Can You Do This???? — Extra Blog Post 10/19

horizon fence post prelude

Hey there. I trust you are well. Hope you have had a marvelous day. If times are tough I hope they resolve themselves soon. They can you know. Keep the faith and maintain your forward momentum in gratitude and celebration and you may be quite surprise.

Today, tonight, I am adding a brief extra blog to all subscribers, followers and readers. I want to say thanks. I hope you like the blog. If you have questions or there is anything I can do to assist you finding information please ask. Anything I can do I will do.

Tell me what topics you are interested in. If I am able and have some experience or knowledge in the area I will attempt to discuss or point you in a useful direction. Please, tell me how I can improve this blog for you. Your feedback is welcome. Let me hear it.

Thanks for sharing the blog with others too. That helps more than you can ever imagine!  When you share it gives others a chance to read it too. I appreciate that and your efforts. It has been my goal to provide a daily inspirational piece and for nearly 500 consecutive days that is the case. I will continue.

Can I ask you something?

I need your help too. It is getting very busy for me in the next few weeks and I could really use a hand, each day, getting my blog out. If you would share the daily blog posts with your friends and on Facebook, Twitter, and elsewhere that would help. It would mean so much! SO MUCH!!!

Whether in person or by email, re-blogging or however you are able to get the posts out to others IT would be wonderful. I won’t have the time to promote the blog for a while (few weeks) so I ask your help in doing this. Is this possible for you to do?

If you can and if you will that would mean a lot. I’ll still write it in the middle of the early am hours and get it to you.

Thank you! I look forward to your feedback on improvements and topic ideas. Have a wonderful rest of the day! Meanwhile, all the best. Make your dreams come true. Celebrate and enjoy!

Rex Sikes

You Are Marvelous!


Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

GETTING CLOSER TO THE NEW SITE LAUNCH  – Inching our way up on getting it up and running. The site will have a new look and feel. If you get this blog emailed to you,  You will be able to subscribe to the blog and my new newsletter.

Stick with me. I’d hate for you to miss anything when it switches. Subscribe and Follow Daily Inspiration and Gratitude! Leave comments. I love your comments and feedback. Thanks so much!


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