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Do This Whenever You Feel Stressed!


“What can you do when you get frustrated? Perhaps, you’re dealing with customer support that upsets you more than helps you; the kids are clamoring for your attention; you have deadlines; your career is going nowhere; or there are more bills than there is month.

There are some things you can do to bring yourself more calm and balance regardless of what is upsetting you. The first and most important thing you can do is breath. Take a deep breath! Then another, slowly, and then another after that. Breath deep. Slowly.

When people stress they tend to hold their breath. Stopping breathing puts us in survival mode as our body tries to resolve the physical difficulty and resume normal breathing. This struggle to return to normal compounds the stress and frustration.

Walk As If You Are Kissing The Ground With Your Feet

By holding our breath or limiting our breaths we actually make everything more complex and difficult for us. SO BREATH, relax and let go. Get grounded. That means find your center of gravity. Get connected with earth. Think: electricity needs a ground.

All that power needs to be grounded. You do too in order to maximize your power and not waste it fighting to survive. You need focused energy; not energy discharging in every direction. Breath from your belly not high in the chest . Your breath helps connect you.

Breath from your abdomen or your lower groin. Feel yourself planted on the ground; rooted in the earth. Imagine yourself sending out roots from your feet or from the base of your spine into the earth to ground you, to connect you with the firm earth.

Get Grounded – You Can Navigate The Stormiest Roads In Peace

Many people, when frustrated go to their head. Thinking accelerates and it is mostly negative. Usually it’s about what doesn’t work, why or how it doesn’t, who’s to blame or at fault and how everything sucks. It isn’t productive; it doesn’t solve problems. Go to your body.

It’s crappy thinking. It is stuck in the problem and people are stuck in their head. It as if spinning your wheels without contacting the ground. Lots of frivolous fast effort without any traction won’t get you anywhere. Get grounded. Seek balance. Pause. Create a gap.

People begin thinking faster, frivolous, negative thoughts. Meanwhile, they are getting hot under the collar and more stressed out. They don’t pay attention to what’s going on in their body except to notice the discomfort. Their focus is on what is wrong.

You need to stop this destructive cycle. It is an old conditioned reaction to ‘what’s wrong’. You go through it every time and you will continue to until you learn to change it. You need to stop it being a problem. You need to learn a new, better way to do things.

The way you stop is to change your focus. You put your attention elsewhere. Anywhere other than on the problem. The easiest and best place to put it is on your body and your breath. Breath and let go. Breath and center yourself. Breath and relax. Purposefully, relax.

Pause And Remember – Stop And Reflect – Breath And Let Go

If you take good deep breaths that will help you to begin relaxing. Then you need to do the rest. You need to get present. Stop thinking the crappy thoughts. Notice your breathing. Notice where in your body it feels the best NOT THE WORST! Attention ON The BEST!

Look around, notice the world. Stop and see it. Look with curiosity. Listen. Shut up on the inside and listen to what is present. What is going on right NOW around you? What is happening that you would miss if you didn’t put your focus on it? NOW FOCUS ON IT!

Notice how you feel;  your feet on the ground or your butt in the chair. Notice the breath coming in and going out. Notice the relaxing occurring as you breath. Stop thinking and just be. Take a moment to return some balance to your life. Breath and let go. Relax.

Pause – Become Aware Of A Silent Sense Of Presence

When you are ready, shift your thoughts to the positive. Think happy, positive thoughts. Focus on gratitude, something, anything, that makes you smile and feel better. Take your time. Settle down and now think nice positive happy thoughts. Visualize yourself calm.

Real thoughts not fluffy thoughts. Imagine how good it feels to relax and let go and how you are able to do that. Be thankful for being able to relax and change what is going on. Pat yourself on the back for getting more centered. Think about what is good in your life. Savor.

Enjoy and savor the thoughts and the feelings. If, whatever you were doing can wait, then take a walk. Enjoy moving and looking around. If possible go outside, enjoy nature. If not move around a bit OR sit and reflect, meditate and find peace.  Later, you can problem solve.

