A Surefire Way To Drop Your Negativity & Move Forward

everydat is a new beginning

“Some people are good at getting what they want. They create what they intend to. Others are good at creating what they don’t want. They create what they don’t intend to. They get exactly what they don’t want to get because they are focused on what they don’t want almost exclusively. Do you sometimes do this? Is this you?

Continued from: You Have No Idea How Negative You Are And How It Screws You Over – This is Part 3.

The ones who get what they intend to do so because they are focued on what they want exclusively. Those who get unintended results don’t aim their intentions at their goal or dream. They don’t intend to be rich or happy they just don’t want to be broke or sad. They literally create or attract what they hope to avoid.

What you resist, persist. What you think about you bring about.

Zero Productivity + Zero Positivity + Negativity = Negativity

Most people aren’t engaged in disaster thinking all day or all week. They are engaged in mostly ZERO productivity, Zero positive, Zero intentional thinking all day all week. They aren’t using their brains to get ahead but they are using them to stay where they are.

Doing more of the same thing doesn’t get you out. If you are in a hole you have to stop digging. If your car is stuck in the mud turning your tires faster won’t get you out unless it makes the correct contact. If you are drifting at see you are drifting and not getting anywhere fast.

So stop digging and stop spinning your wheels and learn to take control of your mind. Take charge of your thoughts and start creating what you want. You will not get the results you want if your thoughts are useless. If the bulk of your thinking is Zero Productive and Negative most of the time you don’t move forward.

Learn To Create What You Want To Create

Become intentional in your thinking. It is either productive or not. Positive or not. It either gets you closer to your dream or it doesn’t. Evaluate! Is what you are thinking and doing getting you closer or further away from your goals?

Are you getting closer or further away from where you want to be? Are you happy with the results you are getting? Is you positive energy ball larger or smaller than your negative energy ball? To which are you adding your energy too

My regular readers should remember: Imagine on one side you have a ball of negative thoughts and energy above your head. On the other side of you is a ball of positive thoughts and energy. Which is larger? Which ball do you contribute the most energy and thought to most of the time?

This will determine where you are heading and what you are getting. If you want to get your desires you have to do what gets you them. Nothing else will do it and no one else can do it for you. Either you will or you won’t.

Either you ARE thinking positive right now or you aren’t. Whatever else you are thinking IS NOT positive, it is not intentional. It isn’t helping but it could be harming you. It is keeping you where you are. Keep all this in mind.

How To Make The Law Of Attraction Not Work For You

The very reason some people claim the Law Of Attraction or positive thinking doesn’t work for them IS because they are distracted most of the time. They drift but don’t realize it.

They don’t take responsibility for their thinking but hope that something from the outside will rescue them. They do not do what they need to to make it work. So they give up and blame instead. They say I tried but IT didn’t work.

What they are focused on doesn’t count or may be counter productive. SO they are are bad off, or stuck or not getting ahead very fast and they worry and wonder why it is not working.

Do you get it? Do you understand. THAT very thinking, that worry, is part of the negative distracting thinking. They are just piling more of it on because they are not aware that they are doing it. Instead of changing their thinking they are doing the same thing again without realizing it.

Awareness is the key to change. You have to examine and become aware. You have to evaluate and do something about what you discover. If you change nothing nothing will change.That is why doing the same thing over again BUT expect different results IS the definition of insanity.

If You Are Positive And Intentional Then What Are You?

They heap on the negativity while concerned that positive thinking isn’t working. IT IS BECAUSE THEY AREN”T REALLY THINKING POSITIVE YET!!!! OR AT LEAST NOT MOST OF THE TIME!

Most of the time they are distracted. They are zero thinking. They are engaged in negative thinking, or they are worried or fearful but they are NOT positive thinking even thought they think they are. They deceive themselves.

The LOA isn’t something that swoops in from outside you to rescue you it is something you learn to apply. It isn’t a thing it is a process. It isn’t something separate from you. It is you!

Either you create what you want or you don’t because of what you are thinking and doing. Either you attract what you want or not because of what you are thinking and doing.

The LOA isn’t something that works for you or doesn’t. YOU either work for you or you don’t. You are either your own best friend and ally or you are not. You are either a positive intentional creator who is happy and healthy and enjoys life or you aren’t. You are either optimistic or pessimistic.

The good news is if you aren’t happy where you are or with the results you have been getting you can get different results and learn to become happier. If you want it though it is up to you.

You can get it  but you are the one doing it. No one and nothing else. It isn’t some magical force the LOA it is you going after and making happen what you want to happen.

Awareness Is The Key That Unlocks The Door

This is why awareness is the key. You have to monitor and correct. When you are off course you have to navigate back onto course. This is what those people fail to do. They continue to sail more and more off course with their thinking. Then they blame everything!

This is what we need to become aware of. This is what you need to notice and stop if this is what you do.  You have to stop digging the hole, stop spinning the wheels ,stop heaping negativity onto your zero thinking. STOP! NO excuses, no whining and blaming. Take full responsibility and you will change your life.

Stop – evaluate – change direction and set the course again. THEN ACT! Do what you need to do repeatedly until you get the results. When you again discover yourself off course – repeat process – and get back on course. THIS IS HOW YOU GET THERE!

Be honest about what you are doing. Is your energy focused on the positive energy ball or the negative one? Make sure what you are doing contributes to your well-being.

If you aren’t sure seek out some positive people to assist you. Read inspirational material. Fill your mind with positive, possible intentional thinking.

Believe in yourself! If you don’t have faith in you, yet, start. Take it step by step. Just as a new young human learns to walk you may fall many times. That is part of the learning, That is part of the correction process.

There Is Learning and There Is Unlearning: You Need Both

The baby learns all their skills and balancing through falling and stumbling and eliminating movement that are not necessary to move forward.  When you watch a child begin their movements are exaggerated and bit by bit reduced to only those necessary to succeed at the task they are learning.

Whether they are learning to sit up, feed oneself or walk a large part of their learning process is undoing these exaggerated movements. The young child is honing behaviors and eliminate those that don’t contribute to what the child is attempting to do.

The learning is about learning to UNDO as much as it is learning new things to do. It is the same with Intentional Positive Thinking. You undo the distractions, the Negative Zero Thinking, while learning to focus on the Intentional positive thinking.

You Succeed When You Create Positive Successful Habits

Both forms of thinking get you results.  Negative Zero Thinking  is haphazard and you end up where you don’t want. Intentional Positive Thinking is targeted and takes you to your goal. It is your decision which one you engage in most of the time. It is up to you to decide each moment which you pick.

One is a habit. It is the one you do most of the time already. You can change this. If it isn’t the Intentional Positive Thinking it can be. It can  become a habit too and serve you wonderfully and productively.

If you want to get positive results you must do what it takes to make it habit. You have to become aware of your thinking and honestly evaluate.

IS what you are thinking and doing getting you closer to what you want? If yes continue. If no, stop. Change what you are doing. Make adjusts and continue this process until until it becomes a habit.

Research suggests that you can undo a bad habit and learn a new positive habit in as little as 21 days of regular repeated correct practice. It can be done but some people take longer.

Give yourself a couple or a few months. Dedicate yourself to a new, improved you. Begin by making your dreams come true. Focus on what you want. Create what you intend to create!” Rex Sikes

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