What You Believe Is What You Get!

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“We are discussing the effects of beliefs on behavior. What we believe is critical to our success and our happiness in all facets of life. Beliefs are really nothing more than thoughts or clusters of thoughts that result in feelings. We habitually think more than 60,000 thoughts a day which produce feelings. That’s quite a few thoughts.

We can’t possibly keep track of all of them. The good news is we can use our feelings to figure out what we are thinking. If we feel good we are thinking positive and along the lines of what we want or what we want to include. If we feel less than glorious it is a good bet we are focused on what we don’t want or what we want to exclude from our lives.

Believing Is Seeing

The goal is to feel good most of the time. So when we discover we are not feeling good then it is up to us to change our thoughts to more positive ones. The negative feelings we have are a signal to change our thought patterns. Isn’t it nice to have a built in signal that alerts us it is time to change?

We can also shift our body and use our physiology to feel better. We can move, walk, skip, dance, breath differently, get a massage, play with a child or a pet. We can do anything to help us feel a bit better. The point is to make changing from less than glorious to glorious a habit. Bit by bit, step by step. Tiny doesn’t matter it is all good.

Because we become what we think about – we will become less than glorious if most of our thoughts are less than glorious. The reverse is true too. We can feel better if we think better. It works both ways. So do whatever it takes to build the habit of self correcting. Discover that you can feel great most of the time.’

Reality Is Determined By What We Believe

There is a saying, ‘Standing Is Harder Than Walking’. It is true. Have you ever noticed? Try standing still for any amount of time. There is a tendency to move, to fidget, to squirm. We want to move. If we can’t move large muscle groups we might blink more, or twitch small muscle groups. We want to move. We were designed to move.

It is easier to make progress and to change than it is to remain stuck or still. Our natural inclination is for progress and movement. We grow and develop. We learn. Being stuck takes it toll just as standing takes its toll on the muscles. Being sedentary takes its toll on the body and our health. We evolved to move most of the daylight hours.

We crave change but we fear it too. Our body and brain wants it while at the same time we make excuses not to change. ‘Should I’, or ‘shouldn’t I’, is an example of being stuck. Thoughts oppose each other. We feel unsure or bad, afraid to move. Why? It isn’t because we think or believe something wonderful is going to happen!

Standing IS harder Than Walking

We fear the worst. We anticipate failure. We think it will be too hard. Someone else is smarter and can do it but I can’t. We have beliefs about what could go wrong and what it would mean about us if we try and fail. So we don’t try. That takes a toll on us emotionally and spiritually. It becomes part of our history data bank.

Then when it comes to other changes we hope to make we look back and find historical proof for not doing anything. We will find examples of when we tried and it went awry or when we didn’t which proves us an even bigger failure. That cycle continues. Our self image; our self esteem; our self confidence; our self love eroded.

The purpose of this blog, and the wisdom from ancient times to now from the thought leaders is to help you feel better and make the changes you want. My hope is that you lead the life you want to live. Recipes, formulas, principles and suggestions have been handed down to us for centuries so we could improve our lot.

You Art Where Your Thoughts Brought You

YET, few do. Few will because they don’t believe anything will help. The become hopeless and helpless. They expect help to arrive from outside of them instead of from within. The truth of the matter is inside each of us already have what is needed to live as champions but few will look within. It is inside you where the truth resides.

This is the major distraction we all face. TV, media, economy, politics everything distracts. We look outward and outside ourselves for change. Or we look upward for help. Everything necessary for you to begin to live the life of your dreams is already within you. In order to find it you must first believe that is true.

Drop By Drop Fills The Tub

For some,  for many, that is too big of a leap. You would be well advised to begin by believing it is at least possible. See, we have to create an opening in our armor. Our armor is fashioned by our beliefs. We wear it even when we don’t need to.

In order for us to change we have to at least entertain the possibility that it is possible to change. If we can;t get this far we probably are doomed to remain stuck, standing, the same for years to come. If we can imagine a better day ahead we can bring it about because what we can conceive of and begin to believe in we can achieve.

The reason changes is difficult for some is because we look through our prison windows of beliefs. Our RAS looks for that which proves our frame of mind correct. It finds examples in the outer world to match our inner beliefs. Thankfully, though it may be tough, we can usually still find at least one reason to change.

Out Of Chaos Stars Are Born

Usually a crises or some devastating circumstances shake us up enough to the point we wake up and exclaim, ‘I really need to change something here!’ It is sad or unfortunate that there is a crises and wonderful and fortunate there is a crises at the same time.

If it is the impetus for change it is a marvelous, bitter sweet opportunity to turn your life around. If it comes and goes and you reinforce being stuck, down and out then it was an opportune time wasted. The good news is if not now, perhaps another time. Who knows? I don’t but it is possible another time may come .

As you read this post are you aware of your agreement and disagreement? Are you aware of the beliefs you have around the topics being made? If you become more aware of what you think and believe congratulate yourself. Not everyone will reflect in this fashion. It is a very useful exercise or way to spend your time.

Be Willling To Explore

Continue the process of looking for and finding those beliefs you have that support you and enable you and those that don’t. What does having these beliefs mean about you? You can ask this question of each belief you discover. Hang loose with whatever answer you get.

It takes some courage, patience and persistence to want to uncover our thoughts and beliefs. That is just the way it is. Remember, if you think you can or you think you can’t you are right. Keep examining your beliefs. We’ll talk more about how we change them in upcoming posts. Changing your beliefs will put you on the path toward making the life you want to come true.” Rex Sikes

Enjoy your day!


Horizon photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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