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How To Make Changes You Haven’t Been Getting PT 2

“Have you wondered why I have this as a lead picture? Why a field with a bale of hay? What does this farm image have to do with you, your career, your success and happiness? What do you suppose Rex might be getting at? It is important; the picture and the point.

I’ll get to that reason in a moment, but first, realize you are energy. Every thing is energy and everything vibrates. You vibrate your thoughts and feelings.  Current research indicates your heart vibrates and transmits 1000s of times stronger than your brain.

Tens of thousands of times stronger than thoughts, are your feelings. You can research into this area of ‘heart coherence’. What does this mean? It means you vibrate a feeling. What you are feeling most often in your life is what you are radiating, transmitting, creating.

You Will Always Be Out Of Your Comfort Zone If You Are Growing

What you feel is what you attract. How do you feel most of the time? Are you frustrated, are you okay, or are you enthused and joyful? It actually matters! You create who and what you are over, what you want. You create and attract what you feel most frequently.

This is one reason it is important to feel your best. Even if you feel crummy, move towards feeling a little bit better. It also dictates how we create and attract what we want. If you want a brand new car, thinking of the car is not what gets you the car. The car isn’t it.

It is the feeling you will have of getting the car. Why do you want it? How will you feel to get it? What does it feel like to own and drive it? Get it? It is the feeling of already having the car that gets you the car.  You make it happen. Feelings are the driver! Feelings matter!

Stay Positive – Be Strong – Feel Your Best – You Can Do It – Do It

Feelings come from the thoughts, the images and beliefs you repeatedly think. If you think a bad thought you feel bad. Because you feel bad your next thought is negative. It is a loop, spiraling downward. You can spiral upward, too. That’s what you want to do!

Positive or negative feelings drive your actions and inaction. When you are feeling top of the world, on your game, vibrating high, you generate inspired actions. These feelings inform the brain’s Reticular Activating System (RAS) to be alerted to opportunity.

If you are focused on the car, and having the feelings of already having it, your RAS alerts you to opportunities to make getting the car happen. It works this way. Feel great and great things happen. Feel less than great and less than great things happen. Get it?

Energy Goes Where Attention Goes – Feel Your Very Best

You are responsible for what you get, or don’t. If you aren’t getting what you want, then you must make some changes in order to create what you want. It is completely up to you! Stop blaming and accusing, making excuses and complaining, and start feeling better.

Think, feel and act better. NOW the picture. The bale of hay, those bales of hay, didn’t attract themselves magically into the shape they are. Someone did the work. Someone made it happen. Whether the person enjoyed it or not, a human did it, by hand or machine.

You must take charge and be in charge to get what you want in life. Don’t wish it or expect others to do it for you. YOU do it! You and only you. When you take 100% responsibility for everything, no matter what, you operate from a place of power and leadership.

You Make It Happen – You Create It – You Attract It – It Is You

Lead yourself into greatness, why don’t you? If you spend most of your time feeling great and blissful and ecstatic and joyful, then you’ll get more of that.  If most of the time you feel OK, you’ll get OK. If you feel sucky, then you get sucky back. That’s Law Of Attraction.

You get back what you put out. You get back the results of your creating. Become ‘the cause’, instead of being ‘at effect’. To be responsible means you look at what it is that you’re not getting and make changes so that you can make it happen.  Get it? I hope so!

100% responsibility. Shouldering that responsibility means changing things in your life, so that your life can change. Be willing to examine yourself about what you’re doing or are not doing. Then make the positive change that brings you closer to what you do want. Do it.

What You Feel Is What You Get – What You Think Is How You Feel

This is another reason why gratitude is so important. When you’re focused on what you’re thankful for you feel better. When you feel better you create better. You attract better things into your life. You make better things happen. That is why it’s important to celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

It is your day! How will you make it marvelous?

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Don’t Ever Let This Stop You!

“Why do most people quit? What makes them quit pursuing their goals and dreams? Somehow, they let a thought stop them. A mental packet of energy. A thought or thoughts that run counter to what they want is enough to prevent them from getting their goals.

Wow! Consider that. A thought stops them! Not any physical giant. Not an army. Not anything in the real world. Most people are stopped by a thought, a worry, or a fear. They don’t think they can succeed. They doubt. So they give up. I mean, really? They quit.

If a thought is that powerful it makes sense then to cultivate positive, powerful thoughts that see you through, doesn’t it? It would be desirable to make oneself unstoppable and invincible. Create the thoughts that propel you forward into your future. Make it happen.

