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All Work And No Play Makes You Dull: Have Fun!

“All work and no play makes Jack and Jill dull. While it is important to focus on your goals, have white-hot obsession and persistence in pursuit of making these happen, it is equally important to play and have fun. Delight! Let go. Enjoy the many magical moments daily.

Play serves useful purposes. We learn while we play. While off doing other enjoyable activities our brains continue to process, work on, review and incorporate our learning and efforts. Muscles need a break from work out to grow and we do to from ‘striving’. Get it?

Have fun. Play. Become fascinated. Be curious. Be a little kid. Feel thrilled, delighted and enthused. Vibe high. More magic happens when you enjoy being blessed and live passionately. Live as if every moment is a miracle. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes


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It Is Imperative You Do This Often!

“There is something important you can do that will make an incredible difference for you in your life, your relationships, your career. It can impact all aspects of your life in positive ways. It is imperative you do this frequently.  What is it you can you do today?

Let go. Live it up. Have some fun. Be safe, but have some quality fun time. I mean, do it, really. People often get so caught up in making things happen they forget to enjoy themselves right now. Don’t be one of those, instead, take some time and smell the roses, deeply.

The more fun and enjoyment you have the better a creator and attracter you are. You get back what you put out. When you feel good you vibrate high. Feelings are vibrations. Remember, you attract who you are not what you want. Be a fun, life loving, person.

The Universe Doesn’t Speak English It Speaks Vibration

Allow yourself to enjoy each moment. You will feel better, think better, and be better. You will make more enjoyable things happen because you are enjoying things. Get it? Do it. Have fun. Feel blessed. Actually, count and journal your blessings. Celebrate everything!”
Rex Sikes

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

Some Inspiring News From The Front!

“It was a delightful day, today. I’d like to share my conversations with two amazing manifestors. These gentleman are both making things happen and have insights to share. The first gentleman provides me health and body wisdom and practice, I provide mindset to him.

We mentor each other. I saw him today and asked how he was doing. He informed me he had written down numerous examples of when he was successful in his past. He fully relived these moments and allowed himself to savor the feelings. He upped his vibration!

Feeling fully successful, counting his wins, he added his future goals to the list so he’d feel as successful about those now, as he has with his other successes. Awesome! Is my response. This is exactly what you want to be doing. Act as if and feel as if you already are it!

What You Think And Feel And What Manifests Is Always A Match

Success breeds success. Read back through the blogs and you will see many reminders to count your wins and imbibe fully the feelings. It is a marvelous daily practice. If you are familiar with NLP you also may understand this as wisely using anchors and future pacing.

My next wonderful gent, called me. During the call, he informed me had been invited into an elite group. He would be mentored during the next year. It is an outstanding opportunity. They reached out to him and they sought him out. Really great stuff coming his way.

I jokingly asked, what he had to do to make this happen? His response, true to form, is ‘You attract who you are’. Absolutely, good things come to those who put out good things. Both these gentleman prosper in many ways because they go the extra mile.

With An Open Mind I Can Accept That Anything Is Possible

Service to others is not a foreign word to them. They walk their talk and good things come their way. I love being able to share this with you. I also want to share that Law Of Attraction Magazine published one on my blogs. Check out this cool magazine using the link below.

Click Here For Free Law Of Attraction Magazine – Online

That is it for today. Smile and laugh more. Enjoy all life brings. Stop and notice the beauty around you. Spend time reading and studying these materials that will help you transform your life. Spend time feeling good, expressing gratitude and celebrating everything!” Rex Sikes


Delight daily!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Expert Reveals: Why You Should Go First; What Goes Around Comes Around!


“Today, experiment. Do something you have never done that is safe, positive, beneficial to you and to others. Make sure it is simple and easy enough so that you can and will do it. Don’t complicate things. Think about what you can do that will make things nicer.

I have a suggestion. Try this on if you don’t regularly do it. Be on time. In fact, be slightly early. Show up before you are supposed to by a little bit. Don’t be so early you are rude. If you are in the habit of always being late or making people wait for you change that today.

Here is another. If you are always chronic about being on time and driving your family and friends nuts pressuring them to be there, chill a bit. Relax. Be a moment or two later. Don’t be rudely late but relax just enough to not be so precise. Let go of stress. Ease up.