Create A Gap Between Chaos And Calm – Notice Your Breath

There is a trick to problem solving. You are a better solver of problems when creative. You are more creative when you are relaxed and refreshed. When you are playful and enjoying life you are better than when stressed and burdened and preoccupied.

In order to more efficiently solve problems put yourself into the right frame of mind and emotional state of well-being. Then your time spent and problem solving will be fruitful. Learn self control and the ability to manage your mood. It is a valuable skill. Use it.

Train yourself to become aware when you get agitated. Notice yourself moving into less than glorious feelings; notice the acceleration of negative thinking. Notice you are focused on what you do not want and your body is becoming stressed. Change it.

Release The Unwanted – Focus On The Wanted – Stay Centered

Learn to recognize the negativity and what it is doing to your body and then shift from chaos to calm. It gets easier the more you do it. You’ll notice yourself getting frustrated earlier on and change it quicker and quicker. You’ll develop the habit of becoming grounded.

Transform your life. Change your thoughts and everything can change. Be grateful, have fun, let go and breath. Learn to meditate. Take time each morning to center and ground yourself before you go about your day. This is an excellent way to start each day!

Practice becomming centered when you don’t need it. Then it will be available to you when you do. Whenever stressed, center yourself. Create a pause. Take a break. Create balance and then celebrate. Be grateful. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Make it magnificent today!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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You Will Never Succeed If You Are Doing This!

horizons with-love-phil-koch

” Do you want to be rich? Have better health? Want to improve your relationships? Drive a new car, get a new home? Have confidence and do well with people you are attracted to?

You won’t ever do it. You wont ever succeed if you are focused on the reasons why you can’t. You will never accomplish it if you don’t think it is possible and pursue it. Negative thinking won’t help you.

You will stay as you are with the results you don’t like until you decide to take charge and change how you think about things. That is the truth about it. For some people it has to get really bad.

What You See Is What You Get

Some people won’t move forward until they ‘gutter out’. Sad, they wait so long to find the impetus to make things better. The truth about waiting to change is that you wait.

The truth about positive thinking? The only way to do something is to do it. Make no excuses, take the bull by the horns and make some positive changes.

Some people may claim, ‘it is too difficult’. They may state they don’t have enough information. They don’t feel like it or they aren’t motivated.

Stuck Is The Inability To Move In Any Direction

They can cite any number of reasons why they can’t but realize this: ALL the reasons you have for not doing ‘positive thinking’ are the very thoughts you need to change.

The excuses you maintain for not doing what would be good for you are nothing other than that.  Excuses! They are the negative thoughts you must change to be a more powerful positive thinker.

Those kind of thoughts are the very one’s preventing you from doing what would help you.  It is insidious. To succeed you must overcome the thoughts preventing you. You must push ahead.

What You Say Is What You Get

You think positive thinking is fluff. It doesn’t work. You tried it. It is too hard.  Okay, maybe it is tough at times. Perhaps, positive thinking isn’t always be successful but negative thinking never is.

Consider this: When you don’t feel like doing something what ARE you thinking? Are you thinking boy this will be fun? I can’t wait to dive into it! The rewards are immense and immediate!

This is worthy of my full attention. This is awesome, fantastic. WOW!!! Are your thoughts loud, clear and energetic? Are you excited and can’t wait?

What You Think About You Bring About

Most likely not. My guess is you are thinking it’s too tough, or you can’t or you don’t feel well enough, or you don’t have enough or, or or,  etc., etc.

Positive thinking is not magical thinking to replace negative thinking so you can stay in your room and hope and wish for money and abundance. Not at all.

Positive thinking replaces limiting beliefs, doubts, and excuses. Positive thinking turns ‘I can’t’ thinking into ‘I am able to’. Positive thinking provides you the power to get up and get things done.

