You Are So Much More Powerful Than You Realize

horizons barn and silo clouds

“What if you had a hidden reserve of  vast treasures. Gold, jewels, money all available to you to use however, whenever you like. Wouldn’t that be incredible? Wouldn’t it really suck if you had all that but never knew about it? All this wealth with no idea it’s yours.

Many people, sadly, live below their means. They live as paupers when actually they are rich. They just don’t realize it. They have talents and abilities and resources to make anything they want to of their lives.Instead they live in spiritual, mental, emotional, and financial poverty.

Yes, that truly sucks! It sucks if you or I live that way. Believe me I have. There is no shame in saying so. Transformation happens when we own up to everything. When we take responsibility for every result we have ever gotten, good or bad. ALL OF IT! Change begins!

To continue our discussion of the two minds we have I have also used the terms ‘in awareness’ and ‘outside of awareness’ to attempt to describe the processes of each. This seems to me to be a most apt descriptor as when we drive for miles without realizing it.

From Within To Without

You know, you get lost in thought and then suddenly realize you have been driving all along, safely. Whoa, were did you go? Who was driving while you went away? The driving was outside of your awareness but being perfectly handled. Amazing isn’t it! WOW!

Having said that we should drive using two sober, alert, non-texting minds. BUT aren’t our abilities incredible! This other mind of ours beats our heart, fills our lung with air, digests our food, processes our dreams, monitors our body temperature, our position in space and so much more. Our 2 minds are fantastic! I am so grateful!

Obviously, we could never run all these processes consciously. So we have an entire system designed to do it for us. Not only does it do these things but is also responsible for helping us make our dreams come true. From within to without.

From the inside to the outside this power house determines the results we get. This mind carries out whatever it is directed to carry out or programmed to do. Positive or negative. The results you get are completely up to what you consciously choose.

Results On The Outside First Begin On The Inside

The conscious mind can handle 40 bits of data per second the other mind 40 million per second. More than that. Trillions of bits of data impinge on our eyes, ears, being, during the day. The conscious mind seems to make sense of the world by moving from place to place.

It cannot think two thoughts simultaneously so it is sequential in much of its tasking. Whereas, this other mind is sequential and simultaneous. What an incredible powerful we have between our ears, or in our body, or surrounding us.

Our little conscious mind should not be taken lightly either because it can direct this ‘servo-mechanism’ in powerful way. Just as a tiny rudder turns an entire ship our conscious mind can provide direction for this incredible mind when we know how.

Learning how to direct the other mind to get what we want and to fulfill our dreams and destiny is the quest many of us are on. The great news is from the earliest times to now people have been assisting us in this adventure.

What You Hold In Your Head – You Can Hold In Your Hand

The secret is well known but not by many. The saying, ‘can’t see the forest for the trees’ is apt when it comes to describing how this secret is hidden. It is hidden in plain sight. We have everything we need right inside us but can’t yet see it. BUT it is right there now!

It is right there in front of us. All we have to do is apply it. When we do nearly anything is possible. We have so much power residing within us. Most people aren’t even a fraction aware of what they can do if they put their mind to it.

It is all about becoming aware! It is about opening up and exploring more of our potential. We have so much power and energy. We can harness this energy and make it work for us! You can! So what are you waiting for? Tap into it now!” Rex Sikes

May your day amaze you!

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Horizon photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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One thought on “You Are So Much More Powerful Than You Realize”

  1. Great post! Have you ever heard of William Buhlman and his book Adventures Beyond the Body? He takes these concepts to their core. It’s a pretty awareness-expanding read.


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