You Are Your Own – Pilot Choose Your Destination – Make It Nice

If someone always buys you coffee or dinner and you rarely treat others go and treat some friends. Heck, treat strangers. If normally you receive from others, this time, give. Buy coffee, or a meal. Drive instead of letting them drive. Pick up a movie ticket. Something.

Anything! Do something nice for someone before being asked to help. Beat them to it. Delight someone by helping out before they enlist you. Do the dishes, make your bed, sweep the floor, put the toilet seat down, anything that makes it easier for another person.

Once in a while have a service day when you do nice things for others for no reason other than you can and it feels good. Don’t expect anything in return and don’t hold it over another person’s head. You did it. Don’t talk about how you did it for them. Just do it.

What Goes Around Comes Around – Delight And Spread Goodwill 

Put out there the energy you hope to one day get back. Don’t want or expect it from the people you ‘help out’ or are nice to, let them have your gifts for free. No obligation. Just send out positive vibes, friendly, helpful, wonderful, attractive, positive vibes. Enjoy!

What goes around comes around. If not right away, eventually. Be what you want to attract to yourself. Go first. Enjoy people and putting smiles on their faces. Pay it forward. Feel grateful you are able to do this. Bask in the smiles and silently pat yourself on the back for helping to put those there. Celebrate them. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Fill your day with gratitude!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Don’t Make Your Life About Solving Problems

horizons set-me-free-phil-koch

“Life is just to short, don’t you think? Why spend it locked fighting obstacles and problems? Did you know there is a better way and a better life for you? You can begin to have it right away if you make some simple changes. Would you like that? Read on!

Did you know that what you focus on is what you find? What you focus on is what you get. SO focus on the good in life. Focus on opportunities. Focus on what you can do. Focus on who and what you love. Focus on delight and abundance. What you think about you bring about. What you focus on literally expands.

Your Reticular Activating System (RAS) looks for matches within you and your experience and outside of you in your circumstances based on what you are concentrating on, or holding in your mind. Energy flows where your attention goes. Focus on creating the best life you can have so you can begin to start having that.

Actually It Is Believing Is Seeing And Not The Other Way Around

Focus on love not hate. Focus on happiness not sadness. Focus on health not disease. Focus on wealth not on lack. Focus on peace not on war. Focus on gratitude and celebration and you will get more of the same. Whatever you focus on you will get more back. You become what you think about.

If you focus on problems and obstacles that is what you will find. Don’t ignore them, handle them swiftly. Do whatever needs to be done and then shift your thinking back over to your goal and what you want. Handle them and re-aim your mind. Do not make you life about handling or solving problems.

The trouble for most people is they are always ‘dealing’ with things. One thing after the other. Their focus is on what is going wrong not what is going right. Their focus is on what they don’t have not what they do have. If you want things to go right you must thinking about things going right.

What You Focus On Expands

If you want to be wealthy think about, focus on making, investing and growing your money. Focus on keeping your money. Stop focusing on spending it, the bills and on not having enough. Remember, your RAS looks for matches. It is a faithful servant! Stop looking for what is wrong. Look for opportunities.

The difference between happy, successful, rich people and those who aren’t is most often, simply this. The happy, successful, rich people focus on what they want. Those who are unhappy, not successful and broke focus on what they do not want.

The unsuccessful miss opportunities because their minds aren’t tuned in for them. If you are focused on problems and troubles you are missing many opportunities because the matches your brain finds are more of the same troubles. If you want opportunities you have to be focused on the good things the brain would look for.

Stop Wasting Time With Small And Large Distractions

Henry Ford, the man who said, ‘whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right,’ also said. ‘i think about what I can do. I put my attention on what I can do in any situation and what I can’t do falls away.’ He doesn’t wast time with what he can not do! Think and speak only to bless, heal and prosper. Think what you Can Do!

Stop wasting time with petty distractions. Social media, gossips, arguments, bad news, it is filled with plenty of things to let go of. Start filling your mind, heart and being with good things, inspiring messages. Surround yourself with positive, inspiring, motivating people and you will have more of the same.

A negative attitude never makes for a positive life. Life is too short to be caught up in what is wrong. You can make it right. You can change things. You can change your mindset and alter your circumstances. You can be, do and have whatever you want when you start believing you can and that you deserve it.

