Are You Aimed For Failure Or Towards Happiness And Success!

worry takes away today's peace

“Why don’t we get things right away? Why do we some people give up on their goals? Will we ever make it? You may have questions about succeeding and about happiness and your goals. Questions are important. Asking the RIGHT questions is even more important!

Some people ask, ‘why do bad things always happen to me?’ or ‘how come things never work out?’ or ‘how long will this take? These questions put your mind on a search for the answers to the questions you asked. Bad things happen because… nothing works out because… it will take a long time because…

You need to learn to ask questions that direct your mind to find positive answers that you can do something about. How quickly can I discover myself getting ahead? How soon can I find a solution? I wonder how delighted I’ll be when I discover things actually do work out for me in ways I may not, yet, understand? In how many different ways can I open myself up to all the good things life offers?

When we drive we aim the car where we want it to go. We look in the direction we want to travel in. The same thing is important when it comes to our goals and dreams and running our own brain. We need to look where we want to go. Otherwise, we get the same old results we have wanted to get away from.

Instead of seeing where you want to go, if you are looking at what you want to get away from you are missing out on moving forward. You can’t get ahead looking behind you. You don’t escape the bear chasing you by turning and looking at the bear. You must look to where you want to go and move to get there.

People, at times, accidentally crash there cars into thing because they inadvertently aim at what they want to avoid instead of aiming toward safety. The freeze and lock their attention on ‘oh no’ what they don’t want to hit. Then they hit it.

In race car driving they teach you to ‘aim away from the wall’. They have you practice by going around the course and then driving towards the wall. In order to not hit the wall you have to force yourself to turn your head away from the wall and look to the area of safety.

This causes you to steer toward safety. It is counterintuitive and it takes training to get people to look away from the wall. It doesn’t develop as a skill overnight but requires rigorous effort. You have to make it a reliable habit, a first response, in order to survive. You must aim towards safety by looking away from the wall!

We don’t find peace focused on war and violence. We don’t find love looking for hate. We don’t run our brains for success focused on fear and failure. We don’t find happiness complaining about what is wrong. We don’t find wealth worried about bills and lack. We have to literally turn our attention toward what we want in order to get it.

We have to turn our attention toward what we want and maintain our attention there in order to get it! We become what we think about most during the day. We have to stay focused on what is important to us and not be distracted by events and less than glorious results or circumstances.

Keep your focus where it needs to be. Aim towards what you want and keep your focus there. Do not compare, do not fear, do not doubt, do not keep checking but keep your focus on what you want to create for yourself. That is how you end up getting it. As I just said, what you think about most is what you get and what you become!” Rex Sikes

Have an incredible day!

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