Do This If You Think Nothing Will Help You!

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“Some people give up. They lose hope. They try many things but don’t seem to get results. They race around but produce little of what they want? I have done this. Have you? Some erroneously conclude that they are beyond help or that nothing works.

That is sad when people give up or lose faith in themselves. That is where the faith needs to be. It needs to be on the inside of us and not on outer things. We need to know that if we dedicate ourselves we can find away no matter how difficult it may seem.

It is always darkest before the dawn. Those who triumph often do over incalculable odds. Great victory seems to come only after great hardship. Those who expect it easy may be in for a surprise. Those who expect to win come closer than those who think they’ll lose.

Defeat Is Only Temporary Unless You Quit

Things worth having may be worth fighting for. Some people want it quick and easy. They believe the media advertising claims. ‘Works like magic. No effort necessary. It does the work for you!’ Because they put their faith in specious claims they end up disappointed.

Have you? I have. Has the Law Of Attraction worked for you? What about Positive Thinking? Has positive thinking worked for you? There is a lot of misunderstanding about what these two approaches are that need some clearing up. Let’s discuss briefly and simply.

The Law Of Attraction (LOA)  is based on the principle that like attracts like and that makes perfect sense. It is true that birds of a feather flock together. It’s premise is whatever you put out you get more back of the same.

Inside All Hardship Are Lessons And Opportunity 

This notion is central to planting seeds. When you plant A seed you get more of the same crop back multiplied. It makes perfect sense. One plants, waits and harvests. During the waiting period the seed is nourished. It must be nourished or it would die.

LOA is based on attraction. You attract everything whether good or bad. The universe, god, your subconscious, whatever description works for you, doesn’t care whether it is good for you or not. There is no judgement. You get what you focus on.

Another way to think about this is that the universe, god or your subconscious mind always, ONLY, says yes to you. If you think, ‘I am wealthy’ it says, ‘Yes!’ If you say, ‘I am broke’ it says ‘Yes!’ It agrees with whatever you state about yourself and your circumstances.

If your life sucks it is because you are somehow creating or attracting it with your thoughts. You are responsible for your results. Ask yourself what you are focused on? You’ll get more of the same. Many people don’t want to be held accountable, however.

If You Do Nothing You Get Nothing

The central tenant of Positive Thinking is that positive, optimistic thoughts are more productive or useful and beneficial than negative thoughts. If you want to win the race you need to think the thoughts of a winner. You can’t believe you will lose and win easily.

One must think the thoughts that bring about the most good. You don’t become rich thinking how poor you are. You don’t become healthy thinking how sick you are. At its core it says if you want health and wealth you should think health and wealth thoughts.

Combined with the LOA means the more positive thoughts you think the more positive thoughts you are likely to attract. The more negative thoughts you think the more negative you attract. So you are responsible for the results you get based on what you focus on.

It Is Better To Try And Fail Than To Never Try

Neither discipline has anything to do with pie in the sky, wishful or hopeful thinking. Unfortunately, sometimes they are presented that way. Both are reasonable disciplines with philosophy, science, brain science and more backing them up. These principles are ancient!

Some people say they have tried these and they gave up because they don’t work. Countless, others claim great benefit. Seems people get what they believe they will. Our expectations play a part in what we ultimately discover. This is very true!

Whether these work or don’t says nothing about the LOA or PT but speak volumes about the person. We shouldn’t evaluate a practice by someone else’s success of failure to use it well. When someone says they tried the questions are how well?

If You Want Life To Change You Will Have To Change Some Things

How hard?  How long? What does it mean you tried? Some people think if they read a book they tried it. Others actually do put it to use. We can verify whether something works or not based on others experience we can only verify it based on our own.

Most people I talk to, who have had difficulty, do not try very hard nor very long. OR should I say long enough. The may dabble intensely but still it is just dabbling. The pioneer people who made it from east to the west in the US endured great hardship.

Those who persisted until they arrived at the west coast succeeded. Those who settled along the way, settled. You win the race crossing the finish line. No one said that the LOA or PT was easy only that it was easier. This is an important point to keep in mind.