Live Your Purpose You Deserve To

After all, aren’t you worth all the joy and happiness in life? Aren’t you worth all the love, family and friendship? You been born into an abundant universe. You can have all you want without depriving anyone else of theirs too. Focus on creating what you want to include more of. Exclude the rest. You can do this!

Make it a point to shift your thinking. Begin living the life you deserve. You can! You absolutely can! Don’t put it off, begin today. Start putting your mind on what you want. Use it to bring you more of the good things. It is your faithful servant. Whatever you focus on it will bring you more of. Take the energy away from what you do not want. Enjoy more of life.  Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Delight in this day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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The Success Formula Laid Bare!

horizons within-the-quietest-moment-phil-koch

“Some people struggle. They try everything but get almost nowhere. Or it seems they go backwards. Others seem to work hard and get ahead. Some seem to skyrocket to success. What gives? Why do some make it and others don’t.

Some try many things. Some try the Law Of Attraction. Perhaps, you have. You tried some things but you end up in the same condition, or even worse. Have you had difficulty getting the Law Of Attraction to work?

Some people have incredible success with the Law Of Attraction. Here is why. The answer is quite simple although you may not like it.

What You See Is What You Get

When it comes to the Law Of Attraction I don’t rule anything out. I think most people have trouble because they think fancifully instead of powerfully. They think of it as rubbing the genie’s lamp. It is not the same.

It says, Like attracts Like. What thoughts or energy you put out there, think or vibrate at you get more of the same back. Birds of a feather flock together. Like attracts like.

People think, okay I want more happiness. I want more love. I want more money. They think. More Happiness. More Love. More Money but nothing happens. They get a little frustrated and try to think harder. Happiness Happiness, Love Love, Money Money on it goes.

What You Say Is What You Get

The reason it isn’t working is that it is working. HUH? It is working you are getting back what you are thinking or vibrating at. You exclaim, ‘wait no, no I am not. I haven’t, I tried it. Now, I am frustrated. I want more of these things and I haven’t got them yet’.

EXACTLY! That is the truth. You want more and you haven’t got and you are frustrated. You are working and so is the Law Of Attraction and it is getting you what you are putting out there. MORE of the same. You are getting back what you are. WHO you are.

If you want more happiness you must first be happiness! If you want more love, you must be love first. If you want more money you must put money out there first. You attract LIKE things! You attract what you are! If you are happiness you will get more happiness back!

What You Feel Is What You Get

The Law Of Cause And Effect states ‘for every cause there will be an equal and opposite effect’. What you initiate you will get back. Together, these laws work, not in isolation. This is why you attract what you are AND not what you want.

What you want you do not yet have. What you are IS right now. You get back more of what is right now. So, if what IS right now you are broke you get more broke back. If what IS right now you are lonely you get more lonely back. You get back what IS.

A magnet attracts another magnet or piece of metal not some imaginary future magnet or piece of metal. Do you get this yet? If you want something NOW you must BE IT now. That is why mindset is so critically important.

What You Are Is What You Get

This is why wishing, hoping, praying, begging, bargaining, threatening  doesn’t work. When you do any of these you are coming from a place of lack. You are NOT what you want to attract. And so you attract NOT what you want.

If you want happiness you must first BECOME happiness. You must think it, feel it, act it, live it. You must be it. You declare it already into being. You ‘act as if’ it is right here, right now, EVEN when it isn’t yet. You imagine the good you want AS already happened.

You imagine it. Relate to it ‘as if’ you have already accomplished it. You live in the reality you want to live in before actually getting there. From this place you attract the same. This is how you vibrate happiness. You think and feel happy. Then you create and attract happy.

You Become What You Think About

You attract what you already are. If you want more money act like you already have more money. Live it, breath it, enjoy it. Give it. You can’t be worried about making ends meet and financially free at the same time. Even if the bank account is low you need to celebrate!

Every time you pay a bill you need to think ‘good thing I am rich’. Or, ‘I love circulating money’. Or, ‘every dollar that flows out comes back to me multiplied’. That is how you attract more. You won’t attract it if you tighten the belt and think, ‘I am running out of cash’.

Mind set comes first. It begins within you before you get the results in the outer world. You have to have the correct thoughts and feelings and actions in place first. You have to have the mindset of someone wealthy THEN you attract more OF THE SAME!

