If You Do This It Is No Wonder Why You Struggle To Get Ahead!

horizons a-dark-day-phil-koch

“I had the misfortune or the good fortune to overhear a conversation the other day. I’ll explain my opening statement later. I knew the parties involved. I know many things about the parties and the nature of the conversation.

One person was emphatically reciting, to the other,  what is wrong with the government and the legislation and the economy and why and how it prevents him from moving his business forward. I have heard him recount these things for a number of years now.

Times have changed but his reasons for remaining the same haven’t. Said another way, times have changed but his excuses have not. Since, I have known the him I have know the person to maintain why progress is impossible even though I know others who have moved onward and prospered.

What You Think About You Bring About

I thought to myself. ‘He is getting exactly what he is saying.’ It is as if he is reciting from a script. In fact, I use the word reciting, because that is what he is doing. He is repeating the same arguments he has made for quite some time. Nothing new. Same old, same old.

The sayings, ‘what you think about you bring about.’ AND ‘You become what you think about’, definitely apply. He has convinced himself, through autosuggestion, that it is everyone’s fault but his. His brain (RAS) seeks and finds more examples ‘out there’ of how he is right.

We don’t like being wrong or uncomfortable so our brain does whatever it can to keep us the same and make us feel good about ourselves, even if that is what is wrong with ourselves. We’ll take right over having to change nearly every time.

Our beliefs, attitude, mindset, paradigm or thoughts, words and feelings, work to keep us the same. We need to be able to recognize when we hold ourselves back and keep ourselves struggling and what we need to do instead to move forward positively and productively.

We Build Habits Through Repetition Over Time

Autosuggestion is always ongoing. We are always suggesting, through our internal pictures or movies, our assertions and declarations and our feelings either things we want and the good in our life or things we don’t want and that which sucks.

We can’t escape autosuggestion we can only direct it. When we repeat again and again what we think about the world reinforces it. If we think things are bad and we aren’t capable to resolve it then that becomes our habitual script from which we behave. It becomes our habit. Changing our life means changing our scripts and habits.

We must first change our thoughts and feelings, what we repeat and live from in order to get the results we want to get. If we maintain the same things for decades we get to remain the same for decades good or bad. Sadly, most of us don’t know this so we stay stuck. Most of us rehearse and practice remaining stuck or the same when we could rehearse and practice what we want to be, do and have.

Speak Only To Bless, Heal And Prosper

Tongue in cheek I say misfortune or good fortune because, once again, I was exposed to his less than glorious rant. No biggie, though, life happens. I can take care of myself and my own thoughts. I need not be affected just because he is sour. A little exposure to the darker side isn’t going to harm me.

Obviously, it could if it were perpetual, as it is for him. My assessment is, he could move forward and do many wonderful things, though he is unable to presently notice that. He’d rather argue and defend his position if alternate ways of thinking and doing were presented. He will maintain his stance and his opposition, his opinion, which he calls fact.

I say good fortune because it is another reminder for myself to only speak what blesses, heals and prospers myself and others. I prefer my self talk to be supportive and encouraging. I prefer my declarations, my use of autosuggestion to be positive and lead me in productive ways.

What You See, Say, And Feel IS What You Get

And I say good fortune because it gave me material for today’s blog. Watch what you think and say and feel. Learn to focus on what you want and then create and attract that. Do not defend being stuck where you are at. Let go of excuses that prevent you from being all you can be. Think and speak only to bless, heal and prosper.

Yes, good fortune because it is also a reminder and lesson to me.” Rex Sikes

Make your day glorious!


Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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