Who Are You And How Do You Fit In? Do You Have A Clue?

horizons walkway and clouds

“Sometimes I playfully imagine. Do you? Sometimes, I think about how we got here or whether we are all interconnected? Sometimes I look at the past and am amazed we survived it. Other times I look into the future and wonder if we will survive that. I like wondering because while I don’t know the actual answer, I can always make one up.

I enjoy puzzles and trying to understand the concept of oneness. Some quantum theorists suggest all life is one life. We are merely different expressions of this one. There is no division in reality. We perceive that there are differences because of our mental filters.

The Illusion Separates And Divides

We think we are separate. We think we are different. So we act that way. Yet, everything in the universe is made from the same material. It really is all the same stuff! That blows me away at times. Some of the concepts about our universe  really blow me away.

Did you know that there is as much space in the elements of an atom as their is in our entire outer space. This notion alone freaks me out. Plus, the elements of an atom aren’t elements at all but wavicles, or vibrations or possibilities. The larger stuff in our world is all vibrations appearing solid. WOW, plenty of things to wonder about.

Everything is made from the same material from the beginning of time. Whenever, wherever, whatever that was or is. We don’t know we just theorize and point to an event we named the Big Bang.

We Are All Made From The Same Star Dust

The body is made up of trillions of cells. Brain cells, skin cells, bone cells, heart cells, tissue cells, you name it lots of different specialized cells. They each perform separate tasks. Each individual cell is separate from the others.

Each individual heart cell for example is different from every other individual heart cell BUT it is a heart cell; and it is different from brain and stomach and lung and eye cells.

Imagine all these trillions of unique individual cells. Some belong to one group some in another group. Bone cells and skin cells are very different. Yet, through all of it runs DNA. The very same DNA in each cell.

So trillions of cells, multiple different groups that look different and act different all share the same DNA. They too are made from the same stuff. Still, the look different and act different but they are part of the very same thing material.

There Are Different Bees In The Hive – But They Are Still All Bees

It’s kind of like people. There are different unique individuals who belong to different groups. Black, White, Yellow, Brown, Red. Each group has a set of distinguishing characteristics which makes each individual identifiable to the group or class. Yet each individual is unique while within the group.

Back to cells of the body. There are all these groups of cells that comprise the human body. Each with their group functions. Each carrying out its individual tasks. These cells live and die. Even though they are individual and unique, and there are different groups and kinds of cells they are ALL human cells.

They are all one in the same thing. And they are different things all in the same one. The illusion is that they are separate but they function together. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts and the sum of the parts comprise the whole too.

Take a skin cell off the finger it is as human as a cell from the eye, the intestine, or the knee cap. It all shares the same DNA. It is all made from the same material. Yet, uniquely different as each person has DNA unique to that person. Countless variations of sameness.

There Is Only One Material In The Universe

All these trillions of unique individual cells comprising different groups of cells all exist within one body. The flesh, the bones, the organs. One human is made up of all these cells. These cells are made up of atoms and molecules.

All humans come from the same stardust. We are all on this planet. We all live together on the same spherical organism. So who are you? What do you want? How do you fit in with the rest of everything? Is it you against the world or are you part of something greater?

Your mind set determines so much about your happiness and success? Your attitude determines whether you live for your self or for others. Do you realize your amazing power and opportunity, yet? What illusions do you live from and are they serving you to have a better life and get along better with others?

We are all one. We just think we aren’t. We have intelligence. Scientists think our cells are intelligent, as well. There is a unified field, a consciousness that permeates everything in the human. Current thinking is we have more than one brain. One in the head and the other in the gut. Other’s say the heart also.

Scientists think there is a unified field in all the universe. Some think we are all connected as a forest of individual appearing trees is connected though a root system. Somehow information is available all at one time and everywhere.

What Else Could There Be

Do you realize that everything that is needed to build a rocket ship on planet earth has been here on earth since the dawn of time. We have added nothing. We just didn’t know how to make use of it until more recently BUT IT was ALL HERE!!!

Here is what I know. I don’t know much of anything. That is true. I don’t. But it seems to me that the body dies when the cells fall out of sync. When they stop co-operating and begin growing or multiplying on their own out of harmony with the rest. People do the same thing.

Thinking they are separate instead of working in harmony, together for the greater good of all, they compete and fight and wage war for resources. The argue and kill over mental constructs, ideas and philosophies, religions.

Instead, we should recognize we are all one species living in an enclosed globe. That globe from another vantage point given the size and scope of our KNOWN universe might as well be the cell on the back of a flee on a dog for all we know. We could be living on the thumbnail of a different species.

We Live In A Snow Globe Sort Of

All we can tell is we live in some incomprehensible vast array of space. We live and are energy vibrating at different rates. We think things are solid and behave in certain ways according to certain laws. We have different religious and philosophic and scientific answers but we truly don’t know much of anything. Really.

We are a part of a vast incredible oneness maintaining the illusion of separateness for political and economic reasons. We divided the world to control portions of land and populations. We divide the people to be able to categorize and control. We act so important and want to rule everything; people, animals, plants, space.

We blindly give allegiance to the land we were born in whether the power mongers of that land rule benevolently or not. People who say ‘no I won’t follow blindly along’ are curtailed, punished, ostracized, and killed to keep the illusion going.

We Are All The Same Originating From The Same Source

There does appear to be a secret some are hiding from others but I’m not sure they know what that secret actually is. Someone, somewhere just doesn’t want you to find it out. I think the biggest open secret out there is that we are all from the same source.

Whatever you prefer to call it we are one with it. We are different, unique aspects of the same thing. We are all one. We are the source. Instead of not noticing this we should be celebrating this. We should embrace this.

Reduced to its simples form we are living organisms living on a rock hurtling through space. Everything within this rocks atmosphere is made from the same material and it is all we got. We are self contained on this ball.

