You Can Have Everything You Want PT 4


before you can do something you must first be something

Part 4 Remember from the previous:

“You write out your goal in the positive, with a deadline, and you see it in your mind’s eye and think about it through out the day. “We become what we think about most through out the day”

Here is an important point some people readily accept others eventually accept it with a bit of difficult due to their upbringing or education.

The point is: You do not need to know how you are going to make you goal happen, yet.

I repeat you do not yet have to know HOW you will get it.

You ONLY need to know what it is you DO WANT and keep  that in your mind. Think about what you want day and night. Napoleon Hill said it should be ‘A burning desire’ which means you should really, REALLY want it. YOU think about WHAT YOU WANT day and night.

See it in your mind. Visualize it clearly as often as you can but at least twice a day.  Say what it is you want, speak it out loud when in private it.  Affirm it! When alone Chant it, yell it, sing it, dance it, have fun with it.

The military conditions troops mind through physical activity, chanting and hollering at the top of their lungs and repeating it over and over again daily until they are conditioned troops. They take emotions to the extreme in military training.

We do the same thing when it comes to pursuing our “burning desire” but with some differences. We don’t exhaust and break ourselves and our wills down as the military does troops to learn survival skills.  We e energize our thoughts and goal with positive joyful feelings. Think of it as highly charging your self and your goal. So you want to feel the very best you can as often as you can each day of the week.

Give it delightful energy, give it determined energy, give it passion and a positive charge. Also take time when you are relaxed to view it in a relaxed and calm and self assured way.

The key is to you know what you absolutely want and to energize it with positive emotion.

HOW is you are going to get it not necessary to know, but what you want to have absolutely is critical.

There is a reason you do not need to know  how you will accomplish it, yet. You don’t need to know how to get it before you go after it.  you just need to know what you want to get clearly and to make it a burning desire. Your visualizing repeatedly, your chanting and pouring energy into it helps make it more real and vital and burning too. You are activating your desire. When you do this you get more of your brain or mind involved.

As you think about your burning desire thought out the day your mind will works on it to give you thoughts, ideas, and insights to build the plan to make your dream come true. You are concentrating on what you want while the unconscious aspects of you process it and find connections for you. You will formulate a plan or plans as you keep your goal in mind. BUT you absolutely do not have to have the plan before you begin going after what you want.

You will come up with plans. As plans come to you implement them. Work the plan you develop. You will adjust them as necessary along the way. You will figure out what to do as you go along.

You need to learn to trust yourself and in the process you are learning. For you to trust and let go will take however long or short a time it takes. Relax, let go, trust yourself. I repeat: Know what you want, activate it with a positive emotional charge and keep it as a burning desire in the forefront of your mind. As you do this the rest of you will be working on it and you will get ideas along the way.

This is a very important concept to keep in mind. No one knows how they do anything until after they actually do it.

The Wright Brothers did not know how to fly they only knew they wanted to and that they were going to. They kept at it until they found the way. They experiment and tried different things which were considered ‘failures’ along the way but they did not give up.

Edison tried many times to make a light bulb and failed 1000’s of times along the way. He just kept in his mind his goal and kept going. Edison was a man with no formal education yet look at all he accomplished. He knew what he wanted and was determined to get it and did not let anything, or any excuse prevent him from getting it.

Edmund Hillary did not know how to get to the top of Everest he only knew he would. He succeeded because he knew he was going to. He had to make the plan and adjust along the way in order to succeed.

Only after their successes could these people tell you how they did it.

What these and other successful people have in common is the belief that nothing will stop them and that there will come a day when they realize their dream. Then they keep trying and doing until they do.

The only actual failure is to stop moving forward, to give up and throw in the towel otherwise the failure you experience is only a temporary setback along the way. It was a challenge to overcome and opportunity for feedback to adjust what you are doing so you can succeed. When you get useful feedback take it. Be flexible in adapting your plans for success but never give up your pursuit of your goal.

Face it, if you are going of on the wrong track you would want to know about it and make corrections. That is what these ‘setbacks’ are. They provide an opportunity to change direction as necessary. Challenges and disappointments are only feedback for what may need to be corrected. SO be thankful when they arise. Be thankful you have them so you can again move forward.

Be grateful you recognize when they occur. Awareness is the key to discovery. You become aware that what you are doing is not working and you make a correction and attempt again. You continue to adjust until you get headed back in the direction you intend to go. It would be foolish to be stubborn and not course correct when necessary and it would be foolish to get upset with the challenge/feedback along the way. It would be foolish to get mad at oneself for not recognizing issues sooner, or for not taking advantage sooner, instead be smart and celebrate when the awareness arises within you.

Remember and understand that what you focus on expands. Thoughts attract like thoughts. Birds of a feather flock together . As you keep your mind on your positive goal and you maintain a positive attitude you find inside yourself more of the same positive energy. You attract more of the same.

As mentioned previously, your unconscious doesn’t care whether you feed it (plant) negative or positive thoughts it will return whatever you focus on and charge with emotion. This is why it is critical for you to take charge and provide it the positive thoughts  and energy you want to have more of. This is why you maintain steady focus on what you want to create, get or attract for yourself in the future. This is why you do not give attention to present less desirable conditions. This is why you do not give into doubt or fear or negativity. Decide what you want and be positive about getting in!

The only way you improve your attitude is by taking charge of your thoughts and feelings.  When you do this you get more back positive results in return.

At some point I will go into the background material on why these things are the case, for now, if you just follow what I have been instructing you can begin to get incredible results.

I hope through these four parts you are gaining some valuable insights into what you can do to make your life and your being into something even more wonderful and amazing.

Take these insights and implement them. Begin today.  You don’t have to know fully how, you just must begin with what you already have been given. As you implement, as you practice and do on a daily basis more things will become evident to you. You will learn and have by doing not by reading. It is the actions you take that will transform you not the knowledge you have. It is what you do with the knowledge that makes the difference.

The big difference between astounding success and failure often is only a small percentage point. The difference between a gold and silver medalist is sometimes hundreths of a second. It is not necessary to have much more than anyone else to succeed what is necessary is to do with what you have. Some people have broken out of prison or prison camps using a stick or a spoon. They had to work again and again digging relentlessly bit by bit to make progress and not give up.

The difference for anyone reading this is what they will do with it.  There is a reason for the saying ‘Actions speak louder than words’. Do sometime positive for yourself today and then keep doing it daily and you will make more headway than you could ever imagine.

One thing is absolutely certain: if you do nothing, if you change nothing in your life, your life will not change. In order for you to get what you want you must become the kind of person who gets what they way. Evolve. Become. The price is both steep and not so much. It is whatever you determine it to be. I believe it is an incredibly small price to pay for incredible payback!

I have repeated myself purposefully to make points. I encourage you to re-read this blog site many times over. Read over and over again. You will discover new things when you do.” Rex Sikes

For today this is plenty. More tomorrow. Make this day outstanding for yourself!

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