Today You Are Where Your Thoughts Have Brought You

Positive thinking is for your benefit. Again, you will stay as you are with the results you don’t like up until you decide to take charge and change how you think about things.

Some don’t believe me. THAT is the problem. Proof won’t come along and change your mind. Seeing does not result in believing. You have the cart before the horse. BELIEVE IT and YOU will see it.

THAT is how it works. You can’t see it, you won’t see it, because your own beliefs, thoughts, reasons, excuses, blames and filters prevent you from seeing it. That is why you want the proof first.

You’ll Be Where Your Thoughts Take You Tomorrow

You are stuck in ‘I can’t do it’,  If you can’t then you won’t. If you won’t then you don’t so nothing changes. If you want your life to change you have to change things in your life.

If what you are doing isn’t work then you must do something else. If you don’t like the results you are getting, in order to get different results you must make some do things differently. Make changes.

It doesn’t happen over night. The results you seek may take time. That is just how things are. That is how the brain is designed to work. It creates habits and the operates from those habits.

You Can’t Escape The Results Of Your Thoughts

You habitually think the way you do. If it isn’t powerful, positive and serving you to get the results and kind of life you want, then that is what you can change, and must change, to have that better life.

The good news is you can create now, powerful, positive thought habits. It takes some time. Just as walking any journey is step by step but little by little you can experience immense benefits.

Your mind has told you what to do long enough. You’ve listened to chronic, bad thought habits. It is time you tell your mind what to do. Give it clear, concise, instructions, the right way AND IT WILL obey.

You Become What You Think About

Condition your mind for success. Condition it for happiness, health, wealth, loving relationships. Anything you want or desire but you must condition it. Otherwise, it does what it already does.

Drop by drop the tub gets filled. Bit by bit you will claim control. Take baby steps, it’s okay. A small degree of positive change can manifest incredibly large positive results. Isn’t that what you want?

Affirm what you want. Declare it. See it in your mind’s eye. Speak it. Assert it. When you do muster up all the wonderful, good, positive feelings you can. Shout it, chant it, FEEL IT! Be positive.

If You Can Hold It In Your Head You Can Hold It In Your Hand

Think, I am happy. I am healthy. I am rich. I can reach my goals. Make short, concise positive statements. Repeat them again and again with strong positive emotion. Day and night. Whenever you can.

That is how you got the limiting beliefs. You were exposed to them over and over. Now it is your turn to tell your brain what you want instead. Think positive and things can get better. You’ll see.

Sure, it might be hard. Instead of focusing on difficulty, focus on what you can and will do. Focus on it being easy and fun. Make it so and it will be. You get what you think about. You always have! So think the best thoughts not the worst. And while you are at it, appreciate what you have, feel grateful and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Make today a happy one!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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How To Have The Energy You Want And Need Anytime!

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“When it comes to having more energy or enough energy there is a secret. Yes, you can eat right and exercise right to feel more alive. This is important. Yet, there is something about energy you need to know and understand. You have all the energy you need at any time!

While you may balk at that statement it is accurate. Your body is not suffering from lack of energy you simply aren’t releasing or utilizing the energy you have properly. Proper breathing can help you to discover this.

I am not going to discuss, nutrition, exercise or breath work in this post. I am going to share with you another reliable approach to unlocking what is within you. Consider this for a moment: what happens to you when you get some really, great, life altering news?

Energy Begets Energy

Someone you love tells you they are going to get married, have a baby or you won some wonderful prize? What happens when you get some form of glad tidings? You get glad, right? You get excited, enthused, eager. You are happy and positive.

While it may seem like the news caused it, actually it didn’t. You released the enthusiasm and happiness. In an instant! One moment you felt one way in an instant you felt filled with joy! Perhaps, you did a high five, a chest bump, a happy dance, or hugged. You celebrated the news!

Now consider this: you had this burst, this release, this positive moment because you were excited by what you heard or saw, or read or… Your state changed, your being changed. I know you have had moments like this because we all have. It is called being human.

