What To Do When Hurting

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“Are you hurting? Have you been hurt, sad and disappointed? Do you know anyone who is grieving? How about family and friends who are down and out, things just aren’t working well for them and they could use some help? Know anyone like this? It could be you or someone else? It could be someone close to you or a stranger.

It is true we all have struggles. There are difficulties people face. Some manage better than others but the fact is that everyone at sometime has pain and suffering, hurt and loss. We all are human and there is a wide range of human emotions.

We need to understand that people hurt. Even people who have more than you or I, or who seem to have it all together face challenges. There are people more fortunate and less fortunate but it rains and shines on all.

Understand this and have more compassion. Understand that we all need a kind word from time to time, a hug, a look of understanding, or silent but present support. Some people want you to help fix it with them, or even for them. Others don’t want any help they just want you to stand with them and for them.

Sometimes we need to be quiet while people get it together at other times the may want, need or expect some encouragement. Most importantly, whether family or friend, or stranger all people need a true friend at times.

Open your heart to all people. Spread love and light around. Even if it is only in your positive imagination that is better than judgement and criticism. Wish people well. Send them kind thoughts and energy. Help them if you are able. Accept their suffering and allow them to be who they are without conditions.

When we understand we are all in it together we can discover more happiness for each of us. A rising tide lifts all boats. Pain passes as do joys. Tomorrow brings another day. Darkness precedes dawn. Day gives way to night. There are cycles too. Allow nature to take its course. Be patient. ‘This too will pass’.

Be sensitive. Be kind. Be tolerant and accepting. Be more welcoming and inviting. Open up and extend your kindness to everyone. Even those who you may have thought, in your past, that they didn’t deserve it. Transform yourself. When you include all others YOU transform because you become available. Be gentle and loving. Spread peace. Help make someone’s day a little easier.

If you are hurting the best way out is to help another who is hurting too. If you need help or a kind word allow yourself to ask for it. Be a friend to others and be a friend to yourself. Treat yourself as you would treat a loved one who is needing compassion. Love yourself!

Sometimes people just need a smile. Smile more today. Give a positive nod. Let people know you see them, they aren’t invisible. They count! Help make another person’s day more pleasant. Enjoy giving someone an emotional boost. Speak well, speak to bless, heal and prosper all. As you do this you will feel it!

Your heart will open more and you may experience all sorts of little joys and big ones you didn’t know possible. Delight in helping others delight! You will discover there is magic everywhere!” Rex Sikes

Have a great day!

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*Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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