When The Going Gets Tough The Tough Get Going

Dedication and commitment, investment and persistence are meaningful qualities in making your dreams come true. If you dabble you might possibly succeed. If you are committed you might possibly fail to reach your goal by your deadline.

If you never give up you are more likely to hit the target eventually. You don’t stop attempting but you DO adjust how you are going about it. Being flexible and changing your plans or routes along the way is part of being a smart traveler. You adjust as necessary.

The bottom line is you aim high. You think the best. You know what you want and pursue what you want; you think about what you want. That aims you at your target. It makes hitting the target more likely. When playing darts you aim at the bullseye you want to hit.

You Get What You Focus On – You Become What You Think About

You don’t aim at what you don’t want to hit. You don’t think, ‘I don’t want to miss the target completely. I don’t want to hit these other rings or numbers.’ You don’t, do you? You think about what you want to hit. You focus in on it. You zero in on it. You exclude the rest.

When you think positive and optimistically you open your neurology up to possibilities and opportunity. You are more apt to see advantages and even learn from mistakes. You tend to attract like minded people. Your world gets a little bit better.

As you continue you make thinking positive a habit. As a result, because you are thinking positive and optimistically you become that which you think about. Life improves. The more you get the more you can get. Things get better and better.

You Are Today Where Your Thoughts Brought You

You progress. If challenges come your way you are better equipped to handle them. Because you make this way of thinking and feeling and being a lifestyle and a habit you are less likely to throw in the towel when going gets rough. Instead you persist. You evolve.

Ultimately, you reach you goal. You arrive at your destination. It may not have been always easy but it was easier. This is why you want to consider using the LOA and PT. Frankly, both already are in operation in your life. You can’t not use the them.

You can focus on the wrong things, however. Most of us do anyway. That is how we were brought up. SO we train our minds now to thing better by thinking more positively. We apply the principles and practice the approaches daily. It is a discipline. It requires rigor.

You Will Be Tomorrow Where Your Thoughts Take You

We can’t escape the effects of the LOA we can only use it to our advantage or not. If you don’t like the results you are getting what are you paying attention to? It’s a good guess you aren’t paying attention to all the positive, wonderful thoughts you could be.

It is more likely you are thinking about the circumstances and the problems, even trying to find a solution, but the issue looms larger in your mind. If your thoughts about bills and lack are more frequent than your thoughts about plenty and abundance that is an issue.

You get what you focus on. You become what you think about most during the day. Like attracts like, birds of a feather flock together. What you think about you bring about. If you hold it in your head you will someday hold it in your hand. Lack doesn’t result in wealth.

You Cannot Escape The Results Of Your Thoughts

The saying, ‘If it is to be it is up to me’ applies. There are practices that make LOA and PT more powerful and easier to apply. It isn’t that these are hard we just do things more wisely. This blog is designed to help you make your dreams come true.

PT is a discipline. Applying the principles within the LOA is a disciple. It isn’t magic. You don’t sit crosslegged hoping for things to land in your lap. Maybe they will, I’d stay open for it to happen that way, without betting on it. Instead I’d bet on myself to make it happen.

Design your life the way you want it to be and live it! Make it happen. Don’t give up until you arrive. If you are already there on the inside it makes getting there on the outside more quickly. As within so without. As above so below. Live your dreams now!

Whether You Think You Can Or You Can’t You Are Right

LOA and PT are marvelous tools. Marvelous organizing principles. Wonderful and powerful approaches. They may be the laws which govern the universe, but if not, they are pretty darn close. Don’t fight what is, have the present and future you always wanted.

Don’t give up. Learn to apply these. Don’t lose faith grow the faith. Put your faith on you. Bet on yourself to win. Be a winner. Become a champion. Focus on what you CAN DO and do it. Take positive steps each day toward what you want and you will make it happen.” Rex Sikes

Enjoy today!


Horizon photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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2 thoughts on “Do This If You Think Nothing Will Help You!”

  1. Thank you Rex, for your encouraging posts, and contagious optimism.  You are a beacon of all things positive.  I would imagine one would need a good pair of shades when in your company !!  Have a wonderful day.


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