The Easiest And Quickest Way To Make Your Life Wonderful!

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“If you could find a way to easily make all of your life wonderful you would do it, wouldn’t you? If there was one simple thing to remember to do each day you’d do it, right?

If it meant making a huge difference for how much you enjoyed your experience would you put it into practice and apply it? You may have heard it before but unless you are actively applying it, you are missing out.

What is it you can do that will have such a great effect? It is the practice of gratitude for every thing. It is actively appreciating all aspects of your life and continuing to do it. Here is what to do:

You Got To Accentuate The Positive

Find, validate and repeat the validation for things, people, circumstances, events, and belongings, you are grateful for because this practice reinforces it. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Celebrate everything you can find to be grateful about over and over again. It builds the habit of finding good things, and feeling good about them. You get back more of what you put out!

As you do this you spend more time feeling good and grateful. What you focus on expands so your own brain will help you find and make connections to other things you can appreciate too.

Remember, the Reticular Activating System (RAS), looks to match the outer with what you have going on inside. It’s job is to provide you evidence for what you already believe on the inside.

Good taste dictates that you believe and think wonderful thoughts on the inside. You find more and more. Like attracts like. Birds of a feather flock together. In finding more your feel better and better.

The More We Do The Easier It Becomes And The More We Can Do

Pretty good deal, if you ask me. You begin to find areas to be grateful about things you perviously might never have considered. Your ability to look, find, consider, validate and celebrate expands even more. You get better at it and build a reliable skill.

The more you find to appreciate the more you transform every aspect of your life, past and present. By living in gratitude and celebration you open the doorway and floodgates of the future.

Life, for you, becomes a celebration. When you live thinking and feeling this way you get back more of what you have. Remember, like attracts like and birds of a feather… You live in increase!

You create and attract a most marvelous life. When outer events throw you curve balls, at any time, you are more prepared and resourceful to respond in positive and powerful ways.

Perfect Practice Repeated Again And Again Makes Perfect

Because you have emphasized and practiced feeling grateful, because you have made it a habit, it automatically works for you. You really do become what you think about.

Remember, what they recommend on shampoo bottles. ‘Wash, rinse and repeat’. The practice for your good mental health and well being is the same in essence. Cleanse your mind with appreciation and repeat then do it again.

Then repeat and repeat and repeat. Rehearse the skill you want to develop as an actor does. Practice the skill again and again, drill it, as an athlete does.

Act as if you are already living the life you want, in your mind, and that life can become yours. What you think about you bring about. Fill your mind with all the positive good you can find and focus on it.

If most of your thoughts, most of your time are celebrations if most of your time is spent thinking and feeling grateful you transform your life into a life most grand. Use the 80/20 rule. Think 80% positive!

Luck Is The Crossroad Where Preparation And Opportunity Meet

You continue to find blessings because that is how your mind and being now operates. When you are optimistic and happy your mind works clearer and better. You’ll only discover this through application.

You will find more opportunity and advantages than you can ever imagine. Your brain will look to match the good things on the outside with those you imagine on the inside. That is its job!

What have you done and learned in doing this? That you can and that you did take charge of your mind and control of your thoughts. Your entire life improves because you made and effort and followed through.

What was your effort? Count your blessings and repeat. Celebrate and delight in things that bring you joy. Keep looking and finding things to appreciate. A pretty good trade off, don’t you think?” Rex Sikes

Make your day a celebration!


Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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