There is nothing else but what there is. Instead of being happy about this we fight about it, fight over it, divide it and ruin it to the best of our abilities.

They, whomever ‘they’ are. The powers that be don’t want you loving and peaceful because when you are they can not control you. Gandhi proved  you didn’t have to wage war to win. They want you arguing, fighting, distracted and at each other’s throats so these killer cells can dominate.

If You Are Distracted And Arguing You Will Never Unite

I don’t know how you fix that other than refusing to participate. What you resist persists so fighting it is not the way. That only produces more of what we don’t want. This is evidenced that our ‘War On’ programs have never solved the issues they were designated too. Neither have any of our actual wars.

Rather it is best to let go and focus on instead on peace, love and oneness. It is better to find likeminded, open, tolerant,  loving people who think together and meditate together for the world to become a simpler, nicer place. Lennon said, ‘Give peace a chance.’ Perhaps, we ought to try it as we never truly ever have.

Two minds become as one. When two are gathered.Two hearts become as one. There IS power and influence in numbers. If they can keep the masses in discord they can rule the world. However, if the masses said ‘nope, I am not going to fall for that’, and refused to play that game, maybe they wouldn’t stand a chance of ruling.

The masses would be peaceful and loving and it would radiate and extend outward. The world would be engulfed in positivity. Some say impossible and for them it is. Yet, the game continues. You have to be able to see it to know it exists. You may not be able to find the door in a dark room, especially if you didn’t know there was a door.

Awareness Means Waking Up

But once you wake up to that idea you can search in a more meaningful way. Once you find it you will know that it was always there. It was always the way out you just couldn’t see it. You didn’t know it. Change comes by becoming aware that we need to change.

Sometimes, in order for the human to recognize that, we have to get to a really bad place. Some people just don’t wake up until it is bad enough. That is part of our conditioning. It was like that for me but I did discover another way. I’d like to believe anyone else can too.

More positive change will come because of bliss than because of declaring war on problem campaigns. More positive change will come from being focused on positive changes and not by on focusing on the problems. Yes, you acknowledge the problems are there but once you do you turn your attention toward finding solutions.

You don’t become rich focused on being poor. You don’t become happy thinking depressing thoughts. You don’t solve your problems by thinking about your problems.  You solve them by considering solutions. You don’t unite by thinking about being separate. You don’t behave lovingly if you are scared of your neighbor.

Whenever Two Are Gathered Their Is More Potential

When you drive your car you check your rear view but you don’t keep your gaze there. You can’t focus on the past and move forward. You check your instrument panel but you don’t lock onto it. The panel alerts you if there are issues but you can’t stay focused on potential problems and move forward.

You pay attention to where you are going and where you want to end up. You have to look at and navigate the road ahead and drive the route to your intended location. You get there because you know where you want to go. You focus on what you want.

It would be nice to think that enough people would determine a positive course for our planet and focus on that. It would be wonderful if people came together with a positive, peaceful, loving mindset.

One that would bathe this planet in amazing energy and turn us from our darker hours, from our destructive practices, and lead us into an incredible future of loving kindness for all.

Know What Good You Want – Focus On That – Create It

Utopia isn’t necessary and that is not what I am thinking. I am thinking of a world where people are kinder and gentler because they understand WE are all in it together. We are one species on one planet and we have to care for it all. We have to nurture and nourish each other. We have to tend the garden to keep it growing.

Certainly, it won’t if we fight over land, food, water and ideas. We have to reach for something higher than the base survival instincts. Keep in mind a house divided will never stand. If THEY can keep everyone arguing and divided over petty issues they will have won. The will continue to rule by chaos and confusion.

If there is no ‘they’ then it is our own delusion. We will never be united as long as we think of separation. Each one of us has a choice for how we live alone and with each other. What we do today impacts tomorrow. We can not NOT have an effect.

There are always consequences. For every cause there is an equal and opposite effect. We will determine ours and our children’s destiny by what we think and do today. That is for certain! We create our future by what we think and do in our present.

It All Begins With Thought And What We Think Is Possible

Maybe what I have said has some truth in it. Perhaps, it is all utter nonsense. But what if we pretended it was real. If we focused on being one, if we focused on love and peace and happiness. If we focused on life maybe, just maybe, we would find ourselves getting along more and enjoying more of the experience on the planet.

Maybe we’d be nicer and help each other because we’d realize we are all in it together. We’d come to know that together we ARE creating our experience. Maybe, all this, ‘philosophy -science -quantum stuff is nonsense. Maybe it is all an illusion and a delusion.

So what?  Let’s pick the delusion and illusion that makes everything better. Once we realize that we have a choice in all of this maybe we would create something really wonderful. What would you like to do?

Maybe, we don’t have to be concerned with the overall future of anything other than to make it a nicer world for everyone in it on a daily basis. Maybe all we need to do is be more accepting, loving, compassionate, kinder, more fun loving and peaceful.

If It Is To Be It Is Up To Me

Maybe we can look at each other in ways that unite us and bring us together instead of dividing us. Maybe we should give peace and life a chance. And that brings us back to you and me. Where do we fit in? What can be done? What can you do to make your life and the lives of others so much better? How can you live and think moment to moment that creates a positive impact ?

If it isn’t up to you and me who is it up to? If we leave it to ‘them’ or ‘they’ what kind of future do you expect we will have. Nope, it is you and me. We are the ones who determine the course. We determine our course.

Let’s practice a little more benevolence and make it our future and our world (the only future and world we have) a better place starting right now in the present. Now is the only time we have and here is the only place we will ever be. We can make everything more wonderful when we make that part of our mission. I may be wrong but I can dream too.” Rex Sikes

Be adventurous today and enjoy.

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch

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