Why Negative Things Happen To Positive People

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“A questioner asked me recently, ‘Why, if one is positive and practices the Law Of Attraction (LOA), do less than glorious things sometimes happen?’ Today, I am going to share an answer to this  question. This is my emailed reply. I delete the name and relevant details.

I don’t have all the answers. I only have my feelings for how some things may work or not. This was my answer to this individual. It is not meant to be a blanket answer to cover everything. Still, I hope it provides food for thought. Note: Bolded sentences were not part of the email answer to her. I use them here only.


I’m sorry to hear about your accidents and glad you are alright. I have some thoughts but let me preface it by saying I am not at all sure they are correct or apply. BUT again, sorry to learn of your recent difficulties.

When You Don’t Know What To Do Celebrate And Be Glad

Having said that, yes, be grateful. Celebrate and be glad. Who knows why bad things happen to good people. They just do. It rains on the good and the bad – the sun shines on both too.

What to say? Perhaps, it is all still perfect in the scheme of things and you simply can’t see what is around the bend yet. One day looking back you may be able to connect the dots. For now it is obscured. That may be just the way it is. What to do?

Celebrate and be glad anyway. Expect good things to happen and for everything to work out for the best. Stay focused on the positive and what you want to create for yourself in your future. Don’t let present circumstances distract you. Keep the focus and the faith and persist.

One thing I learned to do, whether or not is is true or not. I learned to take 100% responsibility for everything that happens good or bad. That means if something bad happens I assume somehow I am responsible. MAYBE I am not but it doesn’t do me any good to try to find out who is or why or blame others.

Responsibility Is For Your Benefit – Really No Other Reason

I accept it as something I have created. It helps me to put my focus more clearly and steadily on the positive good I want to create.

Taking responsibility in this way puts me in charge and gives me power. I am not a victim but the architect of my story. If I created something bad then I can create something good. I can write the outcome more how I want it.

I don’t know why, when everything is going right, we get up and stub our toe. Maybe it is to keep us humble OR perhaps, without contrast,  we would loose sight of all the good.

Another theory is you are god and you create everything and the world is illusion. Everything that happens is an opportunity to remember your divinity. I don’t know if this is accurate or not either but heck, why not. It is just as reasonable an explanation as any other. (Though many people and religions will disagree).

We See Through A Mirror Dimly

Recently, within the past year, I wrote a blog about acceptance and going with the flow. I used freeway traffic, or any traffic, as an exercise to remember, and keep in mind, everything is perfect. For example, you are in a hurry, but traffic is not. You are stuck. You will be late you can’t do anything about it.

Well, you can suffer and burn, swear and hate. OR you can let go and think, ‘this is exactly where I am supposed to be right now stuck in traffic. I have choices. No matter what happens, from here on out, ultimately, it will all work out for me.’

So you get there late, you are fired. You can’t pay your bills, you lose your car…

We Can’t Know The End Of The Story…

We all have heard stories like this… actor down and out… penniless and homeless BUT never loses sight of what is important and one day while pushing their grocery cart they meet an agent and voila’ the rest is history.

OKAY, it’s a fairy tale. BUT looking back ,often times, people will say, ‘the best thing that ever happened…’ was this negative event. BECAUSE, ‘if it hadn’t then I never would have…’

And on it goes. Keep the faith. Stay positive. Perhaps, it is a test. A self test or from the universe. Who knows?  It’s a test to see if you can maintain a positive, grateful stance while things fall apart.

I don’t know. I don’t know the truth. BUT I do know this. If you are able to stay positive, in spite of it all,  AND you are able to maintain your focus and celebrate and be grateful for EVERYTHING, you are far ahead of many others, far ahead in the game of life, and you will ultimately attract more good things to you.

… Don’t Get Caught In A Chapter

If on the other hand you get negative and down and out and let it pull you down you will also attract more negativity. SO the choice is always yours and yours alone. As you stated, Like attracts like. So just make sure you attract what you intend to attract.

IF you created the incidents – cool – don’t get down on yourself. If you didn’t don’t get down on yourself or others or god or universe or whatever. Utilize this as an opportunity to grow stronger, more positive and have more faith in yourself.

Maintain  your positive attitude. Stay focused on what you have that you are grateful for. Focus on that which you enjoy and what you desire most. Make more good happen.

Find A Way To Feel The Best You Can Most Of The Time

It could have been residual hang over from a previous lapse. There is the theory that what we experience today we create a while back. What we create tomorrow comes from our thoughts today. SO keep focused and positive. Love yourself, love life, radiate delight.

I don’t think having a positive attitude means nothing bad ever happens. It means, when it does, we can triumph over it quicker and easier than otherwise. It also means that, for the most part, we attract wonderful things into our life.

It does not mean that everything necessarily becomes fairy tale perfect. TOO many gods running about on the planet for that to happen.

Don’t Get Caught Up In Why – Live, Love, Laugh

Enjoy everything. Live to the utmost. Laugh, love and enjoy. Spend most of your time there and little else will matter. YOU are a creator keep creating the good. You are a magnet keep attracting the good. Radiate light and vibrate high positive energy. Celebrate each minute.

Then we are free no matter what transpires. Should we fall down and get bummed out, so what, dust yourself off, get up and carry on. No one said we are 100% of the time perfectly happy or positive either.

I mentioned the theory that we are gods, creators, lost in illusion that we are not. We don’t remember our true divine nature. Whether, true or not, has some great lessons for us.

If we get caught up in illusion from time to time who cares?  That is part of the game we are playing with ourselves. The ultimate goal of this divine game is to remember we are gods and remember we have choice. Of course, the illusion is we don’t and that things may be bad.

Everything Is As It Is Perfect In Its Own Way

Everything is perfect in its own way. We just can’t figure it out yet. WHO knows what good those incidents may lead to (if any) but it doesn’t matter. Keep the focus and the faith and move forward.

I don’t know if any of this helps or provides you any comfort or direction. I am happy you reached out to me. I wish you the best in all things and encourage you to stay in touch. Hope the auditions go well too. Let me know your thoughts.” Rex Sikes

Each moment is a miracle!


Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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One thought on “Why Negative Things Happen To Positive People”

  1. I agree with what you say here, and add that most of the time when something bad happens to a good person, it is a test presented to make that person stronger. I take every bad experience and use it as an opportunity to gain wisdom and mature in my reaction to negativity. Life is a roller coaster ride that we must all learn to enjoy.


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