What Kind Of Person Are You? Are You A Wisher Or A Wanter?

the man on top of the mountain didn't fall there

“Do you hope things will happen or do you make things happen? Do you wish or do you want? Are you only a dreamer or someone who achieves what they put their mind too? Are you a ‘someday’ person or do you feel the moment is now? What kind of person are you?

Attitude is what separates those who hope and dream from those who want and get. Attitude is what makes someone a Can-Do person and a person who achieves their dreams. Achievers are people who have clarified specifically what they want, set their mind to getting it and keep going no matter what may present itself as obstacles.

An achiever is willing to pay the price. An achiever takes 100% responsibility for his attitude. The achiever maintains a positive mindset and maintains it daily. She looks for solutions and the lessons in every situation. The achiever always continues to learn and is flexible while others don’t and are not.

The achiever knows it is 99% mind set and 1% effort that makes the difference and are willing to put in the effort to be successful. They know that obstacles contain within them seeds of advantage and opportunity and search for these while others wallow and give up when times get tough.

The are courageous and tackle problems even when fearful. They do not let their thoughts or problems stop them. They wrestle it down to manageable size and move forward in spite of fears. They are able to do this because they work on keeping thinking right. They believe they can do it even when they don’t yet know how they are going to.

They don’t sit back and wait for some day. They initiate and act. The don’t think someone or anything outside of them will do anything for or to them. The take charge! They don’t whine or complain. The take charge of themselves and the situations. The decide they will dictate how things will be instead of letting events or circumstances rule the day.

They may fall and fail many times but they don’t stop. They persist. They learn and look for solutions, adjust and adapt as necessary along the way to their ultimate success. They understand that defeat is only temporary and that troubles are just a part of life. It may be darkest before the dawn but that never stops them. They bring their own light.

Yes, attitude is everything! They do not hope to make it happen they know they will make it happen. They accept that when there is will there is a way. The can laugh, delight, feel joy and bliss. They are able to celebrate life and live with passion. It is not all work but lots of play. They can have fun and have a great time on their way to accomplishing what they want. They feel good most of the time!

You can hope or you can have. You can dream AND make the dreams come true. You can develop a Can-Do mind set and learn to become unstoppable. You can be, do and have anything you want. It is simple. Because it is simple most people never bother to do but you can. Earl Nightengale called it the strangest secret because it is so simple most people missed it.

You become what you think about! That is truly the secret. You get what you keep thinking about day and night. It doesn’t matter what it is. Positive or negative whatever you most think about you create for yourself. This is why it is YOUR responsibility. Whatever you hold in you mind you have in your life. If you want it different you have to change what you are thinking about. It is 100% up to you!” Rex Sikes

This is your day. Make it whatever you want it to be!

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