Attitude Determines Your Altitude

Right now, you are already attracting more of the same! It just isn’t what you want. You tried visualizing, etc. etc. and claim it doesn’t work. Actually, IT WORKS TOO WELL! YOU are getting what you are ALREADY thinking about.

If you think it doesn’t work CONGRATULATIONS!!! It won’t. People constantly affirm lack thinking they are affirming prosperity. They aren’t. They stay broke and claim they aren’t attracting anything. They are! They are attracting staying broke. DO you GET THIS?

Your thoughts determine your reality! If your thoughts are positive and powerful and happy and abundance and joyful and grateful you feel that way. When you feel that way you do things differently than when you are bummed out.

What You Think About You Bring About

YOU attract more good feelings from those good feelings. LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE. That is why successful people with money seem to more easily make money. It seems to come to them with ease. Well, it does, because they think wealthy and successfully.

If your results suck it means your thinking sucks! SORRY, but it is true. You have to examine your thinking and get right with your thoughts first. They can’t be half positive and half negative. They can’t be mostly negative. Most people never get this.

Either you are thinking decrease or increase. If you want increase you must BE increase. Think increase, feel increase, speak increase, behave increase. YOU MUST BE IT! When you ARE IT you get MORE OF IT! YOU attract LIKENESS!

Birds Of A Feather Flock Together

People keep missing this. They blame themselves, others, and they look for missing secrets. They try all sorts of things. They don’t have to. They only have to get this one area correct. THIS is what unleashes the positive changes! Attitude determines your altitude.

Some want to sit around  and imagine checks appearing out of thin air. If you sit in a room and hope they will manifest by meditating day and night, good luck. I won’t rule it out but that alone isn’t likely. However, I believe anything IS possible.

If you are active in your mind; if your thinking is correct first, and you are out working your plan and creating the life you want, because your attitude is right you can see a nice payoff from many places. It works. It may be surprising and seem to come from thin air.

From Within To Without

Money comes quickly to those who succeed because once at the top everyone else wants a piece of the successful person. Checks can begin to ‘just’ show up. BUT it didn’t happen by rubbing a lamp or meditating on dollars flowing to you. It comes because you are successful.

Now here is an important point. Meditating on money flowing to you can be useful. Meditating on money IS foundational work. You begin to adopt the right mindset by imagining money flowing in. Imagining you are worthy. Imagining you already have money and it feels good.

In this case it not wishful thinking. Meditating on dollars flowing to you is a great way to begin to get your mindset right. You begin to see yourself as one attracting money, or as a vessel for cash or a conduit for abundance. You begin to relate to money positively.

It Is Important To Be Able To Give And To Be Able To Receive

That is great. That is preliminary work to get your mindset right. You deserve wealth. You absolutely want to meditate and get the right attitude. That is the important first step. You have to feel wealthy. Feel abundance! Feel you deserve it. Feel it comes to you.

Then take it further. It isn’t just coming to you YOU are making it happen. Imagine already having it. Imagine being successful. Imagine how you got it legally and ethically. Enjoy living the dream in your mind feeling all the marvelous feelings.

Eventually, you must develop a plan for getting it. You won’t get it sitting in your room. You must act. You don’t have to know ‘the how’ at the start but you will down the road. In time, it will come to you.

Your Brain Your Mind Your Subconscious Is Really Your Friend

Because you think on it day and night, and maintain a positive frame of mind your subconscious puts together an action plan. Your brain literally looks for matches within your experiences and in  your outer world. It pulls together your resources. You brain works on it for you.

You have heard it before I’ll repeat it again. The subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between an internal, made up visualization and the real world. Whatever internal representation you have made is what your brain assumes it is true and acts on.

If you are broke, unhappy and lonely your brain is operating off those internal images, thoughts, and feelings. That is why you keep getting more of the same. Whatever you say you have IS what you will have. What you see is what you get. Do you understand?

Your Brain Is The Work Horse You Are The Director

This is an important point. If you don’t have the results you want you aren’t thinking and imagining the results as they will be you are stuck imagining them as they are. You are looking at your outer circumstances and noting ‘nothing has changed’. SO IT WON’T!

This is why Napoleon Hill said ‘THINK and grow rich’. It starts with thinking. Get your thinking right and you can grow rich! You can be, do or have anything you want. He stated you first needed to be able to conceive what you want and believe it then you could achieve it.

