You Have No Idea How Negative You Are & How It Screws You Over!

60,000 thoughts a day don't waste

“What does it mean to think negative? What is it? Do you do it? How much do you do it? Would you be aware of it while you are doing it?What do you think about most of the time? Are you happy with the  results you have in your life? If not, then you may be more negative than you realize.

The problem most people have is that they don’t think they think negatively. Well, certainly, they know they do sometimes but they don’t realize fully what negative thinking is. They think, at worst perhaps, they are half and half. Half and half IS a problem.

Negative Thinking Is Much More Than Disaster Thinking

Something bad happens and we dwell on it. Yes, that is negative but the bulk of our negative thinking is the preponderance of thoughts that don’t add up to anything positive at the end of the day.

It is the chatter thinking, the little distractions, complaints, blames, envy. It is drifting thoughts that aren’t targeted specifically to anything positive. They aren’t aimed in any direction so no direction is pursued by the mind.

They are random thoughts about circumstances; filling the car, getting some food, hating traffic, complaining about the weather, the economy or our partners annoying behaviors and all the rest. They are just countless thoughts that produce nothing positive alone or in great numbers.

So Much Of People’s Thinking Is Directionless

It is pointless. It is of a less than glorious or productive nature. We are distracted more than we are focused. This is a major point! It is what consumes the mind that controls the mind.

In this day and age it is hard not to be distracted. So many competing messages, devices, gadgets, news bulletins, advertisements, internet, BS, good news, life, work, everything going on all at once – some of it may even be intentional.

There are people who maintain that there are those in power  who want to keep it for themselves. They are greedy and don’t want others to attain power or wealth so they rule by chaos and confusion. The more distracted we are individually the less we focus on getting ahead.

The More Distracted We Are The Less Power We Have To Succeed

The more distracted and divided we are as a community the less power we have to get ahead. We end up remaining the same, bickering among ourselves while those in charge smile gleefully behind closed doors.

Whether or not there is a consorted effort to keep us down I don’t know. I do think we ought not let ourselves be distracted. I think we need to learn to focus our energies, determine what we want and devote ourselves to making it come true positively and powerfully.

We should not be lazy and that is what negativity thinking really is. It is the path many of us are most used to. We grew up in it. We were surrounded by it. It is so common place we barely notice it.

When The Shoe Fits You Don’t Notice It

‘When the shoe fits you don’t notice it’ is a wonderful saying that makes the point that when we are comfortable we are unaware. If however, we get a rock in our shoe or the shoe binds and fits too snuggly so we blister THEN we become aware of the shoe.

We aren’t aware of how much time we spend NOT noticing what we are doing. Half and half keeps us stuck right where we are. There is no predominant direction being set. There is no preponderance of time occupying our attention. Half and Half is drifting. It is one step forward and one step back.

We don’t notice our negativity because it is our second nature. Perhaps, it is our first nature. It is so ingrained in us we live it and don’t even realize it. We are used to it. Even when people point it out we may not be able to see it. We think nothing of it.

If We Want To Improve Our Lives We Must Not Be Lazy 

In order for us to improve our lives we must not allow ourselves to be lazy and contented in this fashion, We need to stop, rise up, do things a new way and take control of our mind. We need to BE a new way and do a new way.

We should focus deliberately on what we want, what we can create and what we can do. We should aim our attention, as a laser beam. at our targets and hit the bullseye with our concentration and efforts. Otherwise, we are like a ship at see without power, sail or oars. We are adrift.

Negative thinking is not only disaster thinking it is ZERO thinking in a particular direction. If the bulk of your thoughts, if most of your time is spent in thinking that takes you nowhere then NO WHERE is where you end up. You won’t go anywhere else.

Negative Thinking Is  ZERO Thinking

I’ll share more next time but please do an inventory. Where do you spend most of your time? It it is zero thinking, caught up in the petty things in life, it is time to change your focus and begin placing your attention where it counts and where it can serve you best. Don’t you think?

If much or most of your thinking is caught up with worry, fear, complaining about circumstances and others, doubt, envy and blame stop it. Don’t blame or criticize yourself just note it and make a point to change it.

Shift your focus, your attention and your energy into what is new and good, what you are grateful for, and what you want and want to accomplish. Focus on blessings and the feeling that comes when you are truly appreciative. Enjoy what you have and you will get more!

Positive Thinking Is Intentional Thinking

If your past has been consumed with thoughts that get you nowhere now is the time to change that. Determine instead where you want to go. You must know where you want to end up in order to begin the journey. You must know where you intend to go.

You need the right fuel in your tank. Start by filling your mind with positive, inspirational, motivational material each day. Read a page or more. Try five minutes. The more time you spend reading is better than how many pages you read. Read positive material.

Listen to positive inspiring speakers on audio. If you are able attend motivational events. Spend time each day focused on the positive, think positive and feel positive.

This IS What You Can Do To Make A Difference For Yourself

Use your car as a traveling university to learn and feel good in. Repeat positive affirmations energetically and enthusiastically while driving safely.

Read positive material. Listen to positive inspiring speakers on audio attend motivational events.  Do it for no less than 30 days and you will begin to notice a shift. You may be crusty and rusty but it will give way to a new wonderful vibrant you ultimately!

You can wonderfully transform your life when you decide now is the right time to make necessary changes. So why not make it a point right now? Commit today!” Rex Sikes

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