If You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You Are Right

Right? If you can let a thought stop you, you can let one help you. This is called good taste. Good judgement. This is called being wise and acting in one’s own best interest. If you don’t think you can, that IS being stopped by a thought. Change it! Switch to the positive.

Things are always much more possible than you think them to be. Get out of your own way. Create the affirmations and positive declarations. Repeat them with strong emotion until you believe them. It will work! You just have to do it. Fill yourself with gratitude.

Appreciate yourself. Appreciate everything about your life. Be thankful and express it. Think it and speak it. Feel it fully. Start loving your life and approving of yourself. Enjoy and delight. Have fun. Smile more. Love more. Feel thrilled. Feel eager. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Great Things Are Coming!!

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Feel fabulous today!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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To Be Do Or Have More You Need To Do This Now!

“If money were no object, what would you be, do or have? If money were no object, what would your dreams be? What would you include? Who would you be? What would you be doing? What would you have? Imagine, for a moment, money is no object.

Sadly, most people don’t dream very big. We don’t dream big enough. It has been said, and I paraphrase, that ‘too often we aim at small targets and hit them’. What is your mission in life? What is your purpose? What is your definite chief purpose? Figure it out!

Have the courage to dream large. Thomas Edison did. He wanted to light up the world. So did Tesla. Ford wanted to make cars available and changed transportation. The Wright Brothers pioneered aviation and gave us air travel. There are many others, too.

Dare To Dream Big – Believe In Your Dreams – Believe In Yourself

These men, most of them, came from poor backgrounds and had little formal education. They weren’t all together, together, but they dared to dream. They dared to seek to make their dreams come true. They didn’t wait for others or the Law Of Attraction to do it.

They did it. IT began with their thinking. It started within them. They thought about it, dreamt about it and translated their dreams into physical reality. You can too! Start dreaming big. Visualize life and how it would be for you if money were no object. Imagine that!

Spend time day dreaming. Make a vision board or vision book. Go out and sit in your dream car. Tour your dream homes. Try on your dream jewelry. Take pictures of you doing these. That can help you imagine. Remember ‘Life Styles Of The Rich And Famous’? Do you?

Life Holds Special Magic For Those Who Dare To Dream Big

Rich people do this? They see things they want and make it happen. They imagine having more things, doing more things and creating more things. Don’t bother about how you make it happen just imagine the possibility. How comes later. Right now plant seeds.

Dream big. You can take small steps to your big goals, I’ve shared how you can do that, many times. Dream bigger than you have before. Stretch yourself! Wouldn’t it be awesome if you made your dream come true? You bet it would. When you do, how do you feel?

Imagine these feelings and feel them fully. Enjoy dream building your future. Have fun. Go out and get magazines and look at lavish lifestyles. Get the Robb Report. See how the rich live. Stretch your mind to include more potential, more possibilities. Imagine.

If Your Dreams Don’t Scare You They Aren’t Big Enough 

Oliver Wendell Holmes said, ‘A mind stretched to a new idea can never go back to its original dimension’. Stretch yourself. Have a blast. Feel incredible. Don’t envy or resent the rich people or you will never get what you want. The mind can’t hold two opposing ideas.

If you want to be rich but hate rich people, it is unlikely you will ever make yourself rich. Enjoy. Delight. By the way, it is not just about money or what you can do with it for yourself. You can help others too. It is all about stretching your mind to include more possibility.

Feel good. Make it fun. Go places and see cool things. Take tours of mansions. Go look at yachts and fancy cars. Window shop and feel good. Think, ‘I can be, do or have that too!’ How big can u dream? Be grateful. Express your gratitude. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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HOw much can you enjoy yourself today?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Some Inspiring News From The Front!

“It was a delightful day, today. I’d like to share my conversations with two amazing manifestors. These gentleman are both making things happen and have insights to share. The first gentleman provides me health and body wisdom and practice, I provide mindset to him.

We mentor each other. I saw him today and asked how he was doing. He informed me he had written down numerous examples of when he was successful in his past. He fully relived these moments and allowed himself to savor the feelings. He upped his vibration!

Feeling fully successful, counting his wins, he added his future goals to the list so he’d feel as successful about those now, as he has with his other successes. Awesome! Is my response. This is exactly what you want to be doing. Act as if and feel as if you already are it!

What You Think And Feel And What Manifests Is Always A Match

Success breeds success. Read back through the blogs and you will see many reminders to count your wins and imbibe fully the feelings. It is a marvelous daily practice. If you are familiar with NLP you also may understand this as wisely using anchors and future pacing.

