If You Want To Be A Failure Just Say So – Otherwise – Do This!

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“How do you learn and remember things? Do you review? Do you imagine in your mind or say things over and over, repeating them to yourself? Do you re-live moments in your imagination?

The reason I ask is because it is how we use our minds that determines the results we get back.

I’ve been discussing the working of our Reticular Activating System (RAS) and it’s job to filter data and provide us the proof for our beliefs. It finds matches in the outer world for what we have going on in our inner world. You will recall this from previous posts.

If your inner world is drab, weak, stuck and broke, the RAS will work to confirm it. Your brain will work to keep you that way. If you make your inner world glorious and a celebration  the job of the RAS is to find opportunity and advantages. It confirms what already is!

You Are Where Your Thought Brought You

Thoughts precedes action. Thoughts come first and produce your feelings. What you and I think we become. What you focus on expands. Whether conscious or unconscious the predominant thoughts you think are driving how you feel. These run the show.

Your pictures, images, thoughts and words, combined with your feelings are powerful. These determine the quality of your life. What you see and what you say and what you feel is what you get. The results you get in the outer world are first determined by the quality of your inner world. It is not the other way around.

You manufacture it in your imagination, declare it and assert it by what you say and how much time you dwell on it, and lock it in with your feelings.  The results you get in the world start inside you. You are a dream or a nightmare factory.

You Will Be Where Your Thoughts Take You

Your feelings drive your subconscious and determine what you pay attention to in the real world. Your feelings determine what you create and attract. It is important to feel incredible. When you do you open the windows to all good.

If you think ‘I sabotage myself’ you will. If you think ‘I am a failure’ you will be. If you think ‘I am a gracious receiver’ you will be. If you think ‘all good things, expected and unexpected, come to me’ then that is what you will get. You determine the results you get back.

For far too many people the interior is dull and shabby so they get dull and shabby results. Once they get those dull and shabby results they react to them with less than glorious feelings thereby producing more of the same less than glorious feelings and results.

You Cannot Escape The Power Of Your Thoughts

It becomes a vicious cycle until we decide to change it. That decision can revolutionize our life! The instant you truly decide to change your life transformation has begun. In that moment you can begin to wake up to a new, different and better reality.

YOU determine your inner AND YOUR outer reality. YOU and you alone. If you think ‘I am a success’ you will be. It is what you imagine and declare yourself to be. You decide what is! You are the only one who makes that decision. YOU define you and your life.

Most people don’t want to hear this. They want to blame the economy, their parents, the government, their spouse or neighbors etc. They make others the culprits. We grew up hearing those around us blame others so it is natural but not correct.

You Can Control You Thoughts And Make Them Work For You

Nothing absolutely will change unless and until you do! Granted you, as some have, may get lucky. It is quite rare. So if you are willing to sit around wallowing and waiting until you do that is your choice. You’d be better off taking charge and control of your life.

Each instant you have a choice about what your life is going to be. Each moment you have a choice about who you are and what you can accomplish. You really do determine if your dreams or nightmares come true. It’s due to where you put your energy.

It is completely up to you. That is either good or bad news to you. If you want your life to change YOU and you alone MUST change things in your life. No one else can do it for you. Excuses and blaming won’t help. Only by taking responsibility for yourself will.

Place your attention on the one who makes the difference. YOU and evolve yourself into the kind of person who is able to make their goals and dreams come true. YOU can be, do and have anything in life! Dream big and make your big dreams come true.

Whatever You Do It Is Up To You – Decide

Inside these blog pages are so many tips and suggestions, secrets and golden nuggets for how you do this. Life can be so beautiful and so wonderful. You can enjoy and delight in so much. Don’t miss out claim it! Revel in all the abundant goodness there is.

If this blog serves to kick you in the butt to make your life more glorious  I am happy. That is what it is intended to be: a reminder of how great and powerful you truly are. So never live below your means when it comes to your authentic self.

You are powerful. You are either creating discord or bliss. Perhaps, a 50/50 mix of both. You deserve more bliss. We all do. Realize that if you can create discord you can create harmony. It takes as much effort and energy to be stuck, or negative as it does to move forward positively. Celebrate everything and live your truth.” Rex Sikes

More to come in the next post! Help someone out – share this!

What is something new you can focus on today?


Horizon photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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7 thoughts on “If You Want To Be A Failure Just Say So – Otherwise – Do This!”

  1. @Admin

    Yes i am agree with you that everyone can control their thoughts but need strong will power . Let your thoughts works for you and for your improvements.



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