Tips To Make Good Things Happen For You!

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“How do we make things happen? How do we attract? How do we create? The process is quite simple. The fact is many people mess it up by getting in their own way. They believe it must be hard. They think, ‘it can’t be this simple’. So they go about proving themselves right.

After all the unconscious mind makes no judgements. The unconscious mind just agrees with you. If you think it is simple your unconscious says, ‘yep, it’s simple!’ If you think, ‘boy this is hard.’ Your unconscious thinks, ‘yep, boy this is hard!’ It’s job is to agree with you and find agreement with you out in the real world.

So how do you get what you want? How do you make it happen?

Visualize the good you desire in your life. See it, hear it, feel it. Imagine the good you want is already yours. You have it right now. NOT in the future, sometime, somewhere, but right here and now!

What You See Is What You Get

Affirm it.  The quickest way to be what you want to be is to say ‘I am’ what you want to be. Declare it. Affirm yourself to be it right now. Whatever follows ‘I am’ or ‘I have’ is your affirmation. Your mantra, that which you repeat over and over.

See it, visualize it fully, and declare it. What you think about you bring about! Feel all the wonderful feelings that accompany having it right now. Enjoy these feelings. Feel these and think about your desire. You become what you think about most.

For example. Imagine you played and won the lottery. You get a call that tells you in a couple weeks you are going to get a check for millions of dollars. How do you feel getting this news? I bet pretty good. I bet, too, you imagine many things you would do with that money. Right?

What You Say Is What You Get

Now consider this as well. NOTHING in your daily life has changed other than you got this news. Your life is exactly the same as it was before the news. The money is yours that is certain. BUT you do not have any of it yet. It is coming. BUT it is yours right now too. You can feel it. Your entire life changes. You vibrate with energy and enthusiasm.

These are the kind of feelings and expectations you want to have when it comes to your desires. You want to feel it already belongs to you and you are thrilled. It feels incredible! Savor and bask and enjoy these feelings. You know it is coming. There is nothing left to do but allow it to arrive. You expect it completely!

You live with eager anticipation because you now it is coming. You don’t doubt it because you know it is happening. You don’t have to pull yourself up by your own bootstraps to believe it because you know it is yours already. You accept it. ALL you have to actually do is receive it.

What You Feel Is What You Get

If you were just told you won the lottery you wouldn’t declare or think ‘someday I am going to be rich’ you’d think ‘I AM RICH! I AM SO RICH! I HAVE LOTS OF MONEY!’ You would state what you have (lots of money).  You would most likely ignore present circumstances, except you’d imagine paying off any bills and still being rich.

You have not yet received as much as an actual penny but you know the money is yours. Yet, you don’t let that deter you from feeling marvelous and celebrating. In an instant your life is entirely transformed.

This is how we make it happen. We live it first within our imagination fully. What we think about we bring about. Our powerful, joyful enthusiastic, thrilled feelings open the floodgates. Our detailed visualization and our declarations pinpoint what we want. We make it happen from the inside out.

From Within So Without

That is it. Sadly, people second guess, doubt, give up, try to make it work, figure it out, add extra effort, and all that does is muck it up and push it away. We see it and claim it! It is knowing that it is ours that creates the excitement. If you doubt it you don’t know it is yours yet.

If you are having trouble believing then create smaller more believable things. Pick something you can believe happens and make it happen. For example you may find it difficult to believe you can be a millionaire in a couple years but you don’t have any problem imagining that you could earn two hundred extra dollars in the next couple months.

Start with making the 200 happen. Then increase it. Only as large and as quickly as you are able to maintain your belief in it. Pick up wins as you go a long. That will convince you of your power to make things happen. How can you tell you believe it? How do you feel? If you feel ecstatic you do. If you feel less than glorious it isn’t likely you do.

Last thing for today. Don’t specify how it is to arrive. My example was you won the lottery. If you put all your hope and faith into winning the lottery I wish you luck. You might or you might not. If you don’t and you get discouraged then you will have truly lost out.

Relax, Let Go And Transform

Don’t specify how it happens. Simply, trust that it does. How it does, you don’t know and you could care less. Get out of your own way. Don’t put any conditions on it. Simply, enjoy it and vibrate positively with it. The less you dictate how it must be the quicker you will get it.

Let go and give in. Allow. Receive. Enjoy. Celebrate between now and whenever it arrives. Be happy, delighted, positive and patient. You did the creative work inside now celebrate and let it all come together. We’ll discuss more in future posts. Meanwhile, live, be happy, celebrate and delight!

The quickest way to get what you want is to be it! Be filled with gratitude and joy. May all your dreams and goals come true.” Rex Sikes

Delight in your day!


Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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