Yup, BECOME IT and you can have it! You will attract what you are! Because that is already what you are doing. YOU ARE ALREADY GETTING WHAT YOU ARE ON THE INSIDE. If you don’t like what you have been getting, YOU CAN CHANGE IT! That is the fantastic news.  Awareness is the first part of transformation.

You Already Have Everything You Need For Transformation

Realize why and how you have been getting less than glorious results and change your thoughts. Take control and put yourself in charge. Think positively and act powerfully to become what it is you want to attract. You can if you apply yourself. Might it take some time.

YES! If you  are over weight by 25 or 50 pounds THAT didn’t happen overnight. It took time to  get there. Expect it would take some time to return to your normal and ideal weight. It will take some time to learn to attract what you want and that is fine. IF it isn’t you will just attract more of whatever the issue is. STOP IT!

The way to change is to be positive. Have fun! Delight and feel joyful most of the time. Evolve yourself. It won’t happen to you BUT YOU will make it happen. How? By having the right attitude. Become what you want to have more of and you will! Live in appreciation. Feel gratitude! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

What makes you feel thrilled?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Is A Wonderful Manifestation Miracle In Store For You?

horizons moments-of-discovery-phil-koch

“Is something good going to happen for you? Do you feel it? Do you feel lucky? What is around the corner for you that you can’t see yet? Will it be fame or fortune? Will it be large or small? Will you be pleased or not so pleased? What do you expect to happen soon?

Well, what do you expect? Think on that a moment. What do you expect? What do you expect? It is known our expectations shape what we find. They literally put a frame around it. For example, if you expect to find smiles you are more apt to during the day.

If you expect to find frowns you are more apt to as well. If you expect to find money or be lucky you are more likely to than if you decide you won’t. What you think,see and say to yourself is what you get. Your declarations, your expectations matter.

What You See Is What You Get

What you believe will happen is more likely to happen. That is the job of the Reticular Activating System (RAS) to find the match in the outer world with what you believe and expect within. Your thoughts really do determine much of reality. Maybe all of it. Yes, all of it!

How many times have you had your worst fears confirmed? Sometimes, it wasn’t as bad as you expected but it still came about. Sometimes, what you hoped for wasn’t as good as you hoped but it still came about. Our thoughts shape our reality. They really do.

Set your mindset for the best. Develop an unshakeable positive mental attitude. Keep your mind on what you want and the good you want to have most of the time each day. Keep your mind off what you don’t want, off bad news and distractions. Limit negativity.

What You Say Is What You Get

Too often we think we are positive thinkers because we spend a couple minutes each day affirming some things. Most of the day is distracted, filled with petty annoyances, bad news from FB, TV, or media of some form. We listen to gossip or complain.

We aren’t nearly as positive as we think we are. When you are predominantly positive, when you think the finest thoughts and feel your best, when you are optimistic and enthused, you literally do radiate or vibrate at a higher frequency. People can tell. It’s true!

When you are delighted from within you are more apt to create, attract and manifest wonderful, delightful, serendipitous moments more often. You are attuned for it! It can be.  You make it happen. You shine bright, vibrate at high frequency and resonate with good!

Affirm It And Confirm It

It doesn’t matter whether you believe it comes from within you or the universe responds to your requests. You just need to be feeling wonderful and open to the possibility that you will get what you want. Open up to the possibility that magic is in store for you.

It most likely won’t happen unless you take action and begin the creative process. You initiate with your thinking and the rest reacts to you. You put it out and it comes back. Expect a miracle and you are more likely to find one. Live in enjoyment and delight all your days. Plant the seed reap the harvest. It works this way!

Celebrate and appreciate what you already have and you are bound to get more and get better. Celebrate the love and friendship in your life. Celebrate your health and vitality. Celebrate your career success. Celebrate your wealthy finances and abundance in all areas. Live like happy royalty within! Imagine It! Declare it! Affirm it!

See it, say it! Assert and affirm it. Then confirm it! Focus on it. Attend to it. Energy flows where your attention goes. Become it! You don’t get what you want you get what you are! If you are happy you get more in return! If you are rich you get more back! Live with gusto! Live, love, laugh, learn, prosper and celebrate. Enjoy all good things!” Rex Sikes

Plan your day the way you want it to be!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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