to their ultimate success. They understand that defeat is only temporary and that troubles are just a part of life. It may be darkest before the dawn but that never stops them. They bring their own light.

Yes, attitude is everything! They do not hope to make it happen they know they will make it happen. They accept that when there is will there is a way. The can laugh, delight, feel joy and bliss. They are able to celebrate life and live with passion. It is not all work but lots of play. They can have fun and have a great time on their way to accomplishing what they want. They feel good most of the time!

You can hope or you can have. You can dream AND make the dreams come true. You can develop a Can-Do mind set and learn to become unstoppable. You can be, do and have anything you want. It is simple. Because it is simple most people never bother to do but you can. Earl Nightengale called it the strangest secret because it is so simple most people missed it.

You become what you think about! That is truly the secret. You get what you keep thinking about day and night. It doesn’t matter what it is. Positive or negative whatever you most think about you create for yourself. This is why it is YOUR responsibility. Whatever you hold in you mind you have in your life. If you want it different you have to change what you are thinking about. It is 100% up to you!” Rex Sikes

This is your day. Make it whatever you want it to be!

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