The More You Have The More You Get

You may have to search your memory to recall but if you are honest you know this is accurate. Before you go off into, ‘yeah but’, if that is something you typically do, stop and recall the moment. Fully live it for a while, if you are able. Enjoy it. Notice in doing this you may actually feel some or all of those very same feelings.

Isn’t that cool? Whenever we recall a marvelous state OR for that matter a less than glorious one we tend to feel the same way. It’s true. Think about the person who had an incident in traffic in the morning with an ‘ass’ and how each time they tell it throughout the day and into the evening they continue to get really mad.

The incident is past in the outer world but alive in the inner. Our neurology works this way. We feel part or all of a past prior experience through vivid recall. This is why remembering sad events make us sad or cry and why remembering happy ones cause us to feel the happy. It’s mind/body memory. It’s our neural pathways.

The More You Do The More You Can Do

Our thoughts make a huge difference. If you want to feel more energy and more alive then you must think the thoughts that release that in you. What we think about we bring about. We can change our emotional states by changing what we think about.

We change how we feel and what we can do and accomplish by changing our thinking to serve us. Your thoughts should serve you. You should not be a servant to your thoughts. Remember this! Now, if you want more energy do the following. Get excited! Get eager!

You must be enthused about yourself, the day, what you are doing, who you are seeing. You must get excited and be eager and happy. Thought precedes action and feeling. People can tell what you are thinking by your outside demeanor. You can tell if another person is positive or negative, happy or sad, a winner or a loser by looking.

You Are Where Your Thoughts Take You

Okay, it really isn’t fair to judge or call names but it is true, isn’t it? You can tell if someone has something going for him or her or not. It is based on the inner life that is reflected. The look in the eye. The carriage or the body, the movements, the sound of voice. Tell tale signs, body language, reveal the inner life.

Anytime you want to release energy get excited about something inside. Another way, is to each day, vigorously, out loud (in private) shout, chant, enthusiastically repeat your positive affirmations. You can look in the mirror for extra oomph! The military understands this and it is a huge part of their training and conditioning.

Chant your mantras out loud. ‘I feel wonderful! I am incredible! Life is great! I can do anything! I am capable and confident! Life is grand! Everything always works out for the best!’ Those are just samples you have your own. You do this five or ten minutes, or do it on your commute to work in your car and you will feel different.

The Results You Get, Your Feelings, Reveal Your Thinking

Do this at least two times a day for no less than 30 days and you will find your life changing. It is said a lie repeated enough becomes substituted for the truth. Even if you don’t believe it at first you do it loud enough, long enough, and you will. You will change your conditioning and what you believe is possible.

To be successful you need to make things an automatic reliable positive habit. You need to replace the habits that limit you or cause you to have lackluster results. If you want more energy you can instantly have it. IF you don’t believe it do the exercise I just suggested for at least 30 days. Then evaluate. BUT do it fully and completely!

If you want things in your life to change you must change things in your life. You must shake it up and loosen the hold the old thinking has on you. Then replace it with positive, powerful, productive, new thinking that supports and encourages you in getting what you want. Thought comes first. You want energy you can have it!

Transformation Happens The Instant You Make A Decision

You already have it. Unleash the energy within you. While you are at it unleash your inner genius and inner power. Unleash your inner charm and charisma. Unleash your inner confidence. You think you lack anything you do not! It is there inside you wanting to get out, hidden, kept captive, by layers of old thinking and behaving.

You can let it out and change your world. You can transform yourself from a can’t do person to a can do one! You can dream big and make your dreams come true. You can walk the planet as a victor and champion. Others will look and take notice. Or you can remain the same. The choice is yours! Decided today!” Rex Sikes

Be glad and celebrate this day!


Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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My Life Absolutely Transformed When I Decided This!

horizonz whispered-moment-

My life absolutely transformed when I decided I was no longer going to focus on what I don’t want or want to avoid and concentrate instead only on what I do want.

