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“Some people believe they are positive thinkers but they are not. They may be quite negative. Ask someone, ‘what do you want in a mate?’  This person answers, ‘They must not be a smoker. The shouldn’t lie. I don’t want a person who cheats’. On and on they can go.

Instead of thinking of what they want and what they can do they think of what they don’t want and can’t do. Often, they are not open to what life and others offer. Instead of seeing possibilities they see limitations. Frequently, they may try to enforce those on others.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Love them anyway. Don’t argue with them it is most likely a poor use of your time.  Don’t try to convert them they will come around when they come around. Let them be and accept them for who they are. Let your light shine rather than try to persuade them.

Don’t let them rain on your parade either. You can be around them but also find positive, inspiring people to hang with. Find positive mentors that have and do what you’d like to. Seek out people who love life and are fun to be with.

Think 80/20 rule. Spend 80%, at least 80%, of your time and energy surrounded by positive people, thoughts and energy. When you do this your life transforms wonderfully and more quickly.

The more time you spend feeling good, speaking good, thinking good the faster your life changes and the more wonderful it becomes! Aim to think and feel your very best. Have fun and enjoy life. Celebrate and be grateful!

What You Think About You Bring About

Keep your thoughts, feelings and words positive. Speak only to bless, heal and prosper yourself and others. When you talk about your circumstances keep them positive and  about what you want. Think of yourself as a powerful creator (whether you think it is true or not).

Imagine that whatever you say comes to be. You bring into being what you think about and talk about. What you say to yourself, your self-talk, and what you say when conversing with others. Are you creating more of what you want or more of what you do not want?

That is an important question? With which do you spend most of your time? It is so easy to complain and speak ill of circumstances. Stop it!

Words Have Power: Be Careful What You Say

Speak only to what you what to make happen. EVEN if you don’t yet know how it is possible. You can always say, ‘I don’t know how or when but I know good things are happening’. If someone asks you how you know that you can say, ‘I don’t know’ or ‘I just know’.

What you think about you bring about, What you speak you manifest. Align your thoughts, feelings, words and actions to be of the highest most positive kind and you will live a blessed life. You will heal and prosper. Make a point of it. Celebrate everything and your joy will know no bounds!” Rex Sikes

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