You Can Have Everything You Want PT 3

I AM - circle of resources

Here we are with Part 3. So remember:

“Write your goal down. Write down what you absolutely must have. I have mentioned choosing an appropriate goal (one you DO believe you can make happen) to develop your concentration and abilities in getting what you want in Part 1. Now I will share getting the goal you absolutely must have. Your big goal. The principles apply to all your goal setting and dream fulfillment.

It has been called ‘Your Definite Chief Purpose in life’, ‘Your Chief Aim’, or ‘What you were born to be’.

The question is What is it you have always wanted most in life? What would make you the happiest if it were to be fulfilled?

For some it is a wonderful relationship with their children, or their parents, or a life partner, or a friend or friends.  For some it is the career they always wanted, a job, to begin a business, or to get an education at a particular place of learning. It could be to sing, or to write, or act, or paint or play music, or play sports well. It could  be to be able to build things with one’s own hands, to converse well and be the life of the party. Some may want a new home, a car, expensive clothes, or lots of money or financial freedom. It could be to serve others, travel, be at peace, sleep better at night, exercise more, eat right, gain weight or loose weight.  It can be just about anything at all. If you really have to have it then go after it.

Just write it down in the positive. As an example, state ‘I want to have enough money to live the life I desire. I want to be financially free. I want to easily pay all my bills and have large amounts of money to enjoy so I can do what I want whenever I want.’ rather than ‘I am tired of being poor, I want to get out of debt. Being poor sucks’. These latter thoughts certainly may motivate you to want a better life and more money and that is useful but they are not stated in the positive. They are not stated as what you want but rather as what you do not want or what you want to get rid of.

The important thing is to create what you DO want. Most people don’t realize that they are already getting what they are thinking about. They are creating or attracting (however you want to think about it) what they do not want. You do not get rich thinking about poverty. You don’t get healthy worrying about illness. You do not become confident thinking what there is to be afraid of. Most people do not realize that what they currently have in life IS a reflection of how they have been thinking, up until now.

If you want things in your life to change THEN you have to change things in your life. You have to do things differently. You can’t get up hill thinking down hill thoughts. You don’t get peace or life  thinking violence about hate. Nope, you have to change your thinking and focus on what you want to have.

If your current life is a shambles you don’t get a great life by thinking how the present sucks. You have to determine how you want your life to be different in the future, set your sights on that, keep your sites on that and go after it. You have to keep thinking about it, concentrating on the new better life, the one you want, without giving up or doubting you might get it.

I repeat: do not pay attention to what you do not want. Remember you become what you think about so think about being rich not poor. Think about being nice, fulfilled, in loving relationships, think about being your ideal weight, think about being totally healthy and or energetic. Think about doing what you want instead of what you don’t have or want presently.

If you want a wonderful relationship consider all the positive attributes you do want not all the things that you don’t want or that annoy you. Also, don’t specify a particular person as in ‘I want Bill or Susan’. Just concentrate on the kind of person you want most, tyhe positive traits and qualities you desire.

In fact, since we become what we think about and we get what we think about most, and we attract what we think about then it is best that we work on having these attributes in ourselves first to attract others.

Rich people somehow attract money. So become rich in positive qualities and you will think and act and do those things that make money. Healthy people (in spirit and mind) tend to attract wonderful partners in life so become a healthy person and you will think and act and do those things that other ‘like’ people find attractive. Birds of a feather flock together. So become the change you want in life.

Alright you have your ‘Definite Chief Purpose’, your goal written down in the positive. Be detailed, specific. Have a date of completion, a realistic time frame. Give yourself time to make it happen.

Writing it down and specifying helps you to build the image and see it clearly in your mind’s eye. Hold the positive image of your goal in your mind. See it in as much detail as positive. Make it a movie of what you want to be, do and have. Make it vivid and enjoyable. See it in detail, in color, notice what you look like, where you are, what is going on around you, how you stand and move and speak, how you sound, how you feel. Use all of the senses. Make it as real as possible in your mind and spend time with it. Enjoy it. If you really like what you see and you feel great as you think and see it that is what you want.

See it as if you already have it. That future you is this person.  You are doing these things now, having these things now. Imagine how you feel to have already accomplished your goal. You made it happen. You now possess it. Notice how good this feels.

Imagine you are sitting with a friend and describing how you got your goal in total, yesterday. It already happened. How do you feel about that? You arrived? Describe in detail how it feels, what you think, see, hear, and act.

You want your brain to know that this IS precisely what you want. You want to give it a clear image of what it is you are going after. Your concern is not how you make it happen just that you did make it happen.

Spend time thinking  about and seeing this when you get up in the morning to set your day and before going to bed at night. After writing it out in detail now reduce your detailed goal down to a few words that you put on a card. You will carry this card with you to look at many times throughout the day.

Copy it, put one in the car, on the bathroom mirror, next to your bed, on the ceiling, wherever you can so that you are reminded of it need through the day. Look at it throughout the day. Think about it through the day frequently whenever you can.

Realize that since “We become and get what with think about most throughout the day” your goal must come to you because you ARE  thinking it. You are using your brain for a change. You have set the direction, your dominant chief purpose and you concentrate on it day and night. By doing this you activate your inner resources, you stimulate your thought process, you awaken your unconscious to assist you in making your goal come true.

Because you repeatedly think about it in the best positive way and with the best possible feelings you are educating your brain clearly that this is what you want in life. There is no doubt about it. You want this, you are purposed and poised to get it and you will stop at nothing until you do. What a powerful message to send yourself.

Do not waiver, do not give up. Act as if it were impossible to fail and it will be impossible. Know in your heart that you will make this come true. and you will make it come true ” Rex Sikes

I’ll share more on this. In the meantime, have a glorious day!!!

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