Learn The Secret Successful People Know That You Don’t

whatever you do do well

“Successful people are able to get the results they desire or better. Other people get whatever they get. They accept their lot in life and hope for the best. Why do the successful people get further than you are able to? What do successful people know and do that you don’t?

Successful people know you have to have a main overriding purpose. You must not only have this purpose but it it must be crystal clear. It must be something you feel passionate about and strongly intend to make happen. Those who succeed are driven to succeed.

The reason others don’t get great results is because they do not know what they want. They aren’t working toward any bigger purpose. They are busy managing the day to day business of life.

They have accepted that one is supposed to get a job, work hard, save for retirement and do the best one can. They do this and live day to day, pay check to pay check. Whatever they end up with is what they get and they make the best of it. Hopefully.

Know What You Want

In order to create the results you want you first have to know exactly what you want. Successful people know where they want to end up before they begin. The destination or the end results is what motivates and drives them to get it. They don’t let the future happen to them. They target their choice.

Write down in detail what you want. Add deadline, a date when you want it by. Be realistic. Be specific. If you don’t know precisely what you want take time to think about it. When you write, whether you are aware of it or not, you use mental movies and images, sounds and feelings.

Write it down and make it as precise and vivid as you are able. This helps you clarify the imagery further. When you write down your purpose you determine where you want to end up and by when. It should excite you. You should feel passionate about it. Eager to make it happen.

Be Passionate About It

If it doesn’t excite you it isn’t what you should be working on. Find whatever it is you are most passionate about, what you must have, that you always wanted, and work on that. The result you go after is the one you absolutely feel you must be, do or have.

Picture it in your mind and see everything you want. See it in detail, make it full, vibrant, real in your mind. Make it an inner movie of how the future IS different, how it is better, how it is wonderful. See the positive future you. Look at yourself in detail and do you like what you see?

Create the future you, in your mind, precisely as you want to be. This Become that person already in your mind with all the positive attributes and characteristics.  imagine yourself as the successful, confident, loving, life affirming, kind, gentle, helpful, healthy, wealthy person you can become if you are not already.

See, Hear, Feel It Vividly And Completely

If this were a fantasy and you could have it any way then imagine it. Keep it real though. Leave out magical flying and abilities and super powers. Set deadlines in the future that are realistic. It has been said there are no unrealistic goals only unrealistic time frames. You ain’t going to be a billionaire next week most likely.

Imagine the definite chief purpose, or your major aim in life, your major dream and your biggest goal as if you have already made it come true. Imagine your life as you want it to be. Script it. Make it as rich and full and as wonderful as you are able to.

See and hear and feel that future completely . See yourself as already the person you want to be.  Notice how you look and how you feel and sound as you move and interact. Watch yourself behave as that person would.

Be Realistic

Watch yourself do everything that future you does. Look at all you have all made happen. Feel how wonderful it feels. Genuinely feel it. This future is the culmination of your positive thoughts and efforts. In this visualization you have made it all happen. You enjoy the results and rewards. This is the end result of your hard work. This future is your prize!

Run these movies in your head of THAT future you, when everything already is realized, and you are enjoying it. As you watch the movie feel incredible. Keep making it better. Adjust it as needed. It is your movie make it what you want. You are the writer, the producer, the director and the star. Make it what you want it to be!

Visualize this as often as you can each day. Spend some time morning and night. Begin today. As with all exercise and ability we get better with practice. Do the best you are able to. You may surprise yourself with how easy it is.

Live It In Your Mind As If You Already Have It

If it is not so easy at first, it will become easier as you continue to do this. Regardless, of how well or poorly you do this at first, you are already doing some version of this in your head most of the time.

Whatever you are getting or have gotten in life, your circumstances, are already the results of what you are already doing with or without awareness. If you want to get better results you have to be deliberate about making things better. This is what I call Intentional Thinking.

You begin to create and get what you intend to instead of accepting whatever happens. You stop inadvertently creating what you don’t want and begin to get what you do want. You begin to get what you want because you clarified it in your mind and you continue to focus on it frequently during the day. What we think about we become!

Enjoy The Best Feelings You Can As Often As You Can

You can begin to get the wonderful life you want and deserve. Determine how much time each day you spend thinking about what you want versus being distracted, taking care of ‘business’, or focused on what you don’t want.

See your major dreams. Live them in your head. Feel the marvelous feelings fully. Enjoy feeling these feelings as much of the time as you are able. The wonderful feelings you have drive the show. These feelings make your mental movies work. Enjoy and enhance the positive feelings! You get back more of what you put out!

Read what you wrote down at least twice a day. Hang out in your Mental Movie Theater as often as you can. Spend enough time each day deliberately using your imagination to create what you want. You need to spend more time thinking about it and feeling good about it than not doing it. Close your eyes, relax and visualize” Rex Sikes

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2 thoughts on “Learn The Secret Successful People Know That You Don’t”

    1. Hello, that sometimes is the case with people and there may be no ideal solution. Not all family and friends are supportive. Love them and accept them anyway. Your journey may not be their journey. Allow them to be who they are without it disturbing you. Aim high, stay positive and find support from other positive people you meet. Read and listen to inspirational material daily.

      Don’t make waves but maintain rapport. Seek mentors and positive partners who can help nourish you. Hang in there and be find time to be grateful and celebrate everything. Maybe, there is nothing wrong at all with having less than supportive friends and family.

      It may be just what you need to excel. Who knows, but be grateful and appreciate everything and you can discover many wonderful things. Best wishes.


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