My next wonderful gent, called me. During the call, he informed me had been invited into an elite group. He would be mentored during the next year. It is an outstanding opportunity. They reached out to him and they sought him out. Really great stuff coming his way.

I jokingly asked, what he had to do to make this happen? His response, true to form, is ‘You attract who you are’. Absolutely, good things come to those who put out good things. Both these gentleman prosper in many ways because they go the extra mile.

With An Open Mind I Can Accept That Anything Is Possible

Service to others is not a foreign word to them. They walk their talk and good things come their way. I love being able to share this with you. I also want to share that Law Of Attraction Magazine published one on my blogs. Check out this cool magazine using the link below.

Click Here For Free Law Of Attraction Magazine – Online

That is it for today. Smile and laugh more. Enjoy all life brings. Stop and notice the beauty around you. Spend time reading and studying these materials that will help you transform your life. Spend time feeling good, expressing gratitude and celebrating everything!” Rex Sikes


Delight daily!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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The Real Secret To Making Good Things Happen!

“There are secrets to making things happen much more quickly and easily. I have been sharing these with you in my blog pages. Put them into practice and you can live a remarkable life. You can get your small and large goals and make your dreams come true!

The principal is you must feel good! One way to do this is to expect unexpected good. Anticipate things always working out. Enjoy the process no matter what. When you are fulfilled, happy and positive now, in this moment, more good things can and do come your way.

Does this mean ‘bad’ things never happen? No. They still may, but you are better equipped to navigate and transform them. If everything is a blessing then there are no bad things. There are lessons and opportunities. Find enjoyment each moment.

Be Patient – The Best Things Happen Unexpectedly – Have Faith

Then, more good things happen to you. You vibrate higher. You attract higher. Like attracts like. The difficulty many people face in setting their goals is they focus on a really big one. This is great! Still, you have to BELIEVE you will make it happen. BELIEVE!

So these people create a really big goal BUT don’t believe that they’re going to get it. They try. They are focused on it. It is soooo big and they don’t have it yet. What they notice is the distance between now and the time they might get it. They know they don’t have it.

They notice not having it. They want it but they don’t have it! What they are really focused on is the lack of it. LACK! They don’t have it yet, so that’s what they end up creating. More Lack! More struggle. More distance. It is a tricky thing this manifesting. BUT simple.

Believe In What You Want So Much – It Can’t Not Materialize

It is quite simple, but tricky. We are always manifesting! We cannot not manifest. This is what most people miss. Either you are manifesting what you want or you are manifesting what you don’t want. You attract what you are. You attract what you focus on.

What you focus on expands. If you don’t have it and you feel bad THAT IS what you are manifesting! You are manifesting not having it and feeling bad. The Law Of Attraction is working perfectly. You just aren’t manifesting what you want. The key is to get out of your way!

If you’re delighted and feel good and you expect to get it you are more apt to get it. You believe it and anticipate it. Then you attract it. If you feel like it’s not happening, it’s a struggle and you’re missing out, then that’s what you get back. It really, truly is that simple.

Think And Speak As Though You Already Have What You Desire

The trick is to develop yourself as a manifestor. Become a positive, magnetic attractor by working your way up to your big goals. As I suggested in my last blog post begin by manifesting things that are smaller and easier to attain. Remember, YOU make it happen!

You are the author and creator! Focus on those things that you can readily believe you can get. Don’t make it so small it is  boring but something that’s a challenge. Just not so much of a challenge you don’t think it’s something you can make happen. Get it? I hope!

Find something that will stretch you and move you in the direction of your larger goal. Remember, start small, so when you surpass it you feel extra incredible. Do you want to make $1 million start by manifesting an extra hundred a month, or an extra thousand?

Remember – This Is Important – Drop By Drop The Tub Fills

Shed a pound in a couple weeks. The when you lose a pound and a half you are excited.  Choose something you can believe in and, be certain, you can make happen. Have fun doing it. This is how you build up your manifesting muscle bit by bit. Smaller to larger!

When you have confidence in yourself as an attractor and as a manifestor, then magical good things will happen for you. If you practice this and practice gratitude every day you will develop these muscles and reliable habits. It will become an unconscious skill.

You won’t have to think about it so much. You will become confident and competent in making good things happen. As you do life becomes so much more exciting. You will create with greater ease and efficiency. You’ll manifest good things effortlessly and with precision! Get it? I hope so! Enjoy the journey. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes


Make this day magical!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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