Yes, I don’t want wars but instead I focus on peace. Yes, I don’t want poverty but instead focus on wealth creation.

Yes, I don’t want many things but instead of focusing on the problem, once identified, I prefer to focus on the solution.

That is what we are after most anyway. Life is good!

My life absolutely changed for the better when I stopped thinking and saying ‘I can’t’ and decided to say ‘I can’, instead!

My life absolutely transformed when I stopped thinking and saying ‘Somebody ought to do something’, and started thinking and saying ‘I ought to do something’.

When I learned to take control of my own thought process everything in my life got better!

My life transformed in glorious ways when I decided I wasn’t a victim or survivor of my past but that I am, and could live as, a champion. I could be a victor in every way.

My life changed wonderfully when I opened the possibility for thinking positive instead of thinking habitually negative or mere lack luster thinking.

My life transformed positively when I decided to take 100% responsibility for all of my life past and present as well as for my future.

I decided I was a creator and attractor. I recognized that I choose. I decide. When I realized I was deciding all along, even when I didn’t think I was, or when I wanted to blame someone else, I came into incredible power.

My life transformed when I realized my feelings were a signal as to what I was paying attention to in my mind.

When I decided I was going to live feeling the best I could at any moment is when miracles began happening in my life!

Simple moments became auspicious moments.

My life transformed delightfully when I decided to put my energies into what I am grateful for. When I filled the day and each moment with gratefulness beauty became evident.

Suddenly, everything became perfectly okay and as it should be!

My live transformed incredibly when I learned how to better let go and drop weight I need not carry.

When I learned how to stop resisting and start allowing life because so much easier. Flow happened and I started to enjoy it so much more.

My life transformed in amazing ways when I learned how to forgive myself and others.

When I could shower others with love and not hold anything against them so many relationships changed.

My life transformed when I transformed my life. I transformed me and everything transformed after that.

Life is good. Life is great. Life is grand!

I believe any one of these practices will transform your life too in incredible ways. You can transform in ways that you may not even be able to begin to fully imagine yet.

Pick one and put it into practice. Soon it will lead to the others.

There is no reason to not be absolutely happy in life and with life. To feel happy is a choice we make. Choose to be happy and you can be. Choose to be happy and you  will be. What you get is completely up to you. It is up to you. Celebrate and enjoy!” Rex Sikes

Make each moment marvelous!


Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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A Lie Repeated Often Enough Get’s Substituted As The Truth

horizons green cloud burst

We all have beliefs as you already know. Some of them are useful beliefs that support us and help us do things important to us. Other beliefs we have do just the opposite. They limit us. The interesting thing is that a belief is just a thought. A mental packet of energy.

It literally is just energy. In the body it may be chemicals and electrical impulses. Why do we have such a difficult time with some of our beliefs and behaviors if it is just electrical, chemical, energy? It would seem the answer is in the fact that these mental packs of energy are tied to our feelings.

Your Brain Is As Strong As Its Weakest Think

AND for some silly reason we think (mental energy again) if we feel a certain way, well that is it, it is written in stone. If we don’t feel like it then we just shouldn’t do it. Worse yet, if we don’t feel like it we can’t do it. Have you ever thought about this? We think some 60,000 thoughts a day most of which we thought yesterday.

We are creatures of habit. The same neural firings and pathways get activated. We routinely think and feel pretty much the same, day to day, with some obvious variations. Some things upset the apple cart pleasantly and some not so pleasantly. Something happens and we react.

Even then it is, most assuredly, the same way we usually react. After all we pretty much get mad the same way and usually about the same things. We get excited the same way and about the same things. You name it most of what we do is the same and automatic and it is all due to our electrical chemical squirts and pathways.

If You Really Want To  Do Something You’ll Find A Way

So are we doomed to live this way just because we have? For some the answer may be yes. Sadly, for some they will never opt for anything different. God love them anyways. ‘They know not what they do’. They just never wake up to the possibility that it COULD be otherwise. For them change may not even be a dream.

