You Can Have Everything You Want PT 5

single minded concentration

Remember from previous posts:

“Just as physical exercise and proper nutrition returns results so does proper mental exercise and nutrition return results. How and what you feed your mind determine the results you get back.

Feed your mind well and stick with the positive exercise. Stay relaxed and calm and enjoy each moment. Instead of focusing on the current world and present time results, whatever they may be, stay focused on your goal and where you want to be that time in the future. When you do these things you initiate mental processes and put them to work for you.

You decide what you want, you form a positive habit in your thinking (through repetition) Think constantly and consistently about your goal and expect it to happen. As you think about your goal be happy, positive, excited, eager, feel the best you can feel. I will share more about this and why it is critical at another time too.

Stay joyous and find your best feelings each day and practice gratitude. Your life will transform. In time you will get your goal. In the meantime you will transform the journey into something incredible.

As an example you plant a seed, the kind you determine. Say an acorn. You expect it to grow and become an oak tree with proper nutrition and care from the universe. The seed grows underground in darkness where we can’t see it. We have to trust it has germinated and the process begun. Eventually a small plant breaks through the earth reaching toward the sky and with continued care and nutrition becomes a sapling and then a mighty oak.

Getting your goals and dreams is a process. There are steps and time frames in which things occur. People want magic and results yesterday, because they have been conditioned through media and advertising. A farmer knows to plant and wait and then harvest when the time is right. The farmer doesn’t rush it. The farmer cares for the crop in the best fashion possible all the while expecting to harvest what was planted. The day then comes. Whatever the farmer planted yields far more than the original seeding.  So it is with getting your goals.

There is always a price to pay for things in this world. This is the price you must pay to get what you want. The prices is: focus on your burning desire during the day, stay positive and expect it to happen. Avoid negativity, and steer back to the positive thoughts and feelings whenever you become aware it is necessary. Celebrate and be grateful and find the best feelings you can. Keep at this, don’t give up and expect the results to come in time. Be patient and know you will get there. For some this is easy and for others it will be more difficult. It is whatever it is. Just relax and go with it.

Begin the process.  Do it for yourself.  Make your dreams happen. Pay the price to get what you want. Condition yourself, train yourself, set positive mental habits to make your life more wonderful. Begin today! Engage cheerfully, expect it to come to pass and never give up.

Constant positive mental exercise and proper mental nutrition will pave the way for success that you can’t  begin to imagine.

Stop thinking of the reasons why you can not be successful and begin to think about all the reasons why you can succeed.

Successful Defined:  ‘Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.’ If a person is working towards accomplishing a goal then that person is a success if that person is moving forward toward accomplishing something worthwhile. If a person is not working toward any goals then that person is not a success.

‘Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.’ Keep moving forward and make your dreams come true and you are succeeding. Think ‘I will become this’ and then work toward that goal.’

A success is anyone who is doing whatever they deliberately decided to do.

Some people want to teach others and are teachers somewhere  they are successful because they are doing what they wanted to do. Some people wanted to work in a bank and they do hence they are already successful. Some people want to marry and have a family and are successful in doing so. Some want to own the corner store or their own service station are successful because that is what they are doing. Success is working for and attaining what you want to do for yourself. Some people want to weigh a certain amount and are exercising or eating in a certain fashion in order to do this. These people are successful in pursuit of what they want. You are successful when you go after your goals and dreams.

Have you ever noticed that successful people tend to success more while people who fail in life seem to continue to have hardship? What is the difference between the two types. One has  goals and pursue them positively. The others may not have specified goals or may not have yet learned how to get what they want to have. They may have excuses for why they did not make it  instead of reasons for why they accomplish what they set out to do.

Birds of a feather flock together. Like attracts like. Positive thoughts and actions attract and generate more positive thoughts and actions. Positive feelings enable more positive feelings. The more we do the more we can do.

You are successful and will gain more success when you keep practicing you positive mental exercise and proper mental nutrition.

Do this: See yourself as the person you would like to be.

As Napoleon Hill stated, ‘If you can conceive it and believe it you can achieve it’, and you will.

Begin by making a 30 day commitment to live your life this way. At the end of 30 days do it again, then again and again you will be so surprised and delighted. Okay, someone may just have thought, ‘wait a second why must I then do it another 30 days’. My answer to that is because you will be so pleased with the results you get from your first 30 days you will want to continue.

Life is a process. It is about growing and changing. Evolving. It should be something we enjoy. It is too short in many ways and at best guess, we only get to do it once. Our lives should be heavenly, we should get and have and be whatever we desire to live as if in paradise. Some people actually do. They have learned the secret to doing so, or they were brought up knowing it, or they applied it without knowing it but they live the dream. You and I should too.

Whatever anyone else accomplishes or has we can have too. No need to take from anyone there is plenty for all. The key is to stop blaming others, god, the universe, politicians, our parents, teachers, or upbringing, to stop blaming ourselves, to stop making excuses and to start being and living how we want to. It is time we determine the qualities we want, the life style we want the things we want and to move toward those, without depriving anyone else.

It is said ‘no man is an island’ and no one ever actually makes it without the co-operation of others. It is important to treat others positively and respectfully on your journey. It is important to elicit the co-operation of like minded, positive people who are achieving their goals and dreams. When co-operating with others it is important to be in harmony and in one mind to work together toward the same things without friction. I will discuss more about this as we proceed. The Golden Rule is a marvelous principle to keep in mind as you go after your goals. It is useful in everyday life just to assist you in getting along better with others. It states “Do to others how you want others to do to you’ or treat them how you prefer to be treated. This is an excellent thought to keep in mind as you pursue your dreams.

While you may not yet think so, there is plenty of everything to go around. Look around you and focus on the abundance of everything. Do not focus on lack. Keep in mind the promotion of scarcity is often a scare tactic. I do not mean to be thoughtless in consumption, but to notice how plentiful things are in the world. Notice how incredible it is an beautiful it is. Focus on the abundance. Some people try to carve up one pie claiming their won’t be enough for everyone. I say ‘make more pies’ make enough for everyone. What we focus on we get.

When you help others, when you act in harmony, when you help promote others to achieve their dreams you are doing for yourself. When you help others get ahead you are helping yourself get ahead. If you step on others, are ruthless, dishonest, disloyal, you are hurting yourself more than anyone else AND you are hurting others too. Keep the peace, we are all in this together. Let’s all get our personal dreams and help each other to fulfill theirs. Let’s expect the best and the highest standards of ourselves along the way and we will get back so much more in return.

Again, I remind you Birds of a feather flock together’.” Rex Sikes

More tomorrow. Please have a marvelous day! Life is grand!

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