What You Should Do: The Best Way To Spend Your Time!

horizons sun and flowers

“What is most important? What should a person do? How best to use their time? These and other questions are certainly important.  Often, I am asked to consult or give advice. I am happy to provided I can be of service and provide value. I will attempt to answer these questions to the best of my ability.

The life you are living. You and your relationships. The people closest to you. These are important. If I had one word to give as advice that word would be ‘live’. Live your life fully. Make the most of the little moments and enjoy everything. Live, celebrate and live.

It is far too short to spend time worrying about what isn’t, what you don’t want and don’t have. What is important is to enjoy this experience as much as possible. Fill your life with love, laughter and lightness. Leave the seriousness behind. Drop anything that doesn’t make you feel better. Happiness is a choice. Choose it!

Sure, you have to pay bills and do what is necessary to live in society. So do it and learn to enjoy life anyway. You can either hate what you have to do or enjoy it. Make the best of it or at least don’t let it get you down. Spend less time in misery and more time enjoying.

Delight, love, live, laugh, learn, have as much fun and fascination as possible. Play and relax. You only go around once! Make the most of it. Celebrate, appreciate and be grateful.  Spend time with the people who you love and appreciate most doing things you enjoy.

It is so simple. Spend more of your time feeling good and life will be good. It is a no brainer. Focus on that which makes you feel wonderful. Think thoughts that make you feel good. Be positive and enjoy. It is simple. Be more positive than negative, more joyful than sad, more peaceful than angry. Be curious and play as a child does.

It is your life. You don’t have to, of course. It is only a suggestion for how you may want to spend the time you have here.  The more fun you have the more you can have. Don’t shirk your responsibilities simply add pleasure in more often. Stop being so serious. LIVE!!!” Rex Sikes

Be filled with passion today!

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Horizon photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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