For others the answer is no, not at all. They can change and become whomever they want to be in life. They can do and have whatever it is they want. They can make profound positive, personal, lasting change that they enjoy now and into the future. For them change is real.

Then there are those who wish. They hope to have a better life but they do not do anything about it. The watch others succeed, have fulfilling relationship and enjoy happiness but they don’t think they can. The hope, they whine, they wish but for them it is only a dream.

If You Don’t Want To Do Something You’ll Find An Excuse

The bottom line is some will and some won’t. That is just the way it is. In the same way we have beliefs that limit us and support us. That is just the way it is. None of our beliefs are necessarily true. We think they are but the reality is they are things we believe.

Have you ever been wrong about anything, ever at all? If you are honest, then of course you have. Have your senses ever deceived you? You mistook someone for a friend? You sure thought it was her but it wasn’t. I bet you can come up with numerous examples.

The point is beliefs really are statements or assertions or declarations about ourself which don’t have to have anything with the truth. We just believe them, we believe that they do. Yes, they could have but they don’t have to have any resemblance to truth for us to have adopted and lived from them.

We Are Creatures Of Habit

That is why we believe things about ourselves that are negative, bad, harmful or limiting. We believe we are screw ups, worthless, unable to do things, bad, wrong and stupid. Why on earth would we EVER chose to believe those things about us. Guess what when we do we feel bad too. Heck, do you want to think and feel bad? I bet you don’t.

Without getting into long explanations as to why we have beliefs in the first place, or how we came to adopt beliefs through circumstances, peers and authority figures, or how they may help ensure survival etc. let us just admit we have them. Let’s also realize all of them are lies.

Lies repeated often enough may get substituted for the truth. If you adopted some of these at an early age and have been repeating them over and over to yourself, in one way or another, you have come to believe statements that can have absolutely nothing to do with the truth of who you are!

Thoughts Are Things

Except for the fact that you have embraced them, believed them and made them your own. You live from them, repeating them now because they are habit. Not that they are true they are just habit. They are reliable and automatic and they serve to keep you the same.

Your RAS looks for confirmation in the outer world thereby continuing the cycle of self deceit. If you believe things that aren’t true about you you are lying to yourself and accepting it as true. If that is the case CHOOSE better lies to believe. Choose lies that serve you to have everything you want in life!

SO while we are at it let’s admit we believe things about ourselves we may be better off not believing. We believe some pretty stupid and useless things sometimes. Henry Ford put it well when he said, ‘If you think you can or you think you can’t; you are right.’ Pretty much sums it up doesn’t it?

Birds Of A Feather Flock Together

There are beliefs we think that begin with ‘I can’ or ‘I am able’ then there are those that begin with ‘I can’t’ or ‘I am unable’. Both result in feelings, different feelings, and both determine how we act and behave and what and whether or not we accomplish anything much. Our mindset determines where we go in life.

You can absolutely change what and how you believe. You can develop new habits. I won’t lie to you and say it is easy it takes some effort. NOT very much but it takes some. Most of the effort is in overcoming the inertia of living a particular way so well you are comfortable with it even if it is painful.

People often times won’t do anything because it is uncomfortable. Change is uncomfortable it shakes things up. It is uncertain. People ‘don’t feel like it’. Yes, part of the brain’s job IS maintaining homeostasis. It keeps everything the same because it has made all those habitual neural pathways to run.

Our Brains Crave Novelty

It loves and craves novelty at the very same time. It is a learning junky. The human isn’t. We don’t like it all very much. We want it easy and ‘hey, don’t rock the boat!’ So many people won’t change because they believe it will be or is ‘too hard’. They believe ‘it will take too much work’ or that ‘I can’t’ or ‘I don’t know how’ or ‘all of this is BS’.

When confronted with the opportunity to change often times resistance comes up. Those are all the beliefs trying to keep you the same. All the reasons why something is wrong, won’t work, why you can’t, why it isn’t worth it, why why why… excuses…excuses…excuses…

Habits, habits, habits. Habitual thoughts you have been thinking forever keep you from living your goals and dreams and having the life you want. If you want to change examine these limiting statements  You can change you beliefs and you belief habits, by developing new habits.

Habits Are Reliable And Automatic

Would you like to learn more about how to do this? More next time. BUT keep in mind ‘ a lie repeated often enough gets substituted for the truth’. What we think about we become. You can create new positive, powerful beliefs that serve you better and help take you where you want to go. AND THAT IS GREAT NEWS!” Rex Sikes

Celebrate today!


Horizon photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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You Don’t Have To Be Screwed If You Are Doing This!

horizons single tombstone

“Your career, finances, romance, family and life can be difficult but there is hope. You can make a difference. It need not stay the same nor does it need to be hopeless. Wouldn’t you like to discover how you can make it whatever you want it to be? Wouldn’t you like to make changes more easily?

If your answer is yes then you must learn to condition your mind to give you what you want. It will deliver reliably when you train and condition it. The same conditioning is required by your body. You must condition it to get certain results and physique. You must take in the proper nutrition, exercise and get the right amount of rest.

The Law Of Attraction is the same. You need a daily diet of inspirational, positive and motivational thoughts. You need to nourish and replenish. You need to keep focused. You need to stay on the positive. If you feel stuck you are not thinking and feeling positive.

You Must Feed Your Body And Your Mind Well

You are thinking than glorious thoughts about what you don’t want, wish to avoid or hope doesn’t happen. That is why your feelings went south. If you think less than glorious thoughts you will feel less than glorious. SO our feelings are a great indicator as to what we are thinking at any given moment.

When you feel less than glorious it is the signal for you to change your thinking. Switch it back, as quickly as you are able, to positive thinking. Isn’t that cool. We have a built in signal device that let’s us know when we are off track. OF COURSE no one taught you that until now.

Imagine how life would be different if you knew that growing up. Our feelings would take on completely different meanings and instead of getting bent out of shape when feelings are less than glorious we would have understood them to be the resource they are. Oh well, better late than never.

Tiny Adjustments Applied Bring Great Change

You can train your mind AND YES YOU REALLY CAN train your mind. It is simple but not easy. You can train your mind and when you do then the law of attraction or the law of creation works as it is supposed to work. You have to accept responsibility. In this day and age few are willing to say I am responsible for everything.

Whether true or not if you begin with this premise, rather than blaming oneself, it provides a great wide latitude to create from. If everything good or bad is only up to you and no one and nothing else then you can change it from within. A complete new world will open up to you when YOU take full responsibility. This IS how it works.

You must do it. You can’t read about it and think everything will be better. You have to implement it and undergo a daily regime. Believe me, this is the area I had most difficulty with; ACTUALLY doing it. I’d try to understand it thinking if I understand it then it will work. Wrong. Doing it is what makes it work. I repeat, DOING IT makes it work! I must repeat this again. ONLY doing it makes it work!

What You Think  About You Bring About

YOU ARE ALREADY bringing about everything. That is why you must take responsibility. Realize this! It is not something you now suddenly begin. You have been doing it all the while you have been growing up. What you do begin now is to take control of the process and make it work for you instead of against you.

Claim your power. Put yourself in the driver seat! Steer your brain the way you want to. Stop letting it do whatever it has been doing and aim it intentionally. Deliberately determine what you pay attention to. YOU determine what you focus on BECAUSE what you focus on is what you get.

You don’t have to be screwed. One negative thought won’t harm you. It is the preponderance of what you think and how you feel that makes the difference. SO the goal is to think positively and feel your best MOST of the time.

Your Past Does Not Equal Your Future

The bad news is you have not been controlling your thinking it has been controlling you. You have been getting less than glorious results because of your lack of control. The good news is you can learn to control your thinking and get fabulous wonderfully positive results in your life and the real world.

