What? Take the bull by the horns??? Me? Part 1

unguarded thoughts - buddha

“Sometimes people just put off taking responsibility for becoming the person they want to become and for creating the life the want to live. I think sometimes the best solution is to just take the bull by the horns and train the beast to do what we want. Dive in!

Sometimes we need to stop the excuses, or the whining, and the wasting of time and just do whatever is necessary to get it done. For some people this is ridiculously easy for others more effort is required.

I think we shouldn’t complain about the effort because that only increases the difficulty, instead we should embrace and celebrate whether it is difficult or easy and whether the process goes slow or fast for us. Celebration, gratitude, joy, determination, the right attitude makes progress happen more swiftly and enjoyably.

I believe, for myself, that it is necessary to become the change I want to be.

I believe we ‘become’ first and then we are able to do what is necessary and get what we want to have.

I think a lot of people have it reversed. They think if they get the things they can do whatever they want with them and become better off. Alternatively, some think if they just do enough they will have the things that make them what they ought to be. If they work hard they will get the right income and able to get the car and the house, then they will be happy or successful. They will have arrived.

For me, I think it is important to first BE THE CHANGE I want in life. For me, I believe you arrive first, then everything else follows.

For example, If I want good people to be attracted to me I need to become a good person. I should think and feel as a good person does. Then from that place of being I will act as a good person and then I will get what a good person gets. When I become good first I attract good to me.

Successful people seem to attract success more easily and readily than those who are not so if I want to have success I should become a successful person first. I should think and feel and act as a successful person. I should enjoy having money and spending money and living they way I want, To have success I should first be success.

If I am successful and happy I can be so with or without the income, the house and the car. Although, it is more likely, that as a successful person first, those things are added unto me to and I can more readily appreciate and enjoy them.

‘Like attracts like’ in the mind and body and in the outer world of people. If I want health I need to see myself as healthy and consider myself a healthy person, full of life, vibrant, energetic, able to heal swiftly. When this image is a reality for me in my mind then I am more apt to do those healthy practices that are important because who I am is in harmony with what I want. This is an important notion we will return to another post. We need to be in harmony with what we desire.

If I want to attract a loving partner I should be a loving person others can be attracted to. I need to become the loving partner I want to have in my life. If I want loyalty and honesty, fun, easy going, dependable,  well-mannered, adventurous, confident, whatever attributes I seek in others I should be those first. If I exude those because I am those, others who are those will find me attractive too.

Yes, we do have to consciously choose our thoughts to begin the process to become what we want. We deliberately think the best positive thoughts repeatedly. We hold the image of who we are becoming, who we have become in our mind steadily in order to transform ourselves.

Our brain or mind, our unconscious processes needs to know precisely what it is we wish to evolve into, what we want to become, do or have in order to work on our behalf to accomplish it. From cybernetics our unconscious I considered a ‘servo-mechanism’ which is a way of saying our servant – it will carry out whatever we give it to carry out regardless of whether we give it negative thoughts, or bad things or junk, or positive  thoughts, good things or priceless things.

It doesn’t care it just faithfully works doing what it does 24 hours a day seven days a week. It carries out the functions it has evolved or is designed to do. Whatever we already have or don’t have in life, whomever we are or aren’t is as a result of our servo-mechanism. I will keep coming back to notions like these again in my blog. It has carried out all previous programming. It will carry out your emotionally charged positive thoughts as well as doubts and fears. If one is focused on being a looser or a success. We are today where our thoughts have brought us.

Most of us may have okay lives not so great not so bad and that is because we did not determine to have excellent outstanding lives. We accepted rather than chose. But once you wake up to, become aware that the choice is yours to create whatever you want to have, rather than accept how things are going, then a new reality becomes available to you.

Once you awaken to this reality you can have the reality of your choice.

An important principle is “To behave in a particular reality you must first conceive of that reality” You must first become aware that it is possible. Then you must determine you want to and from there that you are going to.

As I mentioned in previous blog posts you do not need to know the exact means, you don’t have to know ‘how’ yet  BUT you do need to know what you want to become, do or have. This is the beginning of the creative process.

Determine now who you want to be? What kind of positive person do you want to become? Write it down because it helps you imagine it fully in your mind. Specify all the positive attributes and abilities. Who are you? What are you? What are you capable of? How do you think? How do you look, move, act and feel? How do you live your life? See yourself as you want to be. Then, and this is important, see yourself as already that person! This is you! In your mind, act as if, you are already this fabulous person. Watch yourself in your mind go through your life. Imagine everything as richly and vividly as possible. Full color, motion, clear, great sound, see it and feel it, hear it. Or get a sense of it, feel it and see it. Listen.  Just make it as real as you are able and with practice, repeated visualizing you will get even better at it.

Concentrate on this person who you are.

Keep in mind you want to give clear precise directions, instructions, images and positive feelings over to your ‘servo-mechanis’ so it can begin carrying it out. IN fact it will begin the moment you write it down. Then keep giving it the same instructions until you actually get it. The better the instructions, the better the attitude the sooner it is yours.

This is the part of the process that is specified for you. We begin by consciously choosing our positive thoughts to begin the process. You can condense your written pages in to a sentence or two that provides you with a good mental image of your ‘burning desire’ and put it on a card to carry with you and look at through each day.

Think about it, feel good about it, and you become it. When you fill your mind with positive healthy nutritious mental food you become positive and healthy. Remember, GIGO (garbage in garbage out from an earlier post). Whatever you put into the system the system returns to you. Whatever you sow you eventually reap. Plant and concentrate on the finest!

Fill your mind with great things and become great.” Rex Sikes We will continue tomorrow, have a delightful day.

Make your dreams come true!

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before you can do something you must first be something


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