Energy Flows Where You Put Your Attention: What Is Yours On?

energy goes where attention goes

“It is an easy concept to understand: Energy flows where you put your attention.

Aiming our attention works similarly to aiming a flashlight.

Whatever we aim our flashlight at is illuminated, the area is highlighted, bathed in light. We can see more clearly. The energy goes where you aim it. WHATEVER we put our attention on energy flows to it.

Other ways this has been said are: Whatever we put our focus on expands. Whatever we put out we get back. Whatever we think about we get and become. Whatever available space we have we fill up.

It doesn’t matter what we think or feel, whether we think good or bad thoughts,  positive or negative , we get back more of the same. We get back more of what we pay attention to. What we focus on really does expand.

If we want to feel better, think clearer, and have a more wonderful life then we need to put our attention on feeling better and thinking better. We have to place our attention on feeling and thinking better the bulk of each day. What we think about most of the time IS what returns to us. What we think about and hold in our consciousness really does matter.

If we want to feel better we focus on better feelings. We put our energy into thinking better thoughts. The more we concentrate on positive thoughts and feelings, that which we like and enjoy and want more of, we discover more becomes available.

If we want life to be better there is something we can deliberately do to make it better. We must focus on the best to get more of the best.

Some people live life as though things happen to them. They think they have no control. They experience life as a series of lucky or unlucky accidents.  Some people live as if they are corks bobbing in the water going wherever the current takes them whether or not they enjoy it. They do not have purpose or direction and may even dislike where they find themselves. They feel lucky when good things happen.

When something comes along they dislike they think about it, worry about it and resist it. They put their energy into what they don’t want. They struggle for control because they do not believe they have any.They fight and resist many things.

Resistance always brings more of the same energy. What you resist persists is a popular saying. It is true for the very reason that  energy goes where your attention goes. If you fight anything you are engaged in keeping it active.

For example, It takes two to argue, or two opposing forces. A fight can go on forever because each party keeps it going on. Each person tries to trump the other, beat the other by any means available.  They resent and dislike each other.  When they are  together they argue when alone they think about what they should have said or done to get the upper hand. They focus on what is wrong about the other person and the situation.They relive the argument over and over in their minds. As long as they allow it to continue it will.

If you want something to end you have to stop giving it energy. If you don’t want something stop putting energy into it. Stop thinking about it. Start thinking about what you do want instead.

If you don’t feed your pet, or yourself, you will die. If you stopped watering your plants they would die. When you stop giving energy to your problems your problems will die. Energy goes where your attention goes. Take your attention away from what and the energy will go away.

Put your attention on what you do want and you will give it the energy it needs to grow.

Whatever you feed and take care of can live and prosper.It doesn’t matter what it is, if you nurture it it will grow.

If you take care of weeds they will grow just as flowers will. Whatever you keep putting your energy on will continue to flourish.

It doesn’t matter WHAT you water (flower or weed)  it it will grow.

WHICH you water (flower or weed) determines what you enjoy.

Nurture your positive thoughts and feelings. Pour your energy into thinking and being and feeling your very best. Imagine your life the way you want it to be and pour your energy into these images.

Stop worrying about what you don’t and don’t have or what isn’t working. If life crumbles all around you it doesn’t get better by paying attention to or focusing on the crumbling.

I’ll say it again, your life will not get better if you keep focusing on what you don’t like and don’t want. For your life to get better you must focus on what you want to have and keep your attention and energy there.

Focus on what you want to create for yourself. Focus on what you already have that IS wonderful and appreciate it.

Put your energy into making each moment more wonderful . Put your energy into and onto whatever is good,  happy, joyous, confident, peaceful, sumptuous, delightful, incredible and more. You encourage these when you do.

You have a choice. That is simple to understand. What you focus on is ultimately your choice and your choice alone.

It may not seem that way BUT it is your choice.  It may not be easy at first to choose what you want to focus on but it does get easier once you do it. The more you choose to put your energy into being positive  the easier it becomes.

There is another truism I like to repeat. Here it is: ‘The more we do  the more we can do.’ Our talents and abilities improve with practice.

SO keep this in mind: You life is a reflection of where you have been putting your energy.  It is your creation whether you accept responsibility for creating it or not.

If you don’t like where you are you can change it. Make it a point of taking responsibility for creating your life. Take responsibility for your choices and you can make your life much more wonderful. Decide now where you will put your energy. It may not seem easy at first but it is absolutely worth it.

I repeat, if your life isn’t to your liking you can change it” Rex Sikes

How many wonderful things do you think you can find today to enjoy and celebrate? Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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2 thoughts on “Energy Flows Where You Put Your Attention: What Is Yours On?”

    1. It is true about most of all us. We may not be positive all of the time. It is rather where are we MOST of the time. If it is about 50/50 we are stuck moving forward and backwards. We never get any where. But if we are positive 80% of the time we can see forward movement because most of the time we are positive and moving in a positive fashion. If, whenever we discover we are not focused on the positive, but giving energy to the ‘petty or the negative’ the key is to remove the energy from that and refocus it gentle on the positive again. Maybe we can be 100% positive, but if not, the point is you become what you think about MOST of the time. Celebrate and enjoy! All the best Tony!!


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