Feelings are easier to notice than each individual thought. Whenever you feel down then notice what you are thinking and change it for the better. Do whatever you have to do to make yourself feel better.  (We discuss a little more next time).

As you do this you train yourself to return to the positive and good feelings whenever you go astray. If you’ll keep at it you’ll make it a habit. Along the way it gets easier and easier to stay focused on what you want. Soon it will become automatic. Eventually, it become natural and you live your life this way. That is great news.” Rex Sikes

How many different things can you discover today to celebrate?


Horizon photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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You Are So Much More Powerful Than You Realize

horizons barn and silo clouds

“What if you had a hidden reserve of  vast treasures. Gold, jewels, money all available to you to use however, whenever you like. Wouldn’t that be incredible? Wouldn’t it really suck if you had all that but never knew about it? All this wealth with no idea it’s yours.

Many people, sadly, live below their means. They live as paupers when actually they are rich. They just don’t realize it. They have talents and abilities and resources to make anything they want to of their lives.Instead they live in spiritual, mental, emotional, and financial poverty.

Yes, that truly sucks! It sucks if you or I live that way. Believe me I have. There is no shame in saying so. Transformation happens when we own up to everything. When we take responsibility for every result we have ever gotten, good or bad. ALL OF IT! Change begins!

To continue our discussion of the two minds we have I have also used the terms ‘in awareness’ and ‘outside of awareness’ to attempt to describe the processes of each. This seems to me to be a most apt descriptor as when we drive for miles without realizing it.

From Within To Without

You know, you get lost in thought and then suddenly realize you have been driving all along, safely. Whoa, were did you go? Who was driving while you went away? The driving was outside of your awareness but being perfectly handled. Amazing isn’t it! WOW!

Having said that we should drive using two sober, alert, non-texting minds. BUT aren’t our abilities incredible! This other mind of ours beats our heart, fills our lung with air, digests our food, processes our dreams, monitors our body temperature, our position in space and so much more. Our 2 minds are fantastic! I am so grateful!

Obviously, we could never run all these processes consciously. So we have an entire system designed to do it for us. Not only does it do these things but is also responsible for helping us make our dreams come true. From within to without.

From the inside to the outside this power house determines the results we get. This mind carries out whatever it is directed to carry out or programmed to do. Positive or negative. The results you get are completely up to what you consciously choose.

Results On The Outside First Begin On The Inside

The conscious mind can handle 40 bits of data per second the other mind 40 million per second. More than that. Trillions of bits of data impinge on our eyes, ears, being, during the day. The conscious mind seems to make sense of the world by moving from place to place.

It cannot think two thoughts simultaneously so it is sequential in much of its tasking. Whereas, this other mind is sequential and simultaneous. What an incredible powerful we have between our ears, or in our body, or surrounding us.

Our little conscious mind should not be taken lightly either because it can direct this ‘servo-mechanism’ in powerful way. Just as a tiny rudder turns an entire ship our conscious mind can provide direction for this incredible mind when we know how.

Learning how to direct the other mind to get what we want and to fulfill our dreams and destiny is the quest many of us are on. The great news is from the earliest times to now people have been assisting us in this adventure.

What You Hold In Your Head – You Can Hold In Your Hand

The secret is well known but not by many. The saying, ‘can’t see the forest for the trees’ is apt when it comes to describing how this secret is hidden. It is hidden in plain sight. We have everything we need right inside us but can’t yet see it. BUT it is right there now!

It is right there in front of us. All we have to do is apply it. When we do nearly anything is possible. We have so much power residing within us. Most people aren’t even a fraction aware of what they can do if they put their mind to it.

It is all about becoming aware! It is about opening up and exploring more of our potential. We have so much power and energy. We can harness this energy and make it work for us! You can! So what are you waiting for? Tap into it now!” Rex Sikes

May your day amaze you!

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Horizon photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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