Does What You Believe Serve You Or Hold You Back? Find Out!

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“Our recent discussion has centered around the Reticular Activating System and our beliefs. For today, why not examine some of your beliefs. We have them about everything. Take a look inside to discover whatever it is you find. You will find plenty, I am sure.

Who we are; what we are capable or; what we aren’t capable of; family; friends; relationships; finances; health; career; job; economy; the future; the past; other people, the government, world, god, education, medicine, leisure and so many more areas.  You name it we believe something about it.

Our beliefs tend to be Positive or Negative. They tend to be statements such as ‘I can’ or ‘I can’t’. They can be in the form of rules and regulations as when you think ‘there ought to be a law’ or ‘people should just know better’.

If You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You Are Right 

‘Ought to’ or ‘should’ ought to or should tip you off that a belief statement is following. There are rules or beliefs about yourself and what you should do or could do and then there are rules or beliefs you hold about others. These may or may not be the same or be applied equally.

A belief statement may follow after the word ‘because’.  ‘Because’ is a reason you provide. We have beliefs about cause and effect. Beliefs tend to be assertions or declarations. Usually, any statement that begins with ‘I am’ or ‘I have’ cue you that a belief follows those words.

Some things we believe strongly and passionately. We fight about these at times. Others we hold less closely. Regardless, beliefs make up our map of the world and how we navigate it. Believe it or not, humans do navigate the world by a map. An inner map. Just as we do the outer world. Beliefs are an important part of that map.

Believing Is Seeing

They determine what we allow in and consider and what we don’t and won’t. They determine how big or small our abilities are as well as how large our world is. Our beliefs affect us in so many ways and at so many levels it is useful to uncover what it is we believe.

Some are very obvious, up front and in your face beliefs while others cluster around hanging out barely in sight. Both kinds affect us! Go ahead and examine, reflect, look at, introspect on what you believe about yourself. Write them down, as many as you can.

Put them into pro and con lists. Some will be enabling while others disabling. There may be clusters of beliefs around certain areas that seem to support each other or come out in a flood. Others you may have to tease out one by one.

What Do You Believe?

Some people will sit and fret thinking it is difficult to find beliefs (that would be your first belief to start with then) others will find this quite easy. Some are situational while others you may think are important for all time and space and for everyone.

Check into it and come back tomorrow. We will work more with beliefs as we move along. It is an important area that affects each one of us. So do some exploring, learn a little bit more about you, enjoy the process and return for the next post. Meanwhile have a fabulous time doing the exercise and a marvelous day!” Rex Sikes


Horizon photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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One thought on “Does What You Believe Serve You Or Hold You Back? Find Out!”

  1. Great post. I think our ‘freewill’ is limited within the confines of our belief system, putting many choices out of reach until we change our beliefs. Of course